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New car-sharing program available downtown

The cars at KU have New Mexico, Kansas, and Kentucky tags, too. Who cars what the license plate says -- all you have to say is "it's a rental".

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New car-sharing program available downtown

Yes, you have to have a membership card and a reservation in order to unlock the car for use.

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New car-sharing program available downtown

As a member, using hertz cars on campus since they arrived 18 months ago, I have only good things to say about it. Very handy to add the flexibility NOT to have to find a car to borrow for things like the occasional trip into Kansas City (i.e. the airport, etc) -- I would spend about the same amount filling the gas tank of a car I borrow as I would on the per hour rental rate.

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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

Since it isn't east of Massachusetts, no, that's not "in East Lawrence".

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City to consider using gated, pay-as-you-leave system for new downtown parking garage

George, the machines at KU's garages say they take Visa, MasterCard, or American Express -- no mention of any requirement that it be "debit" or "credit". Also, you can pay cash at the pay station on level 4.

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How to Help: CASA training begins next week

Alceste, I am one of the CASA volunters that you are slandering here. I am a well-educated person, and assigned to a single case. The "job description" of a CASA volunteer is to BE that voice for the child in the court process -- we only have one case, while lawyers have a hundred...

I hope that people reading this article will consider researching the program for themselves, and not write it off as a waste of time based on your comments.

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City to begin late-night transit service June 1; concerns mount over bus pass numbers for homeless shelter

Sure, and there is a big difference between sidewalks that go all the way to the curb, and trying to load/unload wheelchair passengers onto the grassy right-of-way. The federal law says you have to make it accessible to all.

Secondly, I've *never* had trouble finding a parking space IN the parking lot behind Framewoods, even since the construction took out the library parking lot, at peak times of day. I think it is silly to come back with this complaint months after the original approval happened.

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Woman injured after being struck by vehicle on 23rd Street

I didn't realize that pedestrians are automatically at fault if they cross a street somewhere other than a marked cross walk. I use one whenever I can, especially downtown, but if I have to walk nearly 2-5 blocks to FIND a crosswalk, such as on some parts of 23rd Street, it is hard to feel like I have the time or energy to go that far out of my way. (Dillon's notwithstanding, in that area you don't have to go that far...)

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