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City leaders get clearer picture of rec center

what is wrong with you people? sitting behind a keyboard and posting under anonymous cover does not do anything to "let your voice be heard."

why isn't the city listening? because they're tired of the rhetoric that has oozed its way into our way of life. it's all about how stupid this person is or how incompetent this person is.

do you people even read the reports? or just skim and then call yourself an expert? unbelievable. it's not the city that's incompetent, it's you.

i have lived in lawrence my whole life. i'm tired of listening to you people dominate the message boards. i'm emailing everyone i know today to try to get them on here to bring balance to this rhetoric.

if you are so great, run for commission. show up at a meeting. do something. don't just sit behind a keyboard and consider your duty done because you have bashed on people who are trying to better our city. '

maybe they're wrong. but they can't hear you behind your anonymous bashes and your frequently-posting-on-the-board-inside-jokes. say something. anything that is not laced with hate and judgment.

August 8, 2012 at 8:52 a.m. ( | suggest removal )