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City delays approval of Rock Chalk Park development

Link to a October 2, 2012 letter from KUEA to the city. Unbelievable.....still to this day.

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City delays approval of Rock Chalk Park development

On the city's website is a list of subcontractors that will be working on the recreation center building. Thomas Fritzel has hired Doug Compton to work at the recreation center... Compton has been relegated to being just a subcontractor.

General Contractor, Primary Contact: Thomas Fritzel, 785-423-7490 (Fritzel Company)

Earnie's Mechanical: Earnie Oshel 785-424-4291 (Fritzel Company)

Plumbing: JR Mechanical, Joseph Ranter (First Management, Doug Compton's company)

Artificial Turf manufacturer: Hellas, Steve Young 785-423-7490 (Fritzel Phone number)
Hellas, Austin TX, 512-250-2910

Artificial Turf installation: Mid-Am, Jeff 785-423-7490 (Fritzel Phone number)

Athletic Resilient Flooring manufacturer: Tarkett, Walt 785-423-7490 (Fritzel Company)

Athletic Resilient Flooring installation: Tarkett, Walt 785-423-7490 (Fritzel Company)


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City commissioners to decide whether to order audit of Rock Chalk Park processes

A city manager or a city commissioner dealing-above board with the public should welcome an “independent” analysis of the payment process details in their development agreement. Likewise an independent audit of direct and indirect payment to all parties involved.

Junction City didn’t get independent analysis until too late after damage was done, Mayor went to jail – a developer went to jail and the city manager left.

Costs for an independent audit a fraction of the other consultants paid for this City-Fritzel project.

Link to Junction City story:

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Editorial: Too good?

PURE FICTION the public has been mis-lead that the Rock Chalk Park project is a
KU-City partnership..... Consider this

The city taxpayers will buy a 26 acre lot for $784,000+ from RCP L.C. An entity currently owned by KU Endowment.

The city taxpayers will pay for and give free to Thomas Fritzel (for a minimum of 50 years) all sewers, water lines, storm drainage, streets, driveways, parking lots, etc.... On his leased 57 acre lot.

The city will allow his company a 10% profit on a no-bid contract to construct said infrastructure for his benefit.

In addition Fritzel is to get 100% tax abatement for 10 years, no sales tax on construction materials, no permits and development fees, and up to 40 million dollars in I.R.B. financing. All of these public gifts simply reduce his costs for the improvements he is leasing to KU Athletics. A great deal curtesy of city taxpayers.

This is the so called KU-City partnership that Schumm, Dever, Corliss, Fritzel, Zenger, Surferling et all have promoted and mislead the public about for months.


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Planning commission votes to defer decision on Menards for one month

It's time to bring back the "Cornfield Mall" project from the late 80's.

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KU officials break ground on Rock Chalk Park; set goal of hosting 2014 Kansas Relays at site

Chad you wrote:
"Thomas Fritzel, the Lawrence businessman who is the lead donor for the park"

Chad, what is Thomas Fritzel donating? and if Fritzel is the lead donor, then who are the other donors?

Chad you wrote:
"The Rock Chalk project — which KU officials have said would cost KU about $40 million to build"

Chad, who are the KU officials that are saying this project would cost $40 million dollars to build?

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Bids to convert former Farmland fertilizer site into new business park come in far lower than expected

City taxpayers benefit when a number of independent, unrelated bidders compete for public work.

Taxpayers benefit when independent experienced and capable engineers and architects prepare plans and specifications for projects funded by taxpayers.

Taxpayers benefit when we have a staff that can estimate public infrastructure and allocate costs equitably to benefiting sites…

Thanks to Corliss and Schumm none of these benefits will be available to the taxpayers for the Rock Chalk Park infrastructure.

Instead all benefits go to a private developer (Fritzel).

Corliss gets the raise, the taxpayers get the shaft.

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City commission candidates weigh in on strengths, weaknesses of City Hall

Rock Chalk Development

1. 100% tax abatement for private developer’s business venture contrary to the City’s abatement policy as concluded by the City’s public incentive review committee (P.I.R.C.) and ignored by this commission! “A FIRST FOR LAWRENCE”

2. Same developer to build infrastructure on City R.O.W., public easements, and City property “without competitive bidding”… at taxpayer’s expense. “ANOTHER FIRST FOR LAWRENCE”

3. To issue up to $40,000,000.00 I.R.B.’s for the same private developer’s project without any due diligence as to the actual cost of the project, the financial feasibility, including equity, and the marketing of the bonds. “ANOTHER FIRST FOR LAWRENCE”
Above are three recent (last 90 days) City hall staff and commission actions... setting new policies and precedents for developers. Implementation details of these policies (however incriminating) fall to the next City commission…

Yet candidates seem to think 10 year long term planning is what taxpayers are concerned about.

Lawrence has a severe leadership problem…

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Business-oriented political action committee gets big donations, endorses Chestnut, Farmer, Riordan in City Commission race

Follow the PAC money to the largest and most lucrative construction project .

Rock Chalk developer Thomas Fritzel will manage (10% fee), control, and build all of the infrastructure (i.e. sewers, water lines, parking lots, sidewalks, trails, and streets) … some on city right of way, but with the majority being infrastructure Fritzel will own for 50 years and lease to KU Athletics.

All of the above is to be paid for by city taxpayers and allowed by the current commission without competitive bids.

PAC contributor Paul Werner (Fritzel’s architect) will receive over $500,000 for infrastructure engineering plans as well as the bulk of a $925,000 fee for the city’s recreation center plans whether it is built or not – all courtesy of city taxpayers.

Contributor Bill Penny (a Fritzel partner and concrete supplier in the Junction City debacle) will supply concrete for the “city funded” streets, sidewalks, and parking lots, also the IRB funded Fritzel stadium buildings, and also an inside track for a city recreation center to be funded by city GO bonds.

Contributor Doug Gaumer of Intrust clearly recognizes that on Intrust Financial corporation’s Board of Directors is Fritzel’s father-in-law …

In spite of Schumm’s commission's unprecedented rush to get irrevocable agreements (negotiated behind closed doors) in place before this election, all did not get done. He needs votes he can control – Reardon and Farmer – and PAC “Lawrence United” contributors don’t want to risk a big pay day at taxpayer’s expense.

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City's Public Incentives Review Committee to consider Rock Chalk Park property tax abatement today; member raises questions about city's analysis

Cindy Yulich of Emprise Bank should abstain from participating in today’s PIRC meeting due to the fact that it is understood that Emprise Bank is involved in the financing of this project.

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