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Brownback says he'll vote against another term for Bernanke

Translate: Brownback knows the Bernanke approval is safe and he's free to look like he's breaking with establishment by voting against him. He really doesn't care.

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FINAL: Hot shooting lifts KU to 84-72 victory over Nebraska

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50 year -- cable 234 ESPN

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School priorities

Normal is right. The state gives the district funds for capital expenses and funds for "general" expenses such as salaries. By law, capital funds CANNOT be spent on general funds expenses. The state's goal is to keep things balanced in general fund budgets among all districts in the state. It does not make sense at all - but these are the rules the districts are given. Thus, spending money on stadiums may appear ridiculous while general fund monies are short - but they could NOT use the capital monies for anything other than capital expenses.

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Boyscout Camp in Colorado Cancels Due to Illness - Area Youth Sent Home

Marion writes:

Calimari and chocolate milk?

Anyone would puke!

Marion - Well - they didn't go down together....just returned that way.

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Boyscout Camp in Colorado Cancels Due to Illness - Area Youth Sent Home

Well, there was the big family drive from Kansas to California and back where the youngest ate calimari at Jimmy Buffet's in Las Vegas then had chocolate milk for breakfast the next morning and got sick in the middle of the godforsaken desert with nothing around for miles. That was fun.

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Chamber survey shows support for sales tax measures

If the question was sent to the entire membership and only 100 responded (per the example), the membership was asked and only 100 felt the need to respond.

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School leadership

Don't forget, folks, state requirements must be met for superintendent positions - not just anyone can fill the position because it appears they can do the job, There is a superintendency certification.

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District's playing fields up for city approval

Growing up, we lived in a house that backed up to a high school stadium. We loved it before, after and during our high school days. The sound of a band on a Friday night....or even in the morning at practice. Kids practiced and played sports all week - band, track and football, etc. We didn't realize we should have objected to the noise and traffic and our parents felt the same way. To this day, the people in that neighborhood see the adjoining football field and track as an imenity - not a problem. Sure, it was hard to get home in through all the parking on a Friday night - but it was only for a short time and we planned for it. And there was NO parking lot availability whatsoever! Later, we bought a house in that same neighborhood. Never once did it occur to me that our newborn would be bothered by the "noise and traffic". And he wasn't. Silly school district. Wanting to improve their own property.

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