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KU Medical Center leader Douglas Girod named 18th chancellor of KU

From what I've read on KU Football message boards, yes, he IS a football fan!

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Taking out the trash set to change in Lawrence: earlier collection times, new days for yard waste

My complaint is that I purchased expensive cans many years ago with lift bars on them that allow the truck to lift and dump them. Then, I was told that I couldn't use those cans, as I would be required to rent cans that are provided by the city. Alright, so I use those cans for yard waste. Now I'm being told I can't use my own cans that already have lift bars, and that city works already use as intended with their lifting mechanism ..... because I need to buy city cans that can be lifted by city trucks. Hmmmm.

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KU says ESPN declined request to change KU-Iowa State game time on caucus day

I get that an election SHOULD be more important than a game, but that isn't the world that we live in. Wouldn't it be much easier to change the time of the caucus?

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Three-lane 9th Street sees fewer crashes after lane reduction

One difference I see between this 9th Street stretch and the one proposed for Kasold . . . the one on Kasold has residential driveways that would require folks living there to back out into what would be more dense traffic than what it presently is. I know that I wouldn't want to do that on a daily basis.

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Indoor Aquatic Center closed through Aug. 19

I would imagine that the maintenance is scheduled for this time of year in order to prepare for the start of the upcoming school year.

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Would you use the Lawrence public bus service if its hours were expanded into the evening?

I have NO idea regarding costs, but I'd be more inclined to support bike paths being built to hit all of the major roads in Lawrence, making it possible for people to ride safely to all destinations in town. This might include adding paths east of Iowa street on 23rd, 9th street, 6th Street, 19th Street, Iowa Street, Naismith Dr. to KU, and Main Street down to the hospital area. A route might also be run along N. 2nd Street, as well. This sounds costly, but then public transportation could be curtailed to support only senior citizens, and those with disabilities.

May sound like too much, but I might actually USE the bike paths . . . . and lots of others would benefit by being able to get to all destinations in town according to their own schedule, instead of walking to bus stops, only to wait long periods of time.

Just my two cents . . .

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Report provides details on trash carts

When my wife operated a licensed daycare out of our home a few years ago, I purchased two 90 gallon trash cans. I purposefully purchased ones having lift bars for the trash trucks, hoping to take it easy on those that would otherwise have to lift large cans that might occasionally be heavy. When I first heard of the city proposal to require all of us to use city carts, I immediately emailed city commissioners to share what I've described above. I was told by Mr. Cromwell, in particular, that there would be not increase in cost. Now that details are coming out, I see that the proposal would provide me with one 65 gallon cart, 25 gallons less than one of my current cans. For an extra $1, I can have one can the same size as those I already own.

Now, my wife is no longer in the daycare business, so we do not use both cans for trash very often anymore. Usually, we can use one for trash, and use the other one for yard waste. However, if we have a larger trash week, we have the flexibility to use cans that we've already paid for, and not use bags. If the city wants to require households to have trash cans with the lift bars, so be it. Give people a year or two grace period to wear out their current cans, and then purchase new ones with the required lift bars. Spending over $1 million of tax-payer's money is a complete waste. Giving people a grace period to purchase their own can, or be allowed to rent one from the city if they choose, would take no money out of the public coffers, and it would have the same result of lessening worker's compensation claims that come from lifting heavy cans. Those of us that already have cans that meet requirements should not have them forced upon us, costing more money, and providing much less service. Those that believe they can lessen the amount of trash that people produce by such mandates are kidding themselves, too. Although I would not be one to do such a thing, I know that charging more based on the amount of trash produced will only create more pollution, as some will deal with the issue by taking a bag to the nearest ditch instead of send it to a managed landfill, as they currently do. Additionally, limiting the size and number of trash containers is going to have many to frequently attempt to force too much trash into too small of a can. Cans that are slightly ajar, or sometimes left wide open, attract animals that scatter trash. Sometimes good intentions that are not well thought out result in many unintended and worse consequences. Just because this ball has started to roll does not mean that it should not be reconsidered and stopped.

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Town Talk: Hy-Vee seeks to build convenience store on Clinton Parkway; planners take aim at firing range issues; would you like wooden streets any better?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This area along Clinton Parkway needs a gas station!

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School boundary issues draw attention

My son currently goes to the FIFTH closest elementary school to us because of a weird boundary nook. And if I am lucky enough to get him transferred to the school that is closest, my daughter still might get shipped to a school that is much farther away. I definitely have no issues with the school my sin IS attending, but the closer one would make the most sense for our family.

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When spending your dollars, are you loyal to your pocketbook or your zip code?

We do most of our dining out here in Lawrence. With Lawrence restricting the size of Home Depot, and making it difficult for Lowes to enter the community, many of our home renovation projects take us out of town, unfortunately. Greater selections are available to see in person at the larger Lowes and Home Depots in Kansas City and Topeka.

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