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Do you think Lawrence is a safe town for cyclists?

Can you generalize a little more?

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Do you think Lawrence is a safe town for cyclists?

I've ridden thousands of miles in and around Lawrence. It's a fine place to ride. In fact cycling is why I moved here. Accidents happen sometimes. Choosing where and how to ride is what makes cycling more safe or unsafe. There are plenty of low traffic routes through town.

I'd say the advent of cell phones has made cycling more dangerous for everyone everwhere.

5 minutes after I drove past the scene yesterday a cyclist (looked like a student going to class) with no lights, black shirt, black pants pulled right out in front of me going head on. He was trying to get on the sidewalk. Bad move on his part I almost ran him over he pulled out from behind a moving car. In this case he would have been at fault. You can't regulate stupidity.

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Unemployment dips below 8%

Please stop with the dis-information. These are the same statistics that have been used for years. Yest they are not perfect but it is the best measure we have. Seems everyone believed the numbers from the BLS up untill the numbers this month. The bias in this case is on the part of the readers and the press who are questionion them, not the statistics.

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Bike tour to explore East Lawrence

Why do we need to register all the bicycles in Lawrence? It would be like registering lawn mowers. Is there a problem with bicycles requiring government action here?

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Bike tour to explore East Lawrence

What in the hell are you talking about? It's a bike tour not the Tour de France. Why don't you come along it will be fun.

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Kobach sues Obama administration over immigration amnesty plan

Um are you serious? Terrorists streaming over our borders? That is just not true. I read 10-12 newspapers and news outlets a day and I've never heard of this happening. Where are they?

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