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I was at the doctor’s office recently, and while I was waiting, I could hear everything the doctor w

Well what a conundrum we have. Entry level clerks at my physician, dentist, insurance company and eye doctors offices all have access to my personal medical information today. So your question is pointless.

So what? I have bad eyes, good blood pressure, allergies, and a bulging L4/5 disk in my back. Overall healthy. Not a state secret.

And what the heck does your comment have to do with the story? I'll tell you. NOTHING.

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$3,600 bicycle stolen from west Lawrence home

It's not really amazing that a bike would cost that much. Take a look at the Trek website to see their full line of bikes. Technology has been applied to bicycles in the past couple of decades. The same bikes that professionals ride are also available to anyone who has the money to spend. If you can buy a automobile for $500,000 (or more) surely a $3,600 bike is not out of the realm of possibility. Also the home was burglarized and the bike was not left where someone could steal it.

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Slick streets add new element to Tour of Lawrence

Tour of Lawrence Downtown Criterium was awesome. I've never had so much fun at a bike race. This is a great event we need to keep it going! Thanks everyone for your support! Lawrence Originals event was also very enjoyable. Great weekend to be in Lawrence!

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Town Talk: Berry Plastics files for building permit, releases rendering; architect seeking taller apartment buildings; Pink Box Bakery selling out

You can't have a city without people, you can't have a lot of people without jobs, you can't have a lot of jobs without some companies and companies need space to do business. Congratulations Berry Plastics for your success.

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow draws huge crowd to Free State Brewery in downtown Lawrence

From where did the copy/paste originate?

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow draws huge crowd to Free State Brewery in downtown Lawrence

Awesome! More room for the rest of us. Move out of Lawrrence while you're at it. Colorado Springs is nice and conservative I hear. Or how about Wichita?

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow draws huge crowd to Free State Brewery in downtown Lawrence

I like Rachel. Yes she's snarky but she's also a true journalist and calls it like it is. I understand why people don't like her or her show, they just disagree with the facts she presents and HATE the fact that she'll go to the mat against the infotainment shows like O'reilly, and Rush et al. OK she's entertaining but she's is a true journalist.

If you disagree then you need to take a civics class. Wait, they don't have them any more...

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Town Talk: Shelter to pay close to $2 million for site; Chamber moving its offices; Citizen of the years sought

Dear Mr. Sychophant,
You need to vist the Lawrence Community Shelter and meet Loring, the staff, and the residents before you make such a statement.

If the residents of Lawrence had half as much compassion and Loring Henderson and his staff, the shelter would not be paying so much for the property.

A homeless shelter is not a private feifdom. Thanks for the most ridiculous post in recent memory.

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Downtown revitalization, 30 years later

All of you should move out of Lawrence and start your own city if this one is so messed up.

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LifeStar helicopter called to accident at Bob Billings and Crestline

You should read the article because the accident did not happen on the road. The roads in Lawrence are fine. They have some potholes here and there, but they are not causing bike accidents. I have some knowledge about this because I ride bikes all over. The sky is not falling either, at least at the moment.

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