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Bike tour to explore East Lawrence

What in the hell are you talking about? It's a bike tour not the Tour de France. Why don't you come along it will be fun.

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Kobach sues Obama administration over immigration amnesty plan

Um are you serious? Terrorists streaming over our borders? That is just not true. I read 10-12 newspapers and news outlets a day and I've never heard of this happening. Where are they?

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Man shot at Heatherwood Apartments; suspects flee in silver Honda

I heard 6 to 8 pistol shots. Many sirens within 3-4 minutes. I live nearby.

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KDOT awards two construction bids for Douglas County projects

The millionth stupid merrill comment. LJW readers cannot withstand more merrill.

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Town Talk: City still flirting with historic low on home construction; $4.4 million building permit issued for Poehler project; this and that about a new westside recreation center

Just want to tell Chad that I really enjoy your column. Town Talk is probably the best reporting in the LJW. I like that it keeps me up to date on business activity in Lawrence. The comments section, not so much. Keep it up.

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I was at the doctor’s office recently, and while I was waiting, I could hear everything the doctor w

Well what a conundrum we have. Entry level clerks at my physician, dentist, insurance company and eye doctors offices all have access to my personal medical information today. So your question is pointless.

So what? I have bad eyes, good blood pressure, allergies, and a bulging L4/5 disk in my back. Overall healthy. Not a state secret.

And what the heck does your comment have to do with the story? I'll tell you. NOTHING.

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$3,600 bicycle stolen from west Lawrence home

It's not really amazing that a bike would cost that much. Take a look at the Trek website to see their full line of bikes. Technology has been applied to bicycles in the past couple of decades. The same bikes that professionals ride are also available to anyone who has the money to spend. If you can buy a automobile for $500,000 (or more) surely a $3,600 bike is not out of the realm of possibility. Also the home was burglarized and the bike was not left where someone could steal it.

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Slick streets add new element to Tour of Lawrence

Tour of Lawrence Downtown Criterium was awesome. I've never had so much fun at a bike race. This is a great event we need to keep it going! Thanks everyone for your support! Lawrence Originals event was also very enjoyable. Great weekend to be in Lawrence!

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