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Letter to the editor: Better comments

The comments on editorial about comments are a great example of the fanatical abuser's comments ruining the comments section. Good work!

March 28, 2018 at 11:12 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Police want to build new headquarters near west Lawrence Walmart; $17 million project also may use no-bid process

Lets give the police cars so they can drive around town. That way they won't be just sitting around the office at 5100 Overland.

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Opinion: Will CNN’s new ad be effective?

I don't even read the articles any longer. I just read the comments. Clinton! Nukes! Uranium! Emails! Bengazi! Goebbels!

October 27, 2017 at 4:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

It's been interesting reading a bunch of white guys do the analysis on this tradgedy.

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5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

Brock we had this dicussion earlier today. Scroll up. It's not made up.

In fact scrolling down will reaval some more examples.

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5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

I see the race embedded in the comment like this:. First the article mentions a show a rap show and special guest rap artist at the Granada. They have a lot of hip hop shows at Granada and hip-hop shows bring in a lot of black people to attend from out of town. As mentioned by a previous post, and contained in the articles is the fact the victims were from out of town, one from Topeka in fact. So since it's a hip hop show attended by a lot of young black people, the writer concluded the perpatrator must be black and be a criminal and was possesing the fireams illegally. Unless you make an assumption the shooter was under 21 in wich case he would be correct, but. And with that assumption, the fact it was a hip hop show attended by young out of town black people, he can then conclude the shooter was a criminal before actual crime we are discussing took place based on the available information and race.

Possessing a firearm illegally in Kansas is actually difficult if you are over 21, not a Felon, or for some other crimes such as domestic abuse.

So that is one example of how I think race was injected into the discussion before my comments.

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5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

I get it. One pithy comment can be read in many differnet ways. I should stop doing that. I didn't want to get into a long dialog about it but...Yes I brought up race because race implied in some parts of previous comments. Race is coloring all our public discourse recently as I'm sure you have noticed.

So for example of how race entered the discussion before me. There is a comment "The odds are high the shooter couldn't legally owned a firearm. Criminals tend to not obey laws. That what makes them criminals".

How did this poster come to this conclusion? I have my thoughts on why and how he came to his conclusion based on the small amount of information contatined in the LJWorld article. Another reason the comments are interesting.

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5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

I knew that would be the response - that I would be accused of racism. From one statement written not spoken and you can draw that conclusion Why would you say that? You don't know who I am.. Like I said it is interesting to read the comments. I have my thoughts about what these previous comments belie, but I'm keeping that mostly to myelf.

I live and work in Lawrence and I read the paper, read the comments, and know this town very, very well. Aside from the KU population, it's pretty much a white town.

I'll give you one example of why it's interesting. Early Morning Bob Summers first line of comment is "After 8 years of Liberal rule lets look at possible causes. " With an intro like that, well lets say I have pretty good idea where this guy is coming from.

Now if Early Morning Bob's conclusion is that this crime was committed because of so called "Liberal Rule" (and there was more!) then he doesn't really understand the people involved in the crime, and I mean the shooters, the victims and their families. He doesn't understand the root causes of this kind of crime. I'm not really a victim, but I'm feeling this crime, my office is right around the corner from the crime scene and I spend a lot of time in this area of downtown.

So that is just one example of how I think the comments are intersting. Thanks for the oppurtunity to comment. Wish I had time I'd write an essay about it.

White Guy.

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5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

Interesting to read a bunch of white guys do the analysis on this one.

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Accident report: Both drivers, including police officer, suspected of drinking before fatal motorcycle crash

I don't think it's irresponsible for LJW world to report this. I for one had been wondering about the circumstances of the accident. Jesse was a prominent person in the Lawrence community we want to know. I'm not even going to read any more comments on this.

I'm a motorcyclist and I ride the county roads all the time. I ride my motorcycle at night an sometimes after a beer. Its dangerous - - I was actually asked by a friend if I thought alcohol was involved. Hell I didn't know. I also don't know Jesse but I've meet him a few times and by all accounts he was a great guy and I enjoyed a visit to Slow Ride now and then.

Instead of having some opinion on this tragedy and the reporting of it go mow the lawn or something productive.

My condolences to Jesse's friends and family.

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