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Town Talk: Rumors of AT&T Wireless and Chipotle headed to new S. Iowa building; new group forms to discuss diversity of City Hall leadership; open house set for proposed West Lawrence interchange

Why can't they fill the empty retail space in front of Home Depot? It's a nice building and it has been empty for years.

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City looks at options for new rec center property

Can we just get back to building a West Lawrence rec center as originally planned. It just needs to be about the size of the East Lawrence rec center, we don't need the Taj Mahal. Larger rec/tournament centers can be built privately.

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Flory dairy farm selling equipment, taking on different work after 60 years

And I thought my job was tiring, I am exhausted just reading about his day. You sure can't blame him for being ready to stop.

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Gov. Brownback's plan to post teachers’ rankings causes outcry; GOP senator describes plan as 'toxic'

I hope there will also be a ranking of parents since they are 90% responsible for how their children perform in school.

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Town Talk: Old Navy sets date for Lawrence store closing; speculation heating up on future of Sears site; in defense of developers at City Hall

Is the Mercado thing not going to happen since the economy soured? Thanks

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New casino takes in $3.25 million in 8 days

So much for the recession

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Town Talk: UPDATE: YMCA shows interest in Lawrence; Punch boxing coming to Sixth and Wakarusa; Smashburger closes Lawrence location; a Marine party

That's a shame. Our kids always liked a Friday night out at Smashburger and Orange Leaf for dessert. It was a little overpriced, but a much nicer atmosphere than McDonalds and cheaper than going to a full service restaurant. I couldn't disagree more with the service, I always found the employees to be friendly and helpful and the place was immaculately clean. With the addition of Burger King, Bauer farms is turning out to be just another crummy fast food mecca.

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Town Talk: Theatre Lawrence seeking $100,000 in city funding; neighborhood group to oppose Lowe's; a pending 'bank robbery' in Downtown Lawrence

I have lived in this neighborhood for years and have never heard of Gwen or have been asked to vote on this issue. Me and most of the people I know would love to have a Lowes nearby. I hope the city commission realizes that they do not speak for West Lawrence residents.

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Town Talk: UPDATE Santa Fe drug development firm moving to KU; New wage data shows we all should have been doctors; salary info Lawrence teachers already have noticed; more construction for Kasold

You have to love living in a country where professional athletes and hip hop stars make more than a teacher, firefighter, social worker, and police officer combined would make in a lifetime.

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Daughter of former GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty attending KU this fall

I agree, this headline is an embarrassment for Lawrence. The poor girl.

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