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Seabury boys persevere, make 1A state field

Tough assignment for Wednesday, but I'm looking forward to it.

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Bobby Knight only semi-right

good thing I said in the headline and not part of the article. apparently you do have a reading comprehension problem.

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Bobby Knight only semi-right

Can you include that Keegan is the author of an article in the headline? I'd like to know which ones to not bother reading.

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Kansas official defends food stamp policy as fair

This doesn't seem like a tough issue at all. They're just holding everyone to the same standards. The policy seemed unfair before, not now.

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Hemenways moving from Lawrence to Lenexa

because he retired due to health concerns?

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Town Talk: Preschool undertakes expansion; Lawrence on pace to end sales tax losing streak; library book sale; and fears of a costly eye patch and butterscotch pudding

Kaw Valley Elementary was also the home of Bishop Seabury Academy for years so it wasn't sitting empty.

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K.C. Pump N Run’s title run finally ends

Seabury is still a KSHSAA member so they have to comply with all the transfer rules just like a public school

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Far and wide: KU receivers put emphasis on big play

kale pick realizes his biceps pushing up his biceps is really obvious, right?

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Town Talk: Downtown retailers and their property tax challenge; more on the Porta Potty in the Kaw; Bum Steer set for 19th and Haskell

maybe you should have checked on where the porta potty came from before speculating that it came from bowersock.

it did make them look bad in your last article.

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Town Talk: Westar tree trimmers are out and about; new downtown retailer hopes to showcase local crafters; donation drop off set up for triplets; a peek inside an old waterline

These pipes won't leach plasticizers. Health impacts of plastic piping has already been extensively studied.

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