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Local accident victims advocate against texting while driving

Rest assured, the insurance company was doing what it is in business to do: save itself money. They argued that the trauma center visit was unnecessary. They argued that someone (a doctor or something) had called for too many tests (Josh and Greer has CT scans and MRI, I think). I'm the wife and my memory is a bit sketchy because I was so freaked out. It was pretty standard insurance company practice though. We learned this along the way.

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Iwig Dairy Store opens second Lawrence location north of the river

Good idea, hope it works. I'd suggest a little marketing though! I work in north Lawrence and didn't even know it had opened. Leaflets, handbills and facebook! Give residents an incentive to show up.

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City workers focus on saving trees

Thanks City of Lawrence! As a horticulturalist, it is gratifying to see your staff soaking these beautiful trees. We all benefit from the work.... :)


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Garden Calendar: Squash bugs make annual return

Hi- I too have suffered from the squash bugs, Jennifer. But this is just a little note that the Central Middle school garden has the MOST beautiful squash and zucchini plants I have seen in years. Truly, not a bug on them! Someone was paying attention at just the right time and got them sprayed I bet.


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