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God's opinion of gay people shouldn't affect public policy.

Should we introduce a bill that allows people to ignore anyone's civil rights if their religion teaches them to do so? Would we do that today regarding race? I've heard people use the Bible to justify racism (as an example, consider the first two 'in the parking lot' quotes:

The Bible has been used to justify slavery as well:

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No peace without justice

No, jjinks, he's not calling for another race riot. He writes, "To acknowledge [racial injustice] is not to lionize the rioters. You do not lionize 54 deaths and a billion dollars in property damage." He's clearly not promoting violence on any level. Also, he clearly does not believe that "no one other than a Black man has ever been treated unfairly" as he both brings up and decries the beating of Reginald Denney.

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Exonerated, but still not free

I have so much admiration for this man, that he can find empathy for the rape vicitm, even after all he's been through. And good reporting from the LJW. It's a devastating story, but at least it was finally uncovered. I really hope good things are ahead for Joe Jones.

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Snow White not a role model

It seems like your first post implied that it was inappropriate for Pitts to weigh in on marriage because of his skin color. Did I misunderstand you? Why do you think it's inappropriate for "a man like Pitts" to give his opinion on marriage? As tomato grower points out, Pitts is a married and responsible father.

I'm also not following your use of quote marks. Are you quoting someone? Or are all of these words (even "assuming") used ironically?

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Snow White not a role model

This line of thinking is irrational and categorically racist. You're saying that Pitts can't weigh in on the subject - not for anything he himself has done - but because of the color of his skin.

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