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Tonganoxie man killed in fatal Turnpike accident

Wow...i hate seeing headlines with Tonganoxie and death in them. It makes me dread even opening the story.

Thoughts out to Jeff's family.

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Kobach says questions about Obama's citizenship fair without details

You got to love KK...

Kris, quick question for you. Where were Obama's grandparents from? Where was his mother born? I am pretty sure it was Wichita. Doesn't that make her a US citizen? Doesn't that make her child a US citizen?

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State insurance plan members will no longer be able to fill prescriptions at Walgreens

The state purchase a benefit for their employees from Caremark-CVS. If they (the state) want their employees to have the ability to go to Walgreens, they can obtain services from a provider that does use Walgreens. It is their choice.

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Would you patronize a pedal-powered pub crawling vehicle in downtown Lawrence?

Also on Alan Parsons Project album, "Eye in the Sky"

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Are you interested in seeing President Barack Obama's birth certificate?

Was his mom an American Citizen? Doesn't that make him an American Citizen?

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Statehouse Live: Flint Hills burning issue heard by committee

Don't look for a solution. Farmers ans ranchers are more important than any stupid environmental rules aren't they?

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Speaker within ethical lines

"Are we now to decide that no professional can represent any client who may be affected by legislative actions? If we take this position, most lawyers will never run for office."

You say that like it would be a bad thing.

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Tonganoxie couple taking retirement as an opportunity to move somewhere warmer: Kenya

Marion is but a smelly swoosh...

Actually not a swoosh, but it rhymes with that.

You know next to nothing, and obviously what you do know does not include anything about the Korbs. Get in your Mercedes and see how fast you can get it going headed South. Maybe you won't make it back.

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Furnace maintenance — some like it hot

Cleaning/Adjusting/Checking what actually?

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Furnace maintenance — some like it hot

And what specifically do they do during each of their visits?

What is "routine maintenance"?

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