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Highlight reel: Seabury freshman Khadre Lane impressive in rout

I am assuming you don't know Khadre...for he is a very humble kid...but obviously still a normal teenager. I have watched every game the last two seasons at Bishop and have been very impressed on what a good teammate he is. Last year he was so far above everyone in talent it was humorous to watch him try to involve everyone else on the team. Don't interpret throwing down a windmill jam as being arrogant...that is part of the game. You would do it too if you could.

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Langston Hughes principal leaving district for Gardner-Edgerton school

Myron was a great Principal...he is missed. Hopefully they find a good replacement this time.

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Private schools holding steady as public district faces mounting budget pressure

It only takes about 10 minutes touring Bishop Seabury to pick up the different aura surrounding it. The Headmaster is energized and the teachers...actually love teaching. If the public schools could figure out a way to tap into 1/10 of the resourcefulness as Bishop does we would not be in this mess.

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Xavier Henry happy to be headed home

This last quote is exactly why Self is the best coach in the country: Even when we lost to the "B" teams...he stuck to his beliefs. The best thing is that coach has experience of huge triumphs and huge failures to speak from...the kids take notice to that experience.

“Sometimes winning can become a relief, especially this time of year, (the feeling of), ‘Well, if we can just get past (this team),’’’ Self said. “That’s a bad attitude. You should enjoy the game, every possession, the good and the bad. You work your tail off to be put in that high-exposure tournament, so go enjoy it and have fun. Of course, it’s obviously more fun when you win. I hope I don’t coach from a defensive standpoint, which could be the tendency if you are the favorite.

“You should coach the same regardless. You want your players loose, you want them having fun, you want them to be in a situation that where they don’t see it as pressure but as we worked our butt off to live in this moment so let’s go make the most of it and enjoy it.”

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Note to ’Cats: Don’t get ‘chippy’

jmcjike- why are they thugs?
because they don't act and talk (and ultimately look) like you?

yes...they talk trash...yes they have tattoos...but ultimately yes they are kids.

kids just like the frat kids playing up at Robinson gym everyday...and believe it or not some of the frat kids even talk trash...and even worse some of the frat kids even have tattoos!

except for the frat kids spend every weekend at keggers....while these "thugs" spend every waking moment at practice or in the weight room.

you have no idea what a thug is! these kids work their a#* off everyday...there is no offseason anymore.

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Note to ’Cats: Don’t get ‘chippy’

I love it when people tell Sherron..."focus on the action on the court"...
We are 31-2...and he is the winningest Jayhawk of all time. I would say his focus is fine.
All of the extra antics mean how the kids interact as soon as the game is over. No ill's all part of the game...a game that Sherron usually always wins!

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Family of former KU athletics director Frederick files suit against city, gas utility

Obviously this is not for the money but as a statement. People sue for 100's of K because they spill hot coffee on themselves. This was an avoidable accident that neglected the checks and balances in place to ensure it doesn't happen. Best wishes and prayers Frederick Family.

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Judge gives convicted rapist maximum prison sentence despite plea agreement

Peggy Kittel has quietly been a shining star down at the court house for years. She is an excellent Judge and attorney. She handled the juvenile and protem division with fairness and compassion for years...not surprised to see her carry it over to her own courtroom.

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BMX fans hope city of Lawrence will provide park land for bicycle track

While I don't know the exposure of liablility for the city in this certain instance...I can say that these BMX tracks would give 100's of kids a place to hang out and get exercise. Certainly there is a way for it to work on both sides...these parks are popping up all over the U.S.

I travel quite a bit down South and these parks are huge down there...I saw park in Dallas that must have had 600 kids there on a Saturday. The only place you can find a mass of kids on a Saturday in Lawrence is the movie theatre. For Lawrence being such a progressive and hip city...we sure don't look out for our children's health very well. There is very little productive things for 6-16 yr olds to do in this city.

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