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Ex-mayor given leadership award

I really don't have much of an opinion on LL or Sue Hack or anything else in this article really, I'm just here to troll the troll

@FalseHopeWhateverWhatever Learn to read buddy. This sentence, although poorly structured doesn't actually say what you think it says: "So, while you may disagree with the stances a person has on the issues, (as I disagree with you), this truly has nothing to do with the amount of leadership they exhibit"

If you read it a bit more carefully, II believe that our Farmer friend is alluding to the fact that a person's stance on the issues doesn't have anything to do with their leadership, etc etc etc. The statement here is not mean tot say that the award has nothing to do with the leadership Sue has exhibited as you have inferred through you're hasty reading of the post. Once you take out that pesky bit between the parentheses it becomes a bit clearer what Farmer is actually trying to say.
You're welcome

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Fans celebrate KU's win over North Carolina

oh, I dunno. Like myself, a lot of the crowd that I talked to was out there in '08 also. But I wasn't like taking a survey or anything...

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