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Report indicates driver in wreck that killed sheriff's deputy was distracted by cell phone

I guess this is typical behavior... Now we blame the victim because he was riding his bike where there were no sidewalks or a marked bike lane. WOW. At least with a Bluetooth headset they can be set to automatically answer the phone so there are no buttons to push on the phone.Unfortunately, I have personal experience with a member of my family who recently totalled her car. As she was driving home on K-10, it seems she was texting someone rather madly and she changed lanes because the car in front was going too slow. Imagine my surprise when she said she didn't see the car in the other lane and fortunately there was no personal injury and not much damage to the other car. She can't say the same for her car as now she has to borrow a car to drive. It is also a constant fight regarding texting while driving. Thankfully my car is a stick shift and she cannot drive it.Someone has already said it here but I will repeat it. We need for law enforcement to become more aggressive about this type of behavior. Only then will people get the hint. A very big hint could be made just trolling K-10 between I-435 & Lawrence.

August 6, 2008 at 11:20 a.m. ( | suggest removal )