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Lawrence Superintendent Rick Doll announces resignation


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Battle resumes over Earned Income Tax Credit

Every person I know how gets the EITC brags about the $8000 refund check they get and how big of a TV they are going to buy. BlueKansas posts "The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) gets and keeps people in Kansas working. It can only be claimed by people who earn income through work and pay taxes, and the credit is structured to encourage people to work more hours. At the federal level, it was designed to offset payroll, excise and income taxes paid by families with low- and moderate-incomes, leaving them with more to support their children and easing their transition from welfare to work. Because working families who receive the federal credit also pay a substantial share of their income in state and local taxes (sales, excise and property taxes that as a share of income hit lower-income families harder than wealthier ones), Kansas established its own EITCs" . The EITC is a joke. It doesn't help transition people from poverty it promotes people to stay in poverty.

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Homeless shelter sets groundbreaking

And you think there has been alot of breakins in east lawrence in the past. Just wait till they get the lazy people shelter open. Thank god we still have the 2nd Amendment.


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Taking a look at restaurant violations

Wow I cant believe the Sonic on 23 and 31 are so bad. I bet if you look up the last several years inspections you can see a trend. I know the sonics in lawrence got bought out last November. I would expect this out of the old owners that still own the Sonic in eudora and baldwin. The owner and director of operations are from Columbia MO and are MIZZU fans. Makes me wonder if the new owners kept the same crappy dope smoking managers around. It sure seems like it..They also changed all thier phone numbers. I guess if you have a problem like your expensive food made me sick you have to call information to get the new number. It seems like the best Sonic in lawrence is the one in north lawrence. Goos job to the manager and his crew.


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Vacuum cleaner dilemma

I purchased a Royal at Lawrence Sewing and Vacuum about 8 years ago. The cost was about the same as a Dyson. I know the Dyson commercials are cool but who do you think is paying for it. You are the consumer. The parts are all cheap injection molded plastic that snaps together. It is like a Hoover on steroids. It does a great lob on cleaning your carpet, but when it needs service (and it will) where do you take it? If you find a person who will consider fixing it, then will they be able to find parts? You can call Dyson and ship it to a service center and wait weeks for them to fix it. My Royal needed a new brush roller after about 7 years of weekly service in a mostly carpet 2 story home. I just walked in their store and $21 later I have a just like new vacuum. I don’t know where you would get a Dyson serviced (belt changed, new brush roller, new power switch etc).

I just had a relative take their Bissell with a "lifetime belt"(lifetime is only implied not guaranteed by a warranty) to get the belt replaced after it broke (they spent $220 on it 2 years ago). The repair guy in Shawnee told them it will cost-$65 for labor $14 for the parts $12 for rush delivery of the parts (non rush delivery takes 5-6 weeks for the belt to get delivered from the Bissell parts warehouse. The vacuum does do a good job. They are happy with it and don't plan on getting a new one any time soon.

I know it must seem like I don’t like Dyson but I do. I think it is a very powerful vacuum cleaner. My Royal is just as powerful. I have a friend who owns one and they love it. It is only a year old and still works like new. I tried to talk them out of it but the commercials sucked them in. I just don’t like products that say they are the latest and greatest but service sucks. If you don’t believe what you are reading, Go to Dysons website and try looking for anything that has to do with service or a warranty. Royal may not the best choice if you don't have service center in your area. If you live in or around Lawrence Royal is the best choice.

Dont spend $400 - $500 with out doing research. Check out things like life expectancy, ease of repair, parts availability and functionality. All of these will help you determine your average annual cost of your vaccum. Choose the brand that works the best for you.

Thanks for reading

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City again orders recycling center to clean up property

1. This location has been a business for at least 20 years that I remember. This business is making money, paying taxes, recycling and providing jobs. What more could a city or community want. It just like the homeless shelter everybody wants it to move from downtown but nobody wants it close to them. How about the people who are burdened by the KU football traffic every fall, should we make KU shut down Memorial stadium. Lawrence High has a high noise level, creates parking problems in the street, and operates after 5pm on game nights. Should we shut them down? So I say just suck it up and deal with it. I hear that Home depot has insulation on sell.

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Douglas County commissioners considering land purchase for consolidated public works operation — opening door to homeless shelter relocation

Nothing is set in stone yet. I will fight it this time also. For the price the city is paying they could invest in the future of our young people and hire more teachers or start having feild trips again in the schools. If it was all about the wise investment they could purchase land in north lawrence were it is cheaper and nobody cares if a few more homeless people hang around stealing things.

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Douglas County commissioners considering land purchase for consolidated public works operation — opening door to homeless shelter relocation

I might be wrong butI thought the school tax went down thay year because of loans we had settled. Its not just the $26 for the tax increase its the increase in insurance costs because breakins and property damanges go up. so now thats an increase of $75 a year. That a steak diner. So now the homeless people and supports are costing me a steak diner. That is evan more depressing.

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Douglas County commissioners considering land purchase for consolidated public works operation — opening door to homeless shelter relocation

Ive attend every meeting they have had about this matter. I have never been givin the oppertunity to have the city buy my property. When did this happen and how do I get them to buy my house??

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Douglas County commissioners considering land purchase for consolidated public works operation — opening door to homeless shelter relocation

I dont have a problem helping people in my community. Its the people that come from surronding communuiteis that suck up my tax dollar because there are so many bleeding harts in lawrence. If we sent the outsiders packing then the shelter downtown would be more than ample. I to have insight on the homeless in the work place. I have hired 11 homeless people over the last 9 years in lawrence. All of them were homeless as a result of there own doing. They didnt loose jobs to china or have medical problems they just made stupid choices like getting high at work. Then getting fired and thinking their to good to work at walmart or mcdonalds.. People dont starve in the streets. They go to the salvation army, a church at haskell, the current homeless shelter just to name a few. I do help out the humane society in lawrence and have delt with the director on several occasions. I just dont want to continue helping people that dont help them selve. There are more important thing we should be worried about than this matter like schools, police and fire upgrades, fixing pot holes, and finishing one wasteful project in east lawrence before we take on another(farmland).

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