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Editorial: Worth a look

Since the rule that the legislature must initiate changes to Medicaid was implemented, Brownback can say he is for the expansion while telling the legislature not to make changes. Then he looks good and the legislature takes the brunt of the criticism..

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Saturday Column: Education needs stronger champions in Kansas

We question whether the university leaders listed above would be able to do very much better than the current leaders with our current state government. State government leaders now seem to turn a deaf ear to anyone who is not a billionaire.

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What’s the worst storm or weather event you’ve experienced?

That was the summer we spent in Europe. We heard what was like in central USA. What we experienced was five weeks straight with at least a little rain each day. We were camping. We are glad that we made the trip but it was somewhat messy.

We were here for the microburst. It blew the cap off the chimney, put a good ding in our shed and made the latching mechanism inoperable.

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Kansas Democrats pushing proposals aimed at boosting wages

If you look at the split in the House and Senate you would see that there is not much chance for them to pursue any agenda. The best that the can do at present is point out the problems that the Republicans are causing. It is implicit that the Democrats would do better with the things that they are complaining about if they had the chance.

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2 armed suspects at large after Sunday shooting; 3 victims' conditions improved

Michaela is normally a girl's name.

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Opinion: Senator seeks to simplify education

Common Core is not a creation of the U. S. Government, in spite of how the red states are trying to claim. It was put together by educators from several states, including Kansas. We should not get rid of it. It provides a necessary basis for the minimum education. With so many families moving from state to state, children need to be able to fit in academically at their new school.

No Child Left Behind. The requirement for 100% proficiency was ridiculous. There are children going through school that are never going to be proficient in the basic skills no matter how good the teachers are.

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Kansas high school's piano purchase hits sour note

They say that the old piano is in poor condition. They say nothing about the condition of the one they want to buy. It is probably either a new one or a used one in good condition.

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Kansas City area to get 1,001 electric car chargers

This could be an incentive to get an electric vehicle now.

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Kansas City area to get 1,001 electric car chargers

We like the idea of electric vehicles, but as bicyclists we are a little concerned about our safety. We would like to have some noise added to the electric vehicles. We use our eyes before making our moves, but we also use our ears. I think that you will find that a lot of us who use bicycles for transportation share this concern.

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Kansas Democrats outline opposition to governor's budget

If you are talking about "it's", it is being properly used. It's is the contraction of it and is. Its is the possessive.

If you get rid of the contractions, the sentences will read "It is for the children", etc.

He does have a typo in "It's and investment." It should read "It's an investment."

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