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Kansas lawmakers still unable to reach budget agreement

There is a lot of difference between uber and the tax situation. Uber was popular with a lot of legislators. On the other hand, the legislature is very fractured on the tax plans and could not over-ride the veto.

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Brownback urges passage of tax bill and trailer bill

It looks like Brownback will get what he wants if they pass the current Senate bill. Then he will veto the trailer bill. That seems pretty obvious.

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What kind of food item or cuisine is missing from downtown?

We would like to have German food locally.

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Lawrence to offer new bus route

It probably should read "The new route will serve several facilities ... "

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National Bike to School Day coming May 6

We are not sure about all children. It would depend upon the child and the route that they would have to take to school. Our children were born into a bicycling family. They learned to rules of the road early, their parents were careful drivers and riders. Linda rode to school (UCLA). Our children rode to school from the 4th grade on. Certain schools in the district had the advanced placement classes and they would go to the one that had their grade. One of them was almost five miles away. They would use the least traveled of the grid work of streets which would get them there without increasing the distance. Bill commuted to work on a bicycle most of his working life. Our kids would grumble about the drivers, but wouldn't do anything foolish, other than use the one-up signal occasionally. They didn't learn the one-up signal at home.

Bill and Linda (in their 70's) are back in school and still riding. We have found the easiest way to get to the KU Campus. If you see a white tandem, that is us.

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Your Turn: State shouldn’t support discrimination

Unfortunately, no matter how many times this is echoed, it is is unlikely to change the minds of the governor and the legislators.

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Kochs say no to Dems' probe into climate research funding

The sun's energy may be part of the global warming, but the burning of fossil fuel just makes it worse. We need to take care of what we can. Not only does fossil fuel contribute to global warming, it throws poisons, that we do not need, into the air

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Editorial: Worth a look

Since the rule that the legislature must initiate changes to Medicaid was implemented, Brownback can say he is for the expansion while telling the legislature not to make changes. Then he looks good and the legislature takes the brunt of the criticism..

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Saturday Column: Education needs stronger champions in Kansas

We question whether the university leaders listed above would be able to do very much better than the current leaders with our current state government. State government leaders now seem to turn a deaf ear to anyone who is not a billionaire.

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What’s the worst storm or weather event you’ve experienced?

That was the summer we spent in Europe. We heard what was like in central USA. What we experienced was five weeks straight with at least a little rain each day. We were camping. We are glad that we made the trip but it was somewhat messy.

We were here for the microburst. It blew the cap off the chimney, put a good ding in our shed and made the latching mechanism inoperable.

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