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Opinion: GOP has opportunity to govern

Harry Reid stopped the House legislation because the House would always tack on an item to kill ACA, no matter what the main purpose of the bill was.

Of course these will probably pass now, but they will get vetoed.

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Bid to remove Kansas Supreme Court justices fails

It was a 6-1 decision of the Supreme Court that there were procedural irregularities in the original trial. They are not going to be releasing the Carrs. They will try them again and, hopefully, get it right the second time. They could, possibly, get the same punishment and it will stick if they get through second trials without any blunders.

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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

As Nicole says Hallowe'en comes from the Catholic religion. It is the eve (e'en) of All Saints Day, which is a Catholic Day of Obligation in many, but not all countries, where there are Catholic churches.

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Citizenship law hits young voters, low-income neighborhoods hardest

It is spelled "facsimile" and is normally shortened to "fax".

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Editorial: Judging judges

Those two judges are the only ones facing a retention vote at this time. Since there was only one judge that opposed the majority on the overturning of the death penalty sentence, the others will subject to Brownback's ire (hopefully he won't be in a position to do anything then) when their retention votes come at later times.

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Restaurant owner pleads in illegal workers case

We didn't say anything about it being OK. We just said that it is going to keep happening as long as the current immigration laws are in place. They would be happy to come in legally if they didn't have to wait outside the US for ten years to get in with citizenship.

Most of the benefits that you are talking about are not available to illegals. They would be afraid of getting caught if they applied for benefits.

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Restaurant owner pleads in illegal workers case

We would like for them to be legal, but the current imigration laws make it almost impossible for unskilled workers (who do a lot of the dirty work that the US citizens are unwilling to do) to come into this country legally. Until the laws are made more reasonable, you are going to continue to have illegal imigration.

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Letter: End gridlock

The Republicans keep putting a poison pill in with anything they pass. If they would just limit it to the main purpose of the bill and leave defunding the ACA out, they would get a lot more passed by the Senate. They are intentionally sending bills to the Senate that they know will not become law.

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Letter: Ethical approach

It looks like sarcasm, i.e. we will fill up work houses and prisons if we don't give have the tools to give better guidance to the children as they grow up.

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$12.5M to repair Amtrak route in Colorado, Kansas

There are places where the fast trains can get past the freight trains.

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