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Kansas City area to get 1,001 electric car chargers

This could be an incentive to get an electric vehicle now.

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Kansas City area to get 1,001 electric car chargers

We like the idea of electric vehicles, but as bicyclists we are a little concerned about our safety. We would like to have some noise added to the electric vehicles. We use our eyes before making our moves, but we also use our ears. I think that you will find that a lot of us who use bicycles for transportation share this concern.

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Kansas Democrats outline opposition to governor's budget

If you are talking about "it's", it is being properly used. It's is the contraction of it and is. Its is the possessive.

If you get rid of the contractions, the sentences will read "It is for the children", etc.

He does have a typo in "It's and investment." It should read "It's an investment."

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Editorial: Step one

It is surprising that Brownback hasn't tried to get rid of him yet.

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Kansas Democratic Party chairwoman to step down

Reid was not the problem. Anything that the Republicans proposed also had as part of it that the ACA be defunded. That was a non-starter and as long as the Republicans would do this, Reid was not going to put the proposal on the table. If they didn't like the ACA the way it was, they should have proposed how to fix it. They were not fixing it, nor did the have a replacement.

A couple of English fixes that would make reading easier would be:
In line 2 it should be "Obama threw", "threw" is the past tense of "throw".
In the last line the word that you are looking for is "anemic".

I'm sorry, but both of us are proofreaders. We don't reply just to fix spelling errors, but if we reply for other reasons we may also propose some structural fixes.

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What chain restaurant would you like to see come to Lawrence?

We liked Red Lobster quite well in the early years of our marriage, the '60s. They then took a wrong turn. Every few years we have tried them again, but don't seem to have made an improvement.

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Judge sets February trial date in odd Kansas ID theft case

This why we have very little fraud--not nearly enough to warrant thousands being disenfranchised to catch a very small number. Most of those in this country illegally won't take the chance of getting caught.

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TV options abound for cord-cutters, old-school and newfangled alike

Is her name Lindsey Fallon or Lindsey Frye?

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Your Turn: State official outlines mental health plans

In-patient and community based care are not defined but it appears to us that the in-patient versus community based care may be a problem for the schizophrenics who are on medication in a controlled environment and seem almost normal. Then they are turned out on their own and soon stop taking their medication. The whole cycle starts over again and again and again ...

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Trusting regents

I hope that when you typed those efficiency reports your typing/proofreading was better than when you comment here. The name is "Bangerter", not "Bagerter".

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