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Opinion: The North Korean red line

For those who are not familiar with the RAND Corporation, the letters R A N D stand for Research And No Development. This is a corporation of mentally high powered people whose job is to come up with their best estimates and options to help our military.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider proposal for moving Greyhound bus stop to library

The main reason that it moved from the Free State Brewery location was the busses were getting too long. The older busses could pull through to the alley. The longer busses could not negotiate the (right) turn onto the alley.

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Students of color in Lawrence school district face uneven odds

One thing that I have not seen in the comment stream is a reference to the effect of being in a university town. A town that has a faculty like KU's is going to have a well educated faculty, including quite a few PhDs. The well educated faculty is going to breed children that become well educated. These children are a lot of the "gifted" students in the public school system. The problem with the black kids is that the blacks are not well-represented in the KU faculty. It is not because blacks have a lower IQ.* They have had roadblocks thrown at them since the first slave ship came to this continent, which is going to slow down the learning process. When they are not going to be allowed to compete, they will be less likely to even try.

To get the blacks better educated so they can compete for the jobs that need a good education is going to be a long hard slog because of the cultural biases.

*If they do have a lower native IQ, it is because the brighter ones sold the less bright ones into into the slave trade.

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Opinion: Trump’s reaction to dissent at theater laughable

Drumph is what the family name was back in the old country (Germany).

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Whether Hillary is corrupt or not, we don't think you want the disasters that a Trump presidency would bring to this country and the rest of the world.

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Lawrence City Commission to review Kasold Drive lane reduction

We have used Kasold frequently on our tandem bicycle touring of Lawrence. Bill used Lindbergh Boulevard in the St. Louis area (4 and 6 lanes rush hour traffic) for bicycle commuting. He just rides a straight path, signals turns, and doesn't do anything foolish. He expects the drivers to drive reasonably. He doesn't get spooked easily, so, it really doesn't matter to us whether it stays 4 lane or goes to 2 lane.

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Opinion: Clinton speech recycled talking points

A lot of Obama's broken promises were due to the republicans not allowing them to be fulfilled.

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What's the farthest you've ever biked?

Bill did 540 miles on the Bicycle Across Missouri which was a three day ride that was held on Labor Day weekend for several years. His best single day ride was on the Central Double (Triple, etc.) Century. That was a little over 300 miles in a little over 21 hours. Both of these were probably in 1989 when he was a bit younger and in good shape. He is 80 now.

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Letter to the editor: Casting blame

Her vote was based on false information provided by the Republican leadership.

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Lawrence nonprofit seeking more funding and attention toward bicycle infrastructure

Why the 15 mph speed limit for the bicycles? There are a lot of riders around that can safely travel at speeds greater than 15 mph. More important is educating the slower riders on safe street riding. They can be a hazard no matter what the speed limit is.

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