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Editorial: Icy idea

The rink might be large enough for hockey training but certainly not large enough for competition. Competition uses an 85' x 185' or larger rink. Some figure skating training could be done on the small rink, but likewise it needs a larger rink for competition. Speed skating couldn't even train effectively on the proposed rink. The need at least a 85' x 185' rink for training and should have a 100' x 200' size rink for competition.

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Kansas legislator proposes salary increase; 'we should be paid significantly better'

In spite of what Virgil Peck says, they are serving the Koch brothers, not the citizens of Kansas.

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Opinion: Facts don’t support medical assumptions

Comment about body temperature - How we got 98.6 as our body temperature: 98.6 is just 37 (Celsius or centigrade) converted to Fahrenheit. In other words the standard body temperature that most of the rest of the world uses is less precise, not expected to be an exact figure, not exactly 37.0.. A Celsius degree is also a wider span. When the Celsius temperature changes by 1 degree, the Fahrenheit temperature has changed by 1.8 degrees.

The normal temperature for a person varies slightly from person to person. For me it is in the 97 range. At 98.6 I am noticeably feverish. For a woman in childbearing years her normal temperature varies in a recognizable pattern throughout the month.

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Saturday Column: University faculty could be great legislative resource

This prohibition is probably to present a unified message to the legislature, rather than several different, and potentially conflicting, opinions.

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Opinion: War on poverty should shift to states

Unfortunately, there is little faith in a lot of the state governments. Ours would probably try to find a way to channel the money to the top 1 percent.

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East Lawrence resident Lane Eisenbart is pictured with her 7-year-old daughter, Ro O'Leary, and the

Lane needs a helmet too. Even careful experienced cyclists can have accidents which are not necessarily their own fault.

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Opinion: Common Core breeds conformity

Wow. One would think that most parents would like for their children to have the best possible education. During the Bush administration they had No Child Left Behind which was strictly a top-down process with little if any input from the educators. This was fine with the Republicans because it was a Republican program. Now that the Democrats are more or less in control, we have an educator developed, not Democrat developed, not top-down program Common Core and this is being blasted by this columnist and other Republicans, trying to find an issue with the Democrats. We want the best education available to all students and who can provide that better than the educators? It appears that the Republicans are trying to dumb down the next generation in hopes that they can control them better.

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Wind turbines like these could soon be used to produce power for utility companies in the eastern Un

These look a lot like the Dutch windmills that you see currently in Holland.

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Opinion: Obama abusing executive powers

What do you expect when the current group of Republicans in congress have as their sole purpose keeping Obama from accomplishing anything. They will not compromise on anything. The Republicans' definition of a compromise is "my way or the highway".

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Brownback proposes fully funding all-day kindergarten

He may understand what is going on and just thinks that he can pull the wool over everybody's eyes. Unfortunately, that may be true in too many of the districts.

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