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Your Turn: Medicaid expansion deserves discussion

Because the Koch brothers say no.

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Opinion: Free speech under attack in academia

A friend suggested "Call a spook a spook."

December 20, 2015 at 1:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

65-year-old downtown Lawrence fire station poised for restoration

They certainly did not keep the previous station's historic value intact. It was on the same lot in the southeast corner of the lot. They built the new station around it and then tore the old one down. If you look at the green area at the corner of 8th and Vermont you will see how small the old one was.

Returning to Lawrence in 1991, I could not find the police station. In earlier years it had been where the Senior Center is now.

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Letter: Plan makes no sense

They are so busy looking for automobile traffic, that they forget to look at the sidewalks

September 26, 2015 at 6:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Letter: Plan makes no sense

If you follow the rules, you are safer on the street. The drivers will see you. They are watching the road and not looking for foot or bicycle traffic on the sidewalk. You are in danger from left and right turning cars

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Treat sleep apnea for better sleep and quality of life

If you go through the sleep study and they don't find sleep apnea, then you are normally left with an insomnia diagnosis. You will be taking a mood elevator (amitriptyline) in increasing dosage for the rest of your life. There is a substitute, trazodone, if you can tolerate it. If you can't tolerate it you will have a miserable 4 or 5 days getting it out of your system.

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Start them young: New parents to receive library-card application for babies born at Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Our daughter, now 48, would like to have had an early library card. At age 4 she saw her brothers getting so much enjoyment from reading, it was "Mom teach me to read". When she got to kindergarten, she, like the other kindergarteners, was given a reading readiness test. At the end of the year the others were given the readiness test. She only missed one question the first time, so it wouldn't have proved much.

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July survey suggests economic slowdown ahead for Midwest

It looks like Brownback's "shot of adrenaline" is hard at work. (Sarcasm)

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A driver and passenger of a large Chevy truck walk away as the vehicle sits overturned and wedged on

We are very glad that we were not bicycling through the area when this happened. We have a number of times through the years, but fortunately the drivers we met or passed us all seemed to be sober.

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Influx of same-sex marriages boon for wedding businesses

Any business that doesn't want to serve same-sex couples is certainly missing out financially.

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