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Investigators looking at power pole as possible cause of fire at Heritage Tractor; business relocating sales across street

We were surprise when we pulled into the parking lot of the building that they are moving into. The building was obviously empty. That building is where we have taken ailing lawnmowers for years. Evidently they gave up since the last time that we were there. We were met by a Heritage Tractor employee, Tim Deneke perhaps, who said that they were not set up in that building yet. "Come back tomorrow". We will give it a try.

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Letter to the editor: Voter profile

What you want is impossible. If you get all except the last condition you will not be able have the last condition, i.e. to get them, you will not be able have small government and lower taxes. You must have written your letter in jest!!

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Letter to the editor: He said what?

Is there any chance that what he meant was he wanted to be known as the president who stood up for life as apposed to death in these school shootings.

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New driver's license requirements causing headaches for some in Kansas

How about someone who doesn't have a middle name or initial? Or has only has one or two initials and no given name? I have examples of both. I met L C Hall in the army. Our daughter has a 10 character given name and no middle name or initial. She grumbled in earlier years about the forms that she had to fill, that only had only 9 spaces for her first name. Now most forms have in excess of 10 blanks. Her name was a compound name and she normally uses just the first five letters. I have met at least one other that had a first name that was more than 10 characters long.

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Opinion: Journalism holds power accountable

Many of Trump's promises should never be fulfilled.

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Opinion: With Moore, Trump hit new low

We expect that Trump wins the title (worst president), but he gets a lot of help from the internet.

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Closing the loop: Local coalition working for completion of the final miles of continuous trail system around Lawrence

Bicycling in the street is certainly safer than on any multi-use-trail that interfaces with automobiles.

The drivers may grumble a bit or even give the one up signal, but they do see you and don't hit you. We ridden multiple metropolitan areas without problems. This was our first serious incident and it was on a multi-use-trail. Collectively we have ridden thousands of miles on city streets and highways. Bill commuted to work for most of his working life. We have run a lot of errands on bicycles. If you ride a bicycle or drive a car with due caution you will stay out of trouble most of the time.

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Closing the loop: Local coalition working for completion of the final miles of continuous trail system around Lawrence

What you are trying to sell is a hazard. When the bicycle rider or pedestrian has to cross a street that has a significant amount of traffic they are at the mercy of the traffic. Car drivers do not notice the traffic from the multi-use-trail. A hit at one or two miles an hour can cause a three and a half month stay at the combination of a hospital and a rehabilitation center. Then you get to go home and it can be months more therapy before your leg is strong and flexible enough to even consider doing what you were doing when you got hit.

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Opinion: The North Korean red line

For those who are not familiar with the RAND Corporation, the letters R A N D stand for Research And No Development. This is a corporation of mentally high powered people whose job is to come up with their best estimates and options to help our military.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider proposal for moving Greyhound bus stop to library

The main reason that it moved from the Free State Brewery location was the busses were getting too long. The older busses could pull through to the alley. The longer busses could not negotiate the (right) turn onto the alley.

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