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$12.5M to repair Amtrak route in Colorado, Kansas

There are places where the fast trains can get past the freight trains.

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Orman regrets giving to Akin as other donations come under scrutiny

The gridlock is due to the Republicans attaching a poison pill to the bills that they submit. No matter what the bill is about, they attach a rider that the ACA will be defunded. Harry Reid will not bring up any bill with that rider. That would not be a compromise on the substance of the bill.. That would be total capitulation to the Republicans.

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Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

We had some experience in Alaska and Oregon before we were married. In Southern California our oldest child (at that time under 4) complained one night that his bed had thrown him on the floor.

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Lawrence police: Three teenagers allegedly skip school to attempt armed robbery

Chances are that they wouldn't be candidates, anyway.

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Opinion: Tax reform could curb ‘inversions

Typically, even if the Republicans propose something, if Obama tries to implement it, then the Republicans are against it.

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Roadwork: Sixth and Iowa streets intersection project progresses

In the second paragraph it says "Lawrence Avenue will be closed again on Monday Aug 18" That should probably be Aug 25. We are not aware of any time travel capabilities being available yet.

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Two dead after car crash west of Tonganoxie

I met the fellow in Oskaloosa who set up barricades around the accident scene and he said that texting was involved. One would think that people would learn with as much publicity as there has been.

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Letter: Party first?

Compromise is the action of both sides giving up some of their demands, not complete capitulation as Scott seems to want.

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Swiss chocolate maker Lindt buys Russell Stover Candies for undisclosed sum

Clark, was one of the children John Sechler Stover? My grandmother grew up not far from there and her sister married John Sechler Stover.

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Where is the farthest you have ever traveled?

Central Europe multiple times or Japan once.

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