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A driver and passenger of a large Chevy truck walk away as the vehicle sits overturned and wedged on

We are very glad that we were not bicycling through the area when this happened. We have a number of times through the years, but fortunately the drivers we met or passed us all seemed to be sober.

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Influx of same-sex marriages boon for wedding businesses

Any business that doesn't want to serve same-sex couples is certainly missing out financially.

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Letter: Lane danger

The gutter is not part of the right lane. The bicyclist definitely does not want to ride in the gutter. He/she needs to be a safe distance to the left of the gutter. Often, whether there is other traffic\, it is unsafe to move to and from the gutter. There can be a lip that will take down a cyclist moving from the lower pavement to the higher pavement. The pavement may be broken up at the point where the lane and the gutter meet, which adds to the problem.

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Letter: Lane danger

You are much safer if you are riding in the street where you will be seen. You should ride at the right hand edge of the right lane. An exception to this is when you need to make a left turn, You move CAREFULLY to the left lane and execute your turn. Another exception to this is the bicycle only lane that you find a few place in town. This is a special marking near the curb. Neither cars nor pedestrians are allowed in this lane.

If you come up to an intersection that has a right turn lane, DO NOT move into that lane unless you are making a right turn. That is asking for a car to hit you as you go straight ahead and the car turns right.

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KU Endowment nearing $60.5 million goal for business school, KU's most expensive privately funded building

Just a nit--Summerfield Hall was in use Fall semester of 1959.

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Lawrence Super 8 owner charged with attempted first-degree murder in wife's stabbing

All of the Patels are from a particular area in India, similarly the Singhs are also from a particular area.

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Man arrested on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder after stabbing at Super 8

The Patels are all going to be from one area in India. It is the same with any Indian name. They will be from a specific area.

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Letter: A poor example

How about using an unbiased source?

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Kansas lawmakers still unable to reach budget agreement

There is a lot of difference between uber and the tax situation. Uber was popular with a lot of legislators. On the other hand, the legislature is very fractured on the tax plans and could not over-ride the veto.

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Brownback urges passage of tax bill and trailer bill

It looks like Brownback will get what he wants if they pass the current Senate bill. Then he will veto the trailer bill. That seems pretty obvious.

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