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Sound Off: Armed guards in school

ok well then THIS as well..Let me see if I get this straight.

20 dead children and 6 dead adults = no need for any armed personnel at school. right?

A couple of ambiguous emails at a news station that publishes personal information on who's a gun owner and who is not while busting numerous privacy issues and putting peoples individual safety aside = emergency requiring multiple armed guards placed at said business?

Takeaway = are journalists/elitist/ any one deemed important obviously more important than kindergartners and teachers? regardless, however , these hypocrites still seem to think that having a gun at the business is in fact now needed for their safety from non gun owners and gun owners alike who were pissed at having their information shared with every potential criminal out there. what example is out there as of now to suggest that having an armed guard at an establishment some how incurs more crime by default? i don't think i've even heard of one.

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