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450 vehicles stopped in weekend saturation patrol by Douglas County Sheriff's Office

That was just from the saturation point. Check how many DUI/OUIs are given in Douglas County. There are a lot!

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Police officer testifies family believed two children, ages 5 and 7, possessed by demons

Alceste-you always seem to comment to articles in such a negative way. I am wondering about your mental health status. You seem filled with hate and the need to put down others.

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More details released about accident that killed Topeka man

the article is talking about whether the DRIVER of the jeep had been drinking not the man who died.

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City allows fake grass at apartments

For example? How about when a building is considered historic and can't be torn down and it "accidently" burns down. Then he gets his apartments built.

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StopGap aids transition from foster care to adulthood

This program isn't teaching them how to receive a hand out. It is designed to prepare them to NOT depend on "the system". Like a bio parent that helps their children learn how to write a resume' or apply for financial aid to go to college, this program is going to be there for those needs.

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Brownback under fire at rally

Where did Jesus say that?

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Bert Nash Dash & Bash set for Saturday afternoon, will shut down 600 block of Massachusetts with free public party

Actually they are fundraising off of the entry fees from the runners.

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Eudora answers protest with ‘No Hate’

I recently found a documentary at the library about the Phelps family-I think it was Fallen from Grace. In it, his son says everyone is waiting for Fred to die but that they will carry on louder and stronger then ever. It was especially disheartening to hear the grandkids talk and realize they have no idea what they are saying but you could certainly pick up on the hate they have been taught. So sad!

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Longtime downtown furniture store set for expansion, move north on Mass. Street

Blue Heron is open in North Lawrence now.

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