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Markieff Morris feels Michael Jordan’s presence at pre-draft camp

Morris nor the author of the article ever indicated that being a basketball player automatically makes you greater than anyone else. Instead they pointed out the unique feeling of being in the presence of someone who is in the discussion for Greatest Of All Time. You could get that feeling in the presence of the greatest accountant, plumber, etc. of all time. I will admit though that this feeling and discussion is brought up in connection with athletes much more often, but that is society's bias.

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Lighting system proposed for Pinckney School tunnel

I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Are you arguing that students will avoid the tunnel unless it is not refurbished with a $600,000 lighting system? No one is saying that the tunnel has to be shut down if $600,000 is not spent. If you are argument is that students will avoid it if it is not improved, that seems more plausible.

Currently it is basically functional, I ride my bike through there a few times a month. If they can't come up with money to fund their project then the city should consider cleaning up and lighting the tunnel, to ensure it is used, but I don't think that will take $600,000.

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Lighting system proposed for Pinckney School tunnel

I don't want to be one those typical curmudgeon posters who are usually on here, but $600,000 just to light the tunnel in a more suitable way? That is pretty steep, even though it sounds like a great idea they have.

Perhaps they can find significant outside funding, but if they city is still on the hook for 20% it still doesn't sound feasible. That is near the total contribution the city is making for the lighted path from KU to downtown, which covers a much larger area and includes, I believe, the cost of redoing several sidewalks.

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No injuries in apartment fire near 13th and Kentucky streets

It was a rental house when my friends live there in 2008. It was also not two stories, just one level with a basement. The fact that it has upper windows is a little deceiving.

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AAU status

The AAU criteria are different from those typical university rankings (US News, Kiplinger, etc). The AAU is focused on research dollars, especially federal ones. NU was suffering because it doesn't have an associated medical school and as a land-grant university, much of its federal research funding comes from appropriated agricultural research dollars which the AAU does not count. KU is obviously not the land-grant institution in Kansas and receives quite a bit in federal grant dollars, especially at the School of Pharmacy, KU Med etc. If KU Med receives NCI designation, that will also bring in lots of new research dollars. Now, that is not to say that KU does not have big problems with their undergraduate programs.

Read in depth here:

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Injury Accident & Duplex Fire Overnight

Sad Lawrencian,

A couple things in reply to your post. First, this feature is operated as a blog, which helps differentiatie it from regular content. Second, it is basically just a list of events that occurred overnight. No interviews, etc are being done, so it seems acceptable that non-journalistic staff carries it out. Finally, Operation 100 kicks ass. He is always on top of scanner traffic, often tweeting it out before other local media services even have a breaking news banner posted.

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Heard on the Hill: Steam whistle goes silent — but just for a little while; Army ROTC cadets place first in national competition; U.S. Air Force general to return to KU

The shorter duration still throws me when walking on campus, so count me as one student who does remember. Was their any reason to compromise on a shorter whistle besides making the administrator who thought of this feel less like a bonehead for trying to eliminate a great tradition? Perhaps the shortened whistle saves fuel costs, but I'd like to see those numbers.

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City of Lawrence asked to get into the glass recycling business

Ripple would be providing would be transport and preparation for recycling. It would take the glass from Lawrence to Kansas City and prepare it for recycling into fiberglass insulation at the Owens Corning plant in KC. Presumably there are not insubstantial costs involved in doing so. The city stands to save on landfill costs and provide a desired service for citizens.

More information:

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Brownback signs order to eliminate the Kansas Arts Commission

You are correct peacemaker, expressed as a percentage this should be .12%. I think the point still stands.

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Brownback signs order to eliminate the Kansas Arts Commission

$600,000/$500,000,000 = 0.0012%. Brownback better have some actual ideas if he really cares about closing that deficit and not just waging cultural/ideological war.

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