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Q&A with Kansas health officer about H1N1

Dear Lawrence,
If you are not in one of the indicated priority groups please do not come to the clinic and try to pass yourself off as a priority group person. You are taking vaccine away from someone who really needs it and the clinic workers are not stupid...they know you are lying.


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What is your impression of The Oread?

It is ugly and way too tall. It blocks the view of campus at certain angles. It sits on the spot of two KU traditions, Yellow Sub and The Crossing. The KU Alum that built it is a traitor.

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Drivers ensure ballot integrity

I must agree with Bunny...we have now told the bad guys just what to look for and how to mess with the ballots. Go Media!!!

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Agency honors county coordinator for safeguarding kids

What a wonderful tribute to John! As a former Child Passenger Safety Coordinator for Kansas I also have to say that John is a great asset to Douglas County.

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Health insurance gaps for young adults addressed

We already have national healthcare, it is called Medicaid and Medicare. Who do you think pays for those systems? The money does not just "poof" out of the blue. I am not suggesting that we copy any of the existing national health care systems because Canada, England and other nations have their own problems, but we might as well go national all the way. The overall cost for healthcare would decrease and we would be better able to care for populations that now fall through the cracks. Dolly and Right_Thinker need to educate before the speak because they sound like fools.

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Brownback aide rebuked for anti-Mormon e-mail

Looks like several people here have some homework to do...

Maroni? Try Moroni
Magic Underwear? Try garments

The Mormon faith is a way of life and not just a religion. This faith is going to seep into everything this man does because that is the way of the church.
The church is one of the largest corporations in the US if you take time to look at all of their holdings. I want to see how heavy they are backing Romney with church funds disguised as private funds from church members and corporations.

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Officials hope to build 'green' Greensburg

greeniewheenieness...that's funny right there, I don't care who ya are!

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Parents react to bomb scare

smot...I agree with your post. I work in a field that allows me to know more about these emergency situations than most parents. I did not take my children out of school today. I did not worry about their safety but I did worry about what they would think because I left them in school when other kids were being removed. I plan to have a discussion with them tonight and explain why I made the decision to do what I did. I think it is sad that so many people live their lives in fear now and their actions are dictated by the intimidation of others.

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Do you think Lawrence would be a good place to retire?

Nope...can't afford to retire here. I am leaving this summer. They have ruined this town.

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Abortion charges again rejected

Phil's legal pursuits bring to mind the many atrocities performed by the Christian church in the name of morality and God. What Phil and others like him seem to forget is that they are not God nor do they speak for God and therefore do not have the right to pass judgement upon anyone, period.

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