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Letter: Socialistic move?

The letter writer is tarring all churches with the same brush and I take exception to that. Social justice and religion do and should go hand and hand because we certainly cannot rely on our government to make lasting commitments to social justice. My faith is tied tightly to social justice actions and it's not a Christian one. Freedom of speech, in life, the pew and the pulpit, is a tenet of my religion. Maybe the letter writer's religion and church stifles her freedoms, but mine does not. Anything that brings people together on an issue to make positive change in the world and build community is a good thing.

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Uber expands service to Lawrence, other Kansas cities

Wow. Brownback actually did something beneficial to both business and consumers. That's a first.

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Letter: Feel safer?

Does this include the courthouse? If so, does that mean the metal detector goes away too? That's an incredibly frightening thought. But, then, I guess, nowhere is really safe. Anyone can illegally conceal a gun and shoot up a school or a store or a church. Just not the courthouse. For now at least.

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Police PAC issues statement against Soden; Board of Realtors PAC gets nearly $15K from national organization; SLT concept plan could create major changes near Clinton Parkway

I for one mostly use both the Clinton Parkway exchange and the Kasold intersection with the trafficway, so I'm not happy with the proposals to close both. Is the country road that continues Kasold on the south side of the traffic way just going to end there? A LOT of people cross over the trafficway at that spot. I do four to six times a week and I'm never, at any hour, the only car doing so. Is it safe? No, the whole trafficway, especially that curve, oh, and making us half drive on a bumpy shoulder now as they never endingly work on the new 15th street (try driving at even the construction zone 55 mph in the rain on that and not end up skidding), not to mention the stupidity of having a traffic light on a 65 mph road, is unsafe.

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Kobach says Kansas attracted most new businesses since 2003

We help people form corporations. Not one has done so for the tax break that I know of. Nor are these corporations hiring people. Mostly they're small business owners and landlords wanting the liability protection afforded by incorporating.

While I'm at it, the Sec. of State's office used to be the most well run bureaucracy in the state. Since Kobach took over, it's gone down hill. What used to be a quick two or three day turn around of documents now takes up to two weeks. The user friendly website was revamped (at who knows what expense) and is now not user friendly.

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Facts, figures and a disturbing statistic about the South Lawrence Trafficway

65 mph, two lanes, a traffic light! And that huge curve no one slows down on safely. I'm not surprised there have been fatalities. It should never have been built with two lanes only and that traffic light.

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Kansas chief justice wants to divert IT funds to operations

The reason revenue has fallen is that because the state government refuses to fully fund the courts, the courts are forced to nickle and dime people. The surcharges (that were supposed to be a one year thing of $5.00 about seven years ago) keep going up (currently $12.50) and now with mandatory efiling in Douglas County (and coming soon to Johnson) there's a charge to pay with either a credit card or from your bank account with no other option. A lot of small businesses don't find it financially feasible to sue over anything under a couple thousand dollars of debt because every attempt to collect through the courts costs that surcharge (plus service by the sheriff at $15.00 a pop). Why throw good money after bad?

Switching to efiling is supposed to save the courts money, but it's not going to work if less and less people actually bring lawsuits because they literally can't afford to be out the debt plus all the growing fees.

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Gas prices fall more than 40 cents since November; Lawrence fuel prices lower than state average

The list of local stations at $2.34 as of Friday afternoon isn't quite accurate. While the Kwik Shop at 19th St. was at that price, the one at Wakarusa was $2.39 when I got gas there late Friday afternoon. Still a wonderful price considering what it was a year ago, but why the differences between two shops owned (I assume) by the same people/company?

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

There's also a historic church building at 11th & New Hampshire that will be facing a parking garage. I'm all for the grocery, but not so sure about another parking garage.

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

I don't understand why dedicated parking is needed when there's a parking garage going in right behind the store. Have an entrance the garage on the alley side; have dedicated free parking in there. Problem solved.

Other than that, it's a good idea; about time there was a grocery again anywhere near the northeast side of town.

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