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Governor backs Kansas high court justices' ouster

I always vote against judges to keep them on their toes (they never lose) but this just ensured I'll vote for these two.

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Editorial: Traffic flow

I highly doubt the 23rd & Iowa project will be done in nine days. I drive through at least twice daily and it's got a lot of work left to be done especially on the 23rd St./Clinton Pkwy portions.

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Royals beat Giants 7-2, even World Series 1-1

Now that's the style of baseball they played in their amazing August run and the first eight games of the playoffs!

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Kansas, two other states deny gay marriage despite appellate rulings

Misleading headline. My first assumption was the court had made its decision already and upheld the ban!

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Retiring Republican official Praeger breaks with party in big Kansas races

Good for her. I've always supported her and thought she did a great job as Ins. Commissioner.

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Ex-Kansas Gov. Graves endorses US Sen. Roberts

Very disappointing. I actually voted for him against Joan Finney for governor because he was a moderate and pro-education.

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WOW to double Internet speeds in Lawrence by January

I really hope that "everywhere" means everywhere their service is available as my parents have WOW internet in the county and they can't stream anything, not even a video. It's ridiculously slow to download anything, like hours whereas in town, it's a minute.

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New ownership, name change in store for Douglas County Bank

Ditto, for nearly thirty years. I liked having a locally owned bank.

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Local agencies want to make it easier for kids to walk or bike to school

Since they removed the school bus from my neighborhood (when they upped the distance required for a bus) there IS no safe route for kids to get to Schwegler from Prairie Meadows. Not only do they have to cross both Clinton Pkwy/23rd Street and Iowa, they have the construction to deal with and the only crossing guard on the route is at 23rd and Ousdahl. No wonder parents pay for a private bus. Yes, it's not that far a distance but that should not be the main criteria. The amount of traffic, the wide (now wider) roads for kids to cross, make it dangerous for them to walk or ride bikes to get to school. It would be wonderful for kids to be able to safely walk or ride to school but, as it is, it's not always feasible.

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Kansas Supreme Court orders state to remove Taylor from Senate ballot

Yep, definitely. As a life long Democrat I have no problem with any of this and in response to Mr. Bliss in the article, I do not feel at all disenfranchised by my primary vote no longer mattering.

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