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Letter: Traffic trap?

People have been cutting through that parking lot for years, long before the mess at 23rd and Louisiana. While this person may have legitimately decided not to shop after all, the cop couldn't know that. I for one, who sits at the turn light a lot, am glad the cops are finally ticketing.

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Email outage raises questions for users

My issue with it really isn't that it went down, it's that WOW (and Knology) has never updated the Sunflower security certificates. This doesn't matter for the WOW webmail but first I couldn't use Eudora, then I couldn't use Livemail or Outlook Express and now I'm having to use the webmail as my only option. My fear is that it'll stop working on my phone for the same reason. The security certificates lapsed shortly after the sale of Sunflower to Knology. How many years ago was that!? I have a gmail account; I have my own domain so have several other email accounts through it but I love my sunflower user name and the sunflower itself. I don't want to have to give it up, but I came very close with this outage and hearing NOTHING from the company about it--I emailed them, no response. This article is the first WOW has even acknowledged the issue as far a I know.

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New pastry shop and bakery opens near Sixth and Wakarusa in West Lawrence

It looked pretty empty when I drove by this morning.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Originally I had no issue with using my real name, but after reading comments about threats and harassment, I now have to agree that is a bad idea. But not as bad a forcing people to use a platform (Facebook) they may not wish to use. I have no desire to use Facebook due to many issues including their problems with privacy. And, yes, I could set up a fake account and/or keep it entirely private, but that still gives Facebook a legitimacy I don't wish to give them, as well as a new, if perhaps fake, customer.

I sent an email to the JW along these lines, stating I was glad I'd stopped paying for the paper edition. As soon as starting forcing people to use Facebook in order to comment, I cancelled my subscription to Insider, a pay service. I will not give any company money that forces its customers to use a specific online platform to comment.

If the JW wants me to provide them with my real name and contact information linked to my user name, I have no issue with that. There are reasons to be anonymous, and it makes a lot more sense to me to have the JW be able to link a username to a real person and then deal with any harassing or verbally abusive comments, then give people no other option but to sign up for Facebook and use their real names to post.

From the number of unhappy comments, I won't be the only person no longer posting here. I'm guessing Facebook is in some of kind of financial relationship now with the JW just as Google paid to ask us stupid questions--but at least the latter doesn't have our personal information.

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Heavy thunderstorms cut power to many in Douglas County

I've never had to reboot my DVR after an EBS alert; I did have to hit play again on the recorded show I was watching and later the show I was recording stopped and restarted but I didn't miss any of it. And, as Kernal said, WOW has nothing to do with EBS alerts, though using them for weather seems a bit much. Should be reserved for the zombie apocalypse.

Anyway I'm thinking I got very lucky, especially after seeing all the tree branches down along Mass. I live about five blocks west of 23rd and Iowa and I had about five minutes of high winds and rain that browned out my power (and rebooted the darn DVR), but then it was just steady rain the rest of the evening and no wind. Very localized storms here I guess.

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Editorial: Distracting signs

I totally agree. It's distracting only if you, the motorist, allow it to be. Other distractions could be people walking, loud engines revving, bicyclists, birds flying in front of your car. Anything can be a distraction.

I do think that these type of signs should be in front of the business. I've seen some over a mile away from the business in question.

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For tenants and landlords, knowledge is power

He doesn't even own this property anymore. It and several were foreclosed on a couple years ago. Just not a good landlord all around.

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For tenants and landlords, knowledge is power

Wow, you interviewed one of the worst landlords in town and just believed him. Maybe you should have talked to some of his former tenants to get the real story.

There are many, many decent landlords in this town, who fix problems quickly, are attentive and responsive to their tenants, and follow the law. Unfortunately the few bad ones make them all look bad and are the reason we'll have this new inspection process which is going to be a cost burden on all of us.

Learn the law, what your rights are as both landlord and tenant, and the procedures to deal with problems. Kudos to the person who actually sought legal advice and the 14/30 process rather than just not pay rent or move out without notice, both of which are violations of rental contracts.

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Sheriff's Office making 'Drug Take-Back Day' a year-round program

Well, that's wonderfully convenient as I go there at least twice a week for work and have several no longer taken prescriptions laying around! Thanks Sheriff.

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