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Gas prices fall more than 40 cents since November; Lawrence fuel prices lower than state average

The list of local stations at $2.34 as of Friday afternoon isn't quite accurate. While the Kwik Shop at 19th St. was at that price, the one at Wakarusa was $2.39 when I got gas there late Friday afternoon. Still a wonderful price considering what it was a year ago, but why the differences between two shops owned (I assume) by the same people/company?

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

There's also a historic church building at 11th & New Hampshire that will be facing a parking garage. I'm all for the grocery, but not so sure about another parking garage.

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

I don't understand why dedicated parking is needed when there's a parking garage going in right behind the store. Have an entrance the garage on the alley side; have dedicated free parking in there. Problem solved.

Other than that, it's a good idea; about time there was a grocery again anywhere near the northeast side of town.

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City to consider roundabout for portion of Kasold Drive; city wins big grants for trail projects

I have no problems with roundabouts themselves but then I've driven in Europe for decades, but they only work if people know how to use them. The only roundabout that existed in Lawrence when I learned to drive was the one on campus (which is not a proper roundabout as you are to stop when you are in it) so I was never taught. Also, we spend way too much money making the "pretty". Some of the ones we have now would be yellow circular bumps in the road in Europe. Instead we have ones with brick and plantings and pretty lights. They should be functional and that's all.

Finally, Mr. Lawhorn, you are supposed to signal your intentions when entering or exiting a roundabout, at least in Europe.

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Shelter in Kansas City won't house gay couples

As a private nonprofit, they can certainly decide who to help and who to deny help to, just like as a private citizen I can decide where my money goes. It will not be going to City Union, that's for sure.

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Lawrence officials: Construction at 23rd and Iowa nearing an end, work continues on Wakarusa roundabout

As someone who drives through 23rd and Iowa daily from home to work and back, I'm still baffled by this idea that shorter (extremely shorter) right turn lanes will cut down on accidents. I guess eventually if they ever finish (at least this morning, unlike on Saturday, Clinton Parkway east was open) we'll see.

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Flyover by military jet makes some noise in Lawrence

It was very loud and I work in a basement downtown. I was at the KU football game last Saturday and the five jets together weren't that loud.

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Voter privacy concerns raised again

My only problem with this is the errors. I got a letter last week (not a postcard) that said I had only voted in two of the last four general elections. This is wrong. I've never missed a general election; I've voted in Lawrence for the last thirty years (since I was old enough to vote) and I've lived at the same address for twelve years. I don't know where they're getting their information, but I was annoyed. The only thing I can think of is that while my address didn't change, my polling site did a few years ago.

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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

Thank you for pointing that out much more eloquently than I could.

A lot of our modern Christmas traditions stem from pagan traditions as well. There's a reason Jesus' birthday was stuck in the middle of the Winter Solstice celebrations.

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Kansas GOP plans network of lawyers watching election

I have been registered to vote in Douglas County since 1983 with the same name I was born with. Except for two years I lived at a different address, I have voted from the address I live at now and have concurrently for over twelve years at two different polling places only because about five years ago they moved my neighborhood to a new polling place. I will grudgingly show my picture ID, new last year. I don't even know where my birth certificate is, but I was born at LMH, which I believe is in the United States, and my voter registration from thirty years ago is probably in some old wallet somewhere. Anyone who tries to prevent me from voting or tries to purge my vote will find I am not as meek and mild-mannered as I appear.

As for the claim that Democrats use underhanded methods (and then laying out the ones they think we use) I have to laugh. At the recent primary, the person taking my name was someone I'd known for thirty years. She still asked to see a picture ID and followed all procedures correctly. And, yes, she's a Democrat. I think Mr. Barker has confused Kansas with Chicago of decades past...(or Tamany Hall or something from another era).

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