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Editorial: Distracting signs

I totally agree. It's distracting only if you, the motorist, allow it to be. Other distractions could be people walking, loud engines revving, bicyclists, birds flying in front of your car. Anything can be a distraction.

I do think that these type of signs should be in front of the business. I've seen some over a mile away from the business in question.

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For tenants and landlords, knowledge is power

He doesn't even own this property anymore. It and several were foreclosed on a couple years ago. Just not a good landlord all around.

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For tenants and landlords, knowledge is power

Wow, you interviewed one of the worst landlords in town and just believed him. Maybe you should have talked to some of his former tenants to get the real story.

There are many, many decent landlords in this town, who fix problems quickly, are attentive and responsive to their tenants, and follow the law. Unfortunately the few bad ones make them all look bad and are the reason we'll have this new inspection process which is going to be a cost burden on all of us.

Learn the law, what your rights are as both landlord and tenant, and the procedures to deal with problems. Kudos to the person who actually sought legal advice and the 14/30 process rather than just not pay rent or move out without notice, both of which are violations of rental contracts.

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Sheriff's Office making 'Drug Take-Back Day' a year-round program

Well, that's wonderfully convenient as I go there at least twice a week for work and have several no longer taken prescriptions laying around! Thanks Sheriff.

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Lawrence trash schedule not affected by July Fourth holiday

So, basically to avoid the stupid questions, the first story I should click on that day is one I have no interest in reading.

I'm guessing there is actually Thursday trash pick up for some baffling reason.

I suppose it was too much to expect that we would forever have free, unhindered access on this site. It was really nice--most news sites make you "join" or even pay.

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Letter: Precious vote

Renting a car, going to see the First Lady speak are not rights, they are privileges. Voting is a right. Until every citizen of this country is given a FREE photo ID and FREE copy of their birth certificate, I will be against what is, in effect, a poll tax. I wouldn't consider this a racial issue--there are plenty of poor white people who can't afford these IDs or have free way to obtain them--it's a human issue.

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Regents want to restore higher ed funding cuts

Never heard of being well-rounded? Big business often looks to hire people with liberal arts degrees over business degrees because they want people who can see outside of the business box to the world at large. You learn to think differently and critically with an English degree or History degree etc. My brother was hired by a multi-national accounting firm because he had a degree in History over Business and has worked his way up to partner. He's not the only one by far.

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Douglas County to consider temporary exemption from concealed-carry law

The Judicial and Law Enforcement building has only one public access point and it has a metal detector so how come concealed weapons will now be allowed inside?

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Weekday graduations get mixed reviews from parents and families

High school graduation in Lawrence on a weeknight is not a new thing. I graduated from LHS as did my brother four years later, on weeknights. Mine was a Tuesday, the day after the last day for seniors. I don't remember any complaints from any of my friends, both graduating and not, about people not being able to attend. At least I graduated in the stadium so there were no limits on number of guests. Due to rain my brother graduated in Allen Fieldhouse and each student only got four tickets.

Really, if you care that your kid has managed to graduate, find a way to take the evening off work. Save a vacation day. Grandparents etc., use your vacation to visit your family and celebrate the success.

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