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Plan to cut Medicaid drug costs in Kansas draws criticism

Apparently according to our wonderful state government, if you're poor, you don't deserve the best treatment possible until the lesser ones fail. That is, if you survive.

So godly of them.

Until I got prescription insurance (under the "dreaded" Affordable Care Act) I had to go on older drugs and avoid the new and quite possibly better ones because I couldn't afford them for the two chronic diseases I have. I was lucky in that my diseases didn't worsen, but I didn't improve all that much either. Since getting the insurance I've been able to afford the newer drugs and I believe my health has improved and my doctor was very happy to put me on them and is pleased with the progress as well. Everyone deserves the best possible medical care regardless if they can afford it or not.

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Sexting not uncommon among teens in Douglas County, DA says, but consequences differ on case-by-case basis

Is it illegal for consensual sexting between two sixteen year olds in Kansas? Because they can have actual sex!

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Letter: Roundabouts

What you are really talking about (and what you are always really talking about in every comment you make about roundabouts) is inattentive driving. Roundabouts are not to blame for that any more than stop signs or road diets or anything. If drivers are distracted so much, they shouldn't be driving.

Roundabouts work. We Americans are simply not taught how to drive them properly. Our driver's ed is pathetic compared to that offered in other countries. My best friend learned to drive here; she spent a year relearning and practicing with a private instructor in order to get a driver's license in the UK after twenty years of driving experience. The standards are so much higher and they are taught to drive in every kind of roundabout, from those that are just painted circles on the road, to five lane wide ones with stoplights!

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City board to hear proposal on restricting plastic bags in Lawrence

Instead of an outright ban, why doesn't the government go England's route and charge for plastic bags. As of October 1 you have to pay 5p for every plastic bag a store gives you. That way the government makes a bit of money instead of just ticking everyone off. Also they don't completely irritate tourists who don't know about the law and buy a pile of stuff and suddenly have nothing to carry the pile in. So far I've only seen grocery bags talked about in Kansas but how far from that is all plastic bags from all stores? Yeah, some stores provide paper bags, but a lot don't. So, make money on the plastic bags, don't just ban them outright. If someone is spending $50 on a pair of shoes, they probably won't mind paying 10 cents for a plastic bag to carry them in.

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Letter: Kasold safety

I have no problem with the roundabout in general. I have a problem with the ridiculously designed ones with trees and planting and brick and faux gas looking lamps that we spend money on. Half the roundabouts in Lawrence would be yellow circular bumps in England. Ours are very difficult to see around and way too expensive. It's hard enough to see cars coming in from the other entrances; I'd be very worried about walking across one of the entrances.

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Letter: Kasold savings

I've read this same argument over and over again from you. Roundabouts aren't dangerous. Drivers are dangerous! Maybe we need more extensive driving lessons in this country, including how to properly negotiate a roundabout. I hope that today's youth are being taught. Heck, I see people failing to figure out a four way stop all the time, too, and running red lights. Drivers who don't drive attentively are the problem regardless of the form the road and stops/yields are in. Stop blaming roundabouts. They work perfectly well everywhere in Europe where everyone is taught to drive them properly.

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Davis rejects GOP call to step aside from voting rights case

Precisely. Until every state gives away free birth certificates (and in a very timely fashion after the request), this is forcing people to pay to be allowed the constitutional right to vote. I'm just surprised Kobach hasn't made it retroactive so that everyone has to provide a birth certificate. I was born in Kansas, have always lived here, and have no idea where my birth certificate is, if my parents have it or if I'd have to get a new one.

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Kansas courts start project to centralize electronic filing

If they make Johnson County use the same system as we do here, I'll jump for joy. They're the only county with mandatory efiling that uses their own system. The real problem is going to be getting the smaller district courts to institute it. It took Douglas County three(?) years as a test case to get most of the bugs out (and there are still a few things that are impossible to efile like original Wills). I don't see the State giving enough money to get this set up and working statewide.

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New multimillion dollar medical building set for west Lawrence; future of Clinton Parkway interchange may spark a battle

Y'know, they should have built the darn thing as four lanes to begin with. I have no need to use the Clinton Pkwy exit/entrance to go to the lake; I do use it all the time as I LIVE off of Clinton Pkwy. I also use the Kasold/1200 Road crossing seven or eight times a week at least in order to go south and avoid the million stop lights on Iowa or to enter the trafficway to go west. The only change I agree with that they're proposing is the stupid stoplight at Wakarusa. No 65 mph road should have a stoplight!

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Kansas lawmakers' judicial policy is unconstitutional, judge rules; attorney general says courts could lose funding

That's exactly what will happen and one more black eye to Kansas. There's this little thing called "due process" and a "speedy right to trial". So, if the courts shut down, does that mean the police stop arresting people since they can't be arraigned etc? Yeah, no, the Feds will put a quick halt to that idiocy, as well they should.

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