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Kansas lawmakers' judicial policy is unconstitutional, judge rules; attorney general says courts could lose funding

That's exactly what will happen and one more black eye to Kansas. There's this little thing called "due process" and a "speedy right to trial". So, if the courts shut down, does that mean the police stop arresting people since they can't be arraigned etc? Yeah, no, the Feds will put a quick halt to that idiocy, as well they should.

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City: Former mayor used government credit card for personal expenses, claiming his own cards had been 'compromised'

To be fair, they now have valet parking at KCI because the parking garage at terminal B seems to be perpetually full. I was lucky to find a place on top last week. I assume this is because terminal A seems to be closed.

But, he still could have parked at one of the outer lots and taken a bus. I was just picking someone up.

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Letter: On guard

I know that if I'd been planning to shop in that shopping center that day and had seen two armed men not wearing military or police uniforms, I'd have driven right past and taken my business elsewhere. This was a knee jerk reaction to an act of terrorism. We have trained professionals to handle this kind of violence. While I'm sure there are many responsible, trained gun owners out there, these two men could have had absolutely no training thanks to our new laws. Anyone could buy a gun and wave it around with absolutely no training and shoot themselves in the foot (or someone else). That scares me to death.

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What's the most frustrating road construction project in Lawrence right now?

Well, today it's Crestline which SAYS it's one lane between 15th and Orchard but in actuality it's shut down, yet there's no sign telling you this except for a hand painted board NOT at the 15th and Cresltine intersection where it would make sense, but half way up the hill where the construction starts. Yeah, helpful making everyone turn around in a parking lot.

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Kansas ban on profiting from fetal tissue sales in spotlight

Hey, if one governor out of fifty does something illegal or wrong, can we launch an investigation against our own in case he did it too?

Another waste of taxpayer money which we clearly don't have to begin with.

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State reviewing safety measures for Kansas National Guard facilities in response to Chattanooga shootings

All I know is that if I'd been planning to shop in that shopping center and saw two men not in uniform carrying those scary looking guns, I'd have kept driving. I wonder how much the other shops and restaurants lost monetarily that day.

Arming the military is one thing, but those two could have been anyone and anyone can make a sign. Yes, it's perfectly legal; I simply completely disagree that it should be.

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Bankruptcies for July 20

Working for an attorney in the collection business, I find this a very helpful tool. It's all public record but it's useful to have one list a week or so to refer to.

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Despite ruling, gay couples in Kansas still battling for recognition

"It takes a long time to analyze and review the ruling and then make any policy changes."

Yeah, well it took no time at all for KPERs to make its policy changes and do the right thing. Despite the potential cost to taxpayers, including me, I hope that if the state government continues to drag its obstinate feet, there are several lawsuits filed. If you work for a government agency, you work for the people, ALL the people. If you want to then discriminate against someone and refuse to do your job because of your religion, get a job in the private sector.

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All counties in Kansas allowing same-sex marriage licenses, but state not yet allowing name changes, joint tax returns

Do heterosexual married couples get to change their names, be put on their spouses healthcare and benefits? Yes, of course, so stop throwing lame obstacles in the way Brownback!

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Sight of gun at Lawrence Taco Bell spooked someone Monday night, but officers determine no crime occurred

Nope, I will freak out at the sight of a gun and call the cops. I'd rather err on the side of caution, thank you very much.

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