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Lawrence public works placing barricades to keep cut-through traffic out of Schwegler Neighborhood

Anytime there's major road work on an intersection (23rd and Iowa a couple years ago, 27th and Iowa right now) people cut through neighborhoods to avoid it. It's the nature of the beast. Maybe temporary stop signs like they put up along 27th is better than just blocking off a neighborhood. If they do block it off, they should do it for every neighborhood impacted by road work. Lawrence Ave. became a major throughway during the seemingly endless mucking of 23rd and Iowa (and now 27th and Iowa) and people still cut through a lot more than before the construction because they got used to it.

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Ten of 14 local restaurants owing back wages have settled their debts; four remaining still owe more than $90,000

The article stated that the four who haven't paid are the ones that set up payment plans. The other ten have paid.

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Senator seeks to end daylight saving time in Kansas

And this is what's important in this State???

Half of my clocks change automatically anyway; how would that work? When I click on the timezone setting on my computer and phone, it usually says something like "US Central", nothing about Kansas. Will those devices change anyway? Also, we live 45 minutes from Missouri; this would be a nightmare for people working or doing anything in KCMO.

Fix the budget, the schools, ANYTHING actually important, then mess around with inconsequential things like this.

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Editorial: Campaign stop

Just to be nitpicky, not every Douglas County resident caucuses in either Lawrence or Eudora; I know some who live West of town who have to go to Topeka.

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Black Lives Matter founder challenges KU students to become involved

Wow. Just wow.

Not to the article or Ms. Tometi's comments, but to the commentors to the article. And people don't think there's a problem with racial justice and racism in this country. And they also say Lawrence is liberal!

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Contaminated recycling: Noncompliance in Lawrence system creating trash

Yeah, I didn't know about the pill bottle issue. They're plastic! Are they afraid of residue or something inside them? They're also NOT on the non-accepted list.

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Sporting events, high-risk facilities mentioned as likely locations for prohibiting guns at KU; fans may have to go through metal detectors at Jayhawk games

Do they realize how long it takes for a crowd of 16000 to go through metal detectors? If you don't beep, fine, but every person with a belt or lots of jewelry is going to have to be pulled aside and hand scanned. Hell, bra hooks can set them off. Are they going to xray bags because how many people have keys, cell phones, coin purses that are going to beep? Pretty much every one! They'll also have to train people to use hand scanners etc. Your basic ticket taker isn't going to know how to do that.

Yes, guns have no place whatsoever at a game, but the logistics of doing this are going to be a nightmare. Unfortunately, there's probably no other solution since guns are allowed pretty much everywhere in Kansas.

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Kansas legislators consider testimony on sexting bill

The age of consent in Kansas is 16. So, at 16, you can legally have sex with anyone 16 and old, but can't send a picture of yourself naked to another 16 year old until you're both 19? And what's up with the 19? Are people really still considered "children" until they're 19 now? I've never understood the randomness of what age you're considered an adult. 18 to vote and buy cigarettes and fight in the military but 21 to drink, and the age of consent is all over the place in this country.

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Plan to cut Medicaid drug costs in Kansas draws criticism

Apparently according to our wonderful state government, if you're poor, you don't deserve the best treatment possible until the lesser ones fail. That is, if you survive.

So godly of them.

Until I got prescription insurance (under the "dreaded" Affordable Care Act) I had to go on older drugs and avoid the new and quite possibly better ones because I couldn't afford them for the two chronic diseases I have. I was lucky in that my diseases didn't worsen, but I didn't improve all that much either. Since getting the insurance I've been able to afford the newer drugs and I believe my health has improved and my doctor was very happy to put me on them and is pleased with the progress as well. Everyone deserves the best possible medical care regardless if they can afford it or not.

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Sexting not uncommon among teens in Douglas County, DA says, but consequences differ on case-by-case basis

Is it illegal for consensual sexting between two sixteen year olds in Kansas? Because they can have actual sex!

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