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Bicycle group latest to raise access concerns about K-10/Kasold Drive intersection

What I don't get is that bicycles want a safe crossing and are stating that if one isn't provided, they'll continue to cross yet cars won't be allowed to cross unless they want to hit the collapsible barriers (which a bicycle will be able to go between, I assume). Yeah, that makes sense.

Okay, then I want a safe crossing for my car as I currently use the Kasold/K10 crossing several times a week to avoid the five stoplights using Iowa St. would take (and they're adding two more as it becomes Highway 59!).

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About 15,000 Douglas County voters to have new polling places

This comment makes no sense. So what if the building isn't open usually during the day. On voting day, the doors will be open during the requisite hours. There's plenty of parking.

Also, you could have voted over the last couple of weeks at a different location--the courthouse.

Sounds like you have a beef against the theatre.

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Grocery store adding full-service restaurant, bar; state fares poorly in income report, but Lawrence shows some positive signs

So, you'll be able to buy a mixed drink at the grocery story but not the alcohol to make your own mixed drink. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

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Where to check out Fourth of July fireworks displays in Douglas County

I remember neighborhood parades of kids with decorated bikes etc., kids setting off smoke bombs and firecrackers during the day, and every other house with a firework display at night. Parties and cookouts and lots of fun. Hardly anyone I knew went to the town fireworks once they moved out of Memorial Stadium; we all had fun at home with the neighbors and friends. We also cleaned up after ourselves.

Now the same neighborhood is quiet like any other day and I go out to my parents' in the country for fireworks and cookouts. At least they haven't banned them there...yet.

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Kansas denies firing clerk not attending office Bible study

Good question. If not, then our tax dollars are paying for not only the space but the use of utilities for a religious service and I object to that.

Churches often rent out space in schools, but they pay for it. I'm guessing this group pay zero.

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July brings new law allowing Kansas public employees to carry concealed weapons

No person will be allowed entry into my home if they're carrying a gun unless they are a trained police officer or sheriff's deputy. If people aren't required to have any training or gun safety courses, nope, never happening. I'll refuse entry to any government official or public employee (except the aforementioned police officer or sheriff deputy) just in case and they can arrest me or fine or whatever for refusing. Luckily I own my own home and am not subject to the rental inspections. We all deserve to feel secure and safe in our homes and for me that means no guns.

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Pentagon ends ban on transgender troops in military

You know, the same crap was said about women and then gays (and, y'know, black people who weren't allowed to serve in combat in WWII but could do all the grunt work like cleaning latrines and washing dishes). So nice to know that so much as changed in the US (that was sarcasm, by the way, for those too ignorant to recognize it.)

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Multimillion-dollar Bob Billings Parkway traffic-control project starts this week

Nope, my neighborhood had a special fee charged to every property owner in the mid 1970s for sidewalks on one side of the street. The city may have paid part of it, but the owners paid as well, whether they had a sidewalk installed in front of their house or not. Oh how I wish we weren't on the side with the sidewalk.

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Kansas Legislature passes school finance bill; Brownback says he will sign it

Applause to the five Republican Senators (and all the Democrats, but no surprise there) who voted against the constitutional amendment. I assume they realized that hamstringing one of the three branches of government is a bad idea.

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Tough budget decisions lie ahead, city manager warns

The reason drivers can't see is that the city spends way to much on "beautifying" the roundabouts with plants and brickwork and faux gas lamps. In England, most of our roundabouts would be a yellow painted circular bump on the road or, at most, a raised curbed circle with no embellishments. Would save a lot of money.

Also, they're not hard to navigate if people are taught how to drive in them which includes properly using turn signals. I really hope Driver's Ed instructors are teaching people how to drive in them.

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