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Letter to the editor: Voter profile

Considering that our so-called conservative president and conservative elected officials are cutting regulations that guard half of what you state you want, want to privatize (and therefore greatly hamper) the VA, and want to get rid of social security and medicare, you're not a conservative. So maybe this is a joke?

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Letter to the editor: Stop the waste

The waste isn't for roundabouts themselves; I'm all for roundabouts, though I hope new drivers are being taught how to use them properly and you really should signal when you're exiting. However, we spend way too much money on making them "pretty". Brick and plantings and faux gas lamps are a ridiculous waste of money. I've said many times that most of our fancy roundabouts would be a yellow painted circular hump in Europe for the amount of traffic they have. And the high plantings make it hard to see if someone is actually entering from the other side.

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Letter to the editor: Not in workplace

I've never been to an NFL game in my life. I'm more likely to do so now simply to support the players protesting than just to go to be entertained. As long as their employers allow them to do this, they have that right. Those offended by someone exercising their most basic right can stop attending, watching, purchasing. I'm sure there are fans happy to buy those tickets. I might be one of them.

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Several LHS marching band members take the knee during national anthem at football game

As an LHS alumna I'm proud of these kids just as I was of those who protested against the harassment of transgendered people. It's heartwarming to know that some of our young people are growing up knowing that peaceful protest is a way to change the world. They are not snowflakes. They are not cowards. They understand that there is inequality that needs to be fought. And kudos to our school district for not punishing them for exercising their most basic right.

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As football season approaches, a reminder on KU Athletics' new security policies

So, I guess babies aren't welcome anymore at games. Try getting everything a baby needs for three or more hours in a ziploc baggie or a clutch purse.

Real welcoming there to families.

I suggest getting there several hours early because every belt, every metal watch, hell even bra hooks sometimes are going to beep through metal detectors and the lines are going to be long when they have to wand everyone. Very sad we've come to this to go watch a sporting event that should be fun.

Me, I won't be going. Why deal with the hassle and having to dig out a tiny purse and stand in the cold for hours when I can curl up on my couch and watch it in HD?

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Combative Trump insists anew: Blame both sides for violence

Not reported here is that he also said there were good people on both sides.

No, wrong, there are NO good Nazis, Neo-Nazis, White Supremists and Fascists.

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Kansas unveils new 'Real ID' driver's licenses, 3 years early

Well, I guess I better hope my new passport arrives before I have to renew my DL in September since I have no clue where my social security card is and only half a clue where my birth certificate is, because I do fly and don't really want to drag my passport out just to fly to Chicago. What happens to those people who want to get on a plane in 2020 who just got new drivers licenses three months ago? Is the government going to pay for new ones for millions of people?

Yeah, right.

I know many people who fly domestically that don't have passports because they never go overseas and it's much more expensive than a regular ID. Guess they'll be out of luck in 2020 if all they have is an old drivers license.

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GOP blame-game begins after Senate sinks health care drive

I'm one (and I got to keep my doctor, too). I had only catastrophic insurance before the ACA and was going broke on prescription costs and paying full amounts for doctors' visits for three pre-existing conditions because I couldn't afford a better policy without the tax break ACA gives me. While my premiums under ACA did jump this year, I blame that on the instability of the market caused by the Republicans' 'repeal and replace' rhetoric. My coverage is still a damn sight better than it was before. And I know a lot of other people who are relieved this morning.

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Cautious Kansas Sen. Moran steps into health law spotlight

I do give him credit for being on of the very few Republicans who had the courage to hold town hall meetings and talk to voters over the recent holiday break. That also put Paxico on the national map and had pundits talking about Kansas politics positively for the first time in a while.

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'Let Obamacare fail,' Trump says after GOP plan collapses

There's a very simple reason why Republican senators who over the last several years have voted to repeal and not replace the ACA, now are hedging and outright saying no. Because, before this year, they knew they would never have the votes to overturn President Obama's inevitable veto, so it made them look strong. See what we tried to do only to be stopped by the evil Democrat? Vote for us because we tried.

Now that repeal without replacing could actually become law, they're being honest--at last--and saying no, because doing so would hurt millions of people, some who vote for them. They're finally admitting that taking away something that even Republican voters have become used to having is a bad thing. That's why you see angry voters in red states confronting their congresspeople about this issue. They don't want to return to struggling to afford to heal their sick children or help their dying parents.

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