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Old church with new name to build multimillion dollar project in southwest Lawrence

I use both Google Chrome and Firefox. I get popups and redirects with both. It's very annoying. I'm using Chrome right now and, sure enough, an ad opened in a second window when I clicked on this article.

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WOW internet service being restored after 4-plus-hour outage

I've had tv all day but Internet is down. Figured it was my obsolete modem. Glad to know it's not just me but I hope they get it fixed soon. Typing on my phone is a pain.

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Editorial: Extra safe K-10

I'm just amused by the "assumption" that the reason people are trying to cross K10 or turn left is ignorance of the change (or maybe they can't read?). The signs and poles already there are quite obviously directing you to turn right only What this is, is KDOT using that excuse, ignorance, to justify the mess to begin with. More signs aren't going to do squat. Ticked off people are still going to try to cross and turn left if they think they can get away with it.

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Discussion of more signs for Kasold-SLT intersection on tap; thoughts of a Crossgate Drive interchange for the SLT

How about a frickin' interchange at Kasold which is already extended to K10 and forget about Crossgate which isn't! Sheesh!

Oh, and if people are going to ignore the poles blocking left turns and the straight across, does anyone really think some more signs are going to matter?

While it's dangerous during the day, at 9:05 last night when I turned right off Kasold onto K10 there was one car way far east and one car way far west. I could have easily crossed or turned left. There was very little traffic on K10 until the Clinton Pkwy interchange and that was game traffic.

They should never have built this as two lanes with a stoplight and at level crossings! Now they're stuck with no money to do anything. Yet they spent I don't know how much for the 15th street interchange and I hardly ever see anyone using it. However, before they mucked with Kasold, it was rare to see less than seven or eight cars crossing over or turning left or right at any time during the day and often at night, too. And I used it a lot to avoid the many many stoplights on both Iowa and Clinton Parkway to go both south and west of town.

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Judge revives Kansas voting citizenship case, sets aside judgment against Kobach

Not surprising. It happens all the time. In fact, in the 20 plus years I've worked in the legal field, with my boss filing several thousand defaults in that time, I've never seen a default judgment upheld when the defendant files a late answer. It doesn't look good on Kobach's part that he did so, though.

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Bicycle group latest to raise access concerns about K-10/Kasold Drive intersection

What I don't get is that bicycles want a safe crossing and are stating that if one isn't provided, they'll continue to cross yet cars won't be allowed to cross unless they want to hit the collapsible barriers (which a bicycle will be able to go between, I assume). Yeah, that makes sense.

Okay, then I want a safe crossing for my car as I currently use the Kasold/K10 crossing several times a week to avoid the five stoplights using Iowa St. would take (and they're adding two more as it becomes Highway 59!).

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About 15,000 Douglas County voters to have new polling places

This comment makes no sense. So what if the building isn't open usually during the day. On voting day, the doors will be open during the requisite hours. There's plenty of parking.

Also, you could have voted over the last couple of weeks at a different location--the courthouse.

Sounds like you have a beef against the theatre.

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Grocery store adding full-service restaurant, bar; state fares poorly in income report, but Lawrence shows some positive signs

So, you'll be able to buy a mixed drink at the grocery story but not the alcohol to make your own mixed drink. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

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Where to check out Fourth of July fireworks displays in Douglas County

I remember neighborhood parades of kids with decorated bikes etc., kids setting off smoke bombs and firecrackers during the day, and every other house with a firework display at night. Parties and cookouts and lots of fun. Hardly anyone I knew went to the town fireworks once they moved out of Memorial Stadium; we all had fun at home with the neighbors and friends. We also cleaned up after ourselves.

Now the same neighborhood is quiet like any other day and I go out to my parents' in the country for fireworks and cookouts. At least they haven't banned them there...yet.

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Kansas denies firing clerk not attending office Bible study

Good question. If not, then our tax dollars are paying for not only the space but the use of utilities for a religious service and I object to that.

Churches often rent out space in schools, but they pay for it. I'm guessing this group pay zero.

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