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Home of their own: Lawrence teens build confidence amid rehearsing theater production

I have long wished Lawrence had theater in the park, and doing it with the youth is a great idea! Bravo. I hope to attend!

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Lawrence, home of the hedgehog

Watched Judson at the city commission meeting and he was awesome. If the meeting's video is still archived, I recommend it be watched by all persons who rail against city hall etc. Judson showed how to get things done, with poise and dignity. He was organized, articulate, and polite. Great story, great people. Nice to see some positive news once in awhile! I just hope they all enjoy this attention, and then go back to being good happy normal folks with an unusual animal in their midst! LOL.

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Severe weather passes

Looking outside at the trees and deck, etc., there is ice on everything. Neighbors ever green trees are bent in half. Can't tell for sure, but it doesn't look like the roads are icy. Any news on that?

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Lawrence couple's passion for Christmas lights is off the charts

I used to live in the home right next door (left in 1998) and would have loved having had you as neighbors Gary (except all the other cars on that street may have made getting into my driveway at 5:30 a little hard! LOL). Hope to get by to see it before it goes down.

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Theater program sets stage for new experience

Is there a contact # for this group - in case someone might want to help out??

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Will Kansas become an English-only state?

good flippin grief....could we PLEASE have a moratorium on "do-nothing" laws or resolutions? We have MUCH more serious matters facing us and our governmental leaders. We can get around to such picky and sticky matters when and if we get things like security, economy, and educational issues all worked out. Otherwise, stop wasting tax dollars and time, PLEASE!

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What are you looking for in the next generation of cell phones?

Let me add to the "Make them work without breaking down so easily" votes! I got a new razor (time for "free upgrade") in March 2006. To date I've had to go in for fixes twice already (and they weren't cheap fixes). They say it got wet, but it's not like I've been walking in the rain or swimming with my cell phone. Warning; human sweat must short circuit cell phones!

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Does Lawrence need a larger library?

Like it or not, we are facing the end of "the free ride" as we've known it. It could start with pay as you read libraries or internet. But it is quite likely to end with only those who can pay getting police, fire or ambulance service. For far too many decades the government we support with our tax dollars has spent, and borrowed, more then was taken into the till. We're going bankrupt and soon. It now takes more money to make a penny then each one is worth. So, we either "pony up" and get used to paying for everything (at highly inflated values) or we figure out some way to tighten our collective belts and live without all the "needs" we've come to demand be met. How many people owe more then they save? Probably most. And the same is true of our government.

I love libraries, on=line or for real. Tapes, videos, analog books, I consumer them all. But if faced with a decision between eating or reading, I think I'll choose survival first. We need to be talking about what we can afford, and really need, not what would make us equal to or better then other places. The whole country is heading for a big fall if we don't stop spending money we're borrowing from our grandchildren....

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All eyes on us as city mulls phone ban

Funny how people always want a law that impacts other people's behaviors "Make THEM stop it" or "Make THEM give up." etc. Everyone ignores or supports more laws, as long as they are for the other guy....No one ever says "Make ME stop it" or "Take away MY property or rights". But when a law may impact them personally.....THEN we see some attention to how over-reaching government leaders can become.

THIS overzealous attempt to protect citizens from other citizens is what happens when we have (for a long time) turned to the government anytime our lives weren't going as we'd like - PASS A NEW LAW has been the rally cry and reaction to a lot of things that would have (IMO) been better left to a private resolution. But we don't trust natural selection any longer and so we elect people to lead us by preventing people from suffering the natural consequences of bad behaviors.

The purpose of government (historically) was to PROVIDE (protect and serve) what could not be adequately provided by individuals - military protection, roads, schools, fire and police protection, etc.

However, over years of turning to "Big Brother" to cure every perceived social "ill" He has gotten the idea that we're all just little immature children who need to be protected from our own lack of intelligence. And the whiners who always want something from THEM (other people) have encouraged the beast. We now have so many laws that common sense is becoming an endangered species. (I mean really - have you read some of the "warnings" now posted on the packages for products?).

I'd like to see government butt out of our lives more. More laws usually mean more taxes and more red tape and job security for lawyers and legislators.

If this cell phone issue really IS such a new/big problem, then strengthen the penalties for inattentive driving (civil and criminal). Please, stop trying to micro-manage the lives of everyone else. If you want to be re-elected by proving you are doing your jobs, then lead by example and back away from passing any new laws that aren't necessary! At least for awhile.

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Insomnia gone wild

It would be funny if it weren't so true!!

Hope the "Ming vase" was just for effect....Because otherwise, your husband's next utterance should be "call the insurance adjuster!"

So far, and I think I'm about done with this phase, menopause hasn't been too bad. Some night sweats. Some insomnia. Some moods. But not too bad. For me anyway. However, this 50 extra pounds is a b*tch!

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