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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

I wondered about that too. The results link seems to indicated that the proposal is failing 9000 votes no to 2000 votes for. Is the link not real time stats?

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Roads finally cleared of snow

Highway 40 west of the k10 junction is in fabulous condition. Completely cleared and dry. Even the gravel county roads were in better condition than the streets in town.
Drove home to Lawrence from west of Lecompton today and had no problems until I hit 6th street and George Williams Way. Still slushy and would have been easy to drop a blade and clear down to pavement, but not a city truck in sight. Should be a fun rush hour when all the ruts freeze overnight.
I do know that the snow plows have been down my street. Right after I spent 3 hours shoveling my walk and clearing my driveway, in order to comply with the new 48 hour ordinance, the plows buried it under a few feet of snow.

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Gunshots raise homeowner concerns

I believe we are in Fur-Bearing season, so hearing gunshots at night would not be all that unusual. Raccoon is often hunted at night.

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Sickening profits


I just did the math on your pay as you go proposal. It comes out to around $62,000 per year. Not a bad salary, until you start to take out the cost of a nurse, receptionist, medical records clerk, rent, utilities, ect........

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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

Just for the record Gardasil, the vaccine currently available, covers 4 HPV viruses. Types 6 & 11 wich cause 90% of genital warts and types 16 & 18 which cause 70% of all cervical cancer.

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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

Just to throw a few stats into the mix. There are approx. 6.3 million new cases of HPV in the US each year. Over 20 million people are currently infected.

There are over 30 different types of sexually transmitted HPV viruses with the vaccine addressing just 4. In all there are over 100 HPV viruses.

Just looking at the stats seems to point in the direction of needing a mandated vaccine. If there were a vaccine to prevent any other non-sex related disease affecting 6.3 million people per year I"m sure it would be receiving nothing but praise on the boards today.Stats are from the national insitute of Allergies and Infections disease.

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Tiny dancers

I took dance lessons from age 5 thru my high school years, and yes militant I can hit four targets in 20 sec, know the difference between a Sig and a Glock, and can shoot, clean, and cook all manner of wildlife.

p.s. I get more compliments on my posture (made lovely by dance) than I do on my knowledge of rabbit skinning.
Keep it up girls!!!

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan

Thanks KUgrad for your insight.

I believe you have presented a very viable option in implimenting an additional payment incentive for an extended planning time. It seems fair and equitable, without making a major impact on student instruction.

I hope those on the study committee will present it for discussion during their next meeting.

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan

Periodic salary ( 9 months or 12 months) is by definition the amount paid regardless of the hours worked.

The 8-5 standard does not apply to salaried workers. It is implied that hours above and beyond a 40 hour week are expected and included in the periodic salary.

As I have stated before, we have some of the best teachers in the country, who are under paid.

I however, do not want to see less face-face time with students, in favor of addtional planning time during the school day.

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan

llmccorkill, Yes I am expectected to work overtime for "free". That's why it's called salary. I however do not have 2 months each year when I'm not in the office and still collecting my pay check.

Yes, I know that teachers are required to update their education and often do it during this time period. I too am expected to turn in CEU's each year to my governing body, but I don't get inservice days and summer break to work on mine.
Now before you get the idea that my salary is far greater than that of a teacher and that I am in someway financially compensated for my time, my salary is equivallent to most teachers in the 497 district, and I do not have a union who is able to get me a 7-8% cost of living increase each year.

Our teacher's are indeed some of the best in the country, and under paid, however, instead of trying to find even less time for them to spend with our students, we should be developing a more efficient use of the time they currently have alotted without an added cost to parents and tax payers

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