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City helps resolve dispute over rural resident's target practice

When negotiating, you always ask for way more than you hope to get. Such was the case with the annexation request. In the end, an acceptable compromise was reached. This was a win-win outcome.

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City helps resolve dispute over rural resident's target practice

Yes, we are very fortunate to live in God's country!

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City helps resolve dispute over rural resident's target practice

I live in the neighborhood that requested Mr. Cobb's property be annexed. No one spoke to Mr. Cobb because he took to yelling at people that shooting a gun was his right, and that if anyone tried to stop him he would come after them. Mr. Cobb also has several huge "no trespassing" signs on his property. No one wanted to confront him as we were all uncertain about what he would do if we did. No one took Mr. Cobb's rights away. We just made it illegal for him to shoot a gun in a residential neighborhood. He can still keep and shoot his guns. He just needs to shoot the guns where there are no people around. I don't think that is too much to ask.

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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house

"After a dispatcher said a person with a gun had fired five shots, police in 12 cars were sent to the home, as well as an ambulance."

Interesting. When shots were fired near my home, it took five 911 calls before a deputy would even respond. I guess it really does matter who you are!

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Town Talk: Lender seeks ownership of Lawrence Athletic Club over default of $2.4 million loan; New York real estate trust buys downtown property; more on chickens and art

I am not surprised about LAC. Rick Sells is a terrible manager/owner! People abuse the equipment and nothing is done about it, despite complaints. You can go in on any given day and at least half of the treadmills are out of order. As a member I hope LAC doesn't go out of business, however I wouldn't be surprised.

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Sound Off: Why is the city not concerned about the upkeep of trailer courts? We live next to two cou

Move the trailer courts to the west side of town. They will be cleaned up then!

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Town Talk: Esquina reopens with new emphasis on Spanish-Mediterranean, seafood dishes; Tapas looks to create open-air storefront; 23rd St. quick lube proposal not so quick at City Hall

My husband and I gave Esquina a chance - twice. Sadly that was two times too many. Both times we found the food to be so-so. After our second visit we made a vow that we would not be back. I don't even think a menu overhaul could help that place.

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Heard on the Hill: Lawsuit sheds light on tenure process; basketball campers upset about potential rules change

There are so many things that go into the tenure process. For one thing, people don't understand that tenure is also a popularity contest. If the faculty and administration don't like you, it doesn't matter how many publications you put out or how well you teach, etc. If they don't like you then you will most likely be denied tenure.

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