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HPV vaccine offered in Lawrence pediatric offices

C'mon, a little formaldehyde and ammonia with egg whites shot into your system is perfectly rational. Everyone is doing it!

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Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

This economy can totally support a MENARDS!

MENARDS is going to save this city!!!

Just you wait!

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Opinion: War on drugs is war on justice

If you think we are winning the WAR ON DRUGS....maybe you agree with Obama and his care more than you think.

Tell me more about how some 'small town' needs that CORPORATELY OWNED PRISON to keep everyone employed with such great ethical 'work' after you allowed your constituents to blowoff our industrial foothold in the world in the late 90's. --Hmmmm lets see, they moved the factory to country X because i couldnt let my political pride go and voted in some moron who sold the town i live in- How do I support my family?---

Pick one---

A) Sell Grass illegally (or 80 years ago - moonshine corn liquor)
B) Get those HUGE checks from Welfare (PS they arent huge and the hoops you must jump through are many)
C) Become a corporate cop putting all my buddies in jail that chose A instead of weighing down an already stressed and malnourished welfare system.

Id probably choose A, but hey what do i just a white guy in this college town that is CHOCK FULL O JOBS! Whew look at that list in the ljworld classifieds! What a bunch of lazy people!

As soon as we get another 25 million of our citizens in jail we get a BONUS!!!

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ALEC meeting draws Kansas legislators

Its pretty simple ......ALEC = the end of democracy. Between them and the ACA, we will all either be working for a Prison or in one.

Anyone who supports ALEC is a reconstructed Nazi.

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Million-dollar meth seizure just one example of drug war in Douglas County

OH WOW! look at those stats! I think we are winning the war on drugs in Lawrence!


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Police break string of high-dollar burglaries, continue to investigate

More Police is the answer for sure, as we all know, Police are constantly arriving during a crime to prevent it. Rarely do they show up after to investigate because they dont have to, they are that good.

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City approves 2014 budget

You missed the point there Captain Facts, but hey, thanks for sharing!

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City approves 2014 budget

I find it amusing that there are MANY MANY empty rental properties, yet, we need 5 more employees to an EXPANDED rental registration program and yet a single lone employee for an entire citywide curbside recycling program.


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Food bank starts growing its own produce

Im not sure what type of 'gardening' naturphile is doing, but i maintain quite a large food garden myself, alone. Having a few extra helpers would make it a breeze.

Just Food should be a model for all KS food banks, Good Work!

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Police searching for suspects who fled accident scene at 100 mph

me too, do yourselves a favor folks, ditch those Windows systems....especially if you want less 'big brother' action

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