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Fluoride fight pits oral health advocates against those who say their science is outdated

Strange isnt it - Dr. Steven Slott DDS seems to have lost interest in this thread. Wonder why? Sorry Steve, didnt mean to out you buddy. My comment about sugar was basically to parallel the similar attitudes taken by 'professionals' (not 'scientists') wherein blanket statements are made as gospel - ' a little flouride never hurt anyone!' 'Its just sugar!' 'Vioxx is FDA approved it doesnt hurt anyone!' - Understand? Flouridation is just another wasted money scheme - Did anyone in this thread ask about how much it costs to implement this? No, and judging by those who are for it - these are the same folks that HATE extra government expenditure. Are you now going to tell me that mercury fillings are completely safe too because the ADA says they are? Maybe there is a Huffinton post article you'd like to cite saying they are.

Just to take your temperature - can you tell me the differences between US dental regulations and those of our neighbor - Mexico?

As far as HFCS being 'sugar' its all in the process - you yourself Ron said it wasnt 'chemically' the same. The manufacturing processes for white table sugar - HFCS - or even Coconut Palm Sugar are VERY VERY different. Chemically treated anything (especially with bleach) leaves things behind that the FDA turns a blind eye to constantly. Its a fact. No tinfoil hat here- sorry.

Oh and Ron, i am the natural living person - i live on Michigan St. But i love a good hall monitor. Keep up the good work!

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Fluoride fight pits oral health advocates against those who say their science is outdated

Mr. Slott - You seem to be spending an awful lot of time on the internet defending flouride implementation - a simple google search of you and your business brings up similar cut and paste replies on other online media outlets forums. You decry anyones opinion regarding the regulation of flouridation and beg for evidence - but from what i've seen (repeated throughout these forums) you dont seem have any links to anything but biased and inaccurate information or just an entire lack of evidence period, meanwhile you bash a chinese study that no one in the scientific community considers valid in the first place. You also seem to ignore several European studies that discovered just the opposite of your claims. If you were from Kansas - i would perhaps give you a little break, but its very obvious - you are but a planted web persona (some would call it TROLLING) with no real interest in Kansans or their health for that matter.

I urge everyone to do your own research - this is VERY similar to the high fructose corn syrup debate - all those ads that say 'its just sugar' - hilarious.

I do commend your tactical typing Mr. Slott, but maybe just worry about North Carolina and let us make our own decisions here in Kansas. Deal?

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Marijuana enforcement numbers sky-high

srj, if what you mean by those states having 'issues' - those 'issues' being extra tax revenue for schools/social services etc, yes we will learn a lesson.......that they are DOING IT RIGHT! and we are DOING IT WRONG! but go ahead, id like to hear some more propaganda or should i say


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MADD notes drop in alcohol-related deaths after passage of ignition interlock law

Tugging at those heart strings leads to more common sense i hear. Maybe we should just have a perimeter DUI/Police/Nazi checkpoint surrounding every city 24/7/365. Then another ring of checkpoints around the downtown area every night from 5pm to 5am......this will ensure the survival of our enlightened species.

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Lawrence wants property to house multimillion dollar police headquarters


Waste of time and money!

Who needs crime when we can manufacture it!

Gotta stay 'employed' just like the military.


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Opinion: Attacks on nominee not warranted

Id love to know who you deem trustworthy as far as News Coverage is concerned. Go ahead, spill the beans.

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Opinion: Attacks on nominee not warranted


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Opinion: Attacks on nominee not warranted

well put

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Legislature unlikely to change proof-of-citizenship requirement for voter registration

A little perspective-
I think id rather share a country with the guy who just crossed a desert on foot to be here than some fat/farting white entitled person. At least the guy that crossed the desert WANTS to work and be a part of this 'great idea' that America was once.

If there were any intelligent life in this state, we'd have the National Guard just remove the entire State House. If you live here, citizen or not, you should be able to vote. Its been that way since the beginning. Plus, all you politicos need someone to take advantage of....and the new arrivals need to realize who the scum really is.......its pretty easy to tell in KS though.

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Affordable Care Act nears major milestone; Brownback still opposed

Meanwhile in Oregon, 3 plans, the most expensive being $50/mo......avail Oct. 1.

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