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Behind the Lens: Planning key for photo projects

Excellent advice. I took a walk downtown with only my camera and 35mm lens. It was a lot of fun and I think I got many more 'keepers' out of that trip than I would have if I were constantly changing lenses.

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Religion, morals

Smith said: "Yet without a real basis for morality, why should that letter upset you? You certainly didn't demonstrate any basis or guidelines in your letter apart from you didn't like certain things."
So, only people who claim their morality comes from God have emotions? I do not wish to be mean, but your arguments sound more and more foolish each time I see you post on here.
Emotions, empathy, concern, fear, anger, love, and many others, are present in many other species besides humans. I suppose when elephants mourn the death of their kin, it is their belief in God supplying the emotion? These arguments are not only becoming illogical but incoherent as well.

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Religion, morals

Looks like I wasn't the only one upset with Mr. Smith's article. Thanks for the letter.

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