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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

the loud pipes on the crotch rockets don't bother me so much. mainly because on "race night" (last summer it was tuesday, used to be wednesday, waiting to see what night it will be this year) after 9pm when they race out to the lake and back to iowa on clinton parkway they go by so fast i hardly hear them...

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Teachers’ hours

I'm not asking you to pay my wife's salary as well. If there are fewer students, there will be fewer teachers. Its that simple. If that happens, then let's all hope that the good teachers keep teaching and the bad teachers move on.

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Teachers’ hours

I just finished reading all of these comments and felt like I needed to weigh in.

My wife has been a teacher in the Lawrence schools since 1995. I won't quote teacher salary statistics, but let me say that I've been doing the same job for the last 17 years (one that does not require a college degree) and I have always made more money than she has. She leaves every morning before I do and often gets home after I do, and I work 9 hours every day. I stopped trying to keep track of the amount of our money she spends every year buying materials. She spends countless days before and after the school year cleaning and preparing her classroom. Evenings grading papers, adjusting and/or revamping lesson plans, time spent on the phone with her teaching team, etc. etc. You want to talk about music programs, sports events, tutoring, conferences, meetings, responding to emails from parents? She worked hard over the course of 3 years to get her masters in order to inch up that pay scale, but the health insurance offered by LPS has risen so drastically over the last 5 years (not to mention the sharp DECREASE in coverage), it has completely eaten up any pay increase she's received. She stopped taking a full-time job over the summer a few years ago, but has continued to tutor to make a few extra bucks.

I will not argue with you that there are lazy teachers out there not doing the job to the best of their ability, just as is the case in any industry. But please stop berating the folks who actually care about what they do, who go that extra mile to educate every kid to the best of their ability every day. I can't speak for every teacher out there, but I know that my wife puts forth more effort in 9 months than most non-teachers do in 12 months. If you have such a problem with it, then I'd say feel free to take your kids out of the public school system and pay for their private schooling. Or maybe you should go ahead and quit your job and home-school your kids. Good luck with that.

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Bubba Ho-tep

Best.Movie.EVER. I've turned so many people onto this movie! My wife isn't a huge fan, not her type of film at all, but has been a trooper through numerous showings at home and on the road. This is one that I wish I could have seen when it played Liberty Hall.

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The Brothers Bloom

I felt the same way about this film. I so much wanted to love it but just couldn't. Someone told me it reminded them of a Coen brothers film (maybe there was some brother confusion) so I figured it was worth checking out. Loved the cinematography, disliked how the story was told, and generally didn't like the characters.

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Man Push Cart

Loved this movie! Not my typical fare, but sounded so interesting on Netflix, and was available streaming, so how could I not watch it? Have you seen "Chop Shop"? It has a similar theme about folks doing what they have to to make themselves and those around them a better life.

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