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Kansas Ironman 70.3 race results

wow, could they have posted the results more confusing!?

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Chancellor: Raising admission standards a priority for KU in the coming year

How about improve the quality of high school education while we're at it too?

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KU team delves into ice sheet research

woot woot!!! Go CReSIS! What an honor for the team and university to be a part of such a huge research mission! We should be be cheering them on! Not debating global warming issues here

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LMH gets new cardiology practice

I'm remaining hopeful about this, and that is will bring some good changes.

I had a heart attack about a year and a half ago, and I was told it was "unspecific chest pains" when I was taken to LMH (probably didn't think that a 26 year old patient knew what she was talking about). I saw my heart specialist at KU Med and they confirmed that I actually had a heart attack. That's a life threatening mistake!

So I hope this will only bring good changes to the hospital and to the community. I've even thought about moving to KC just so I could be closer to my heart doctor

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Two deaths of Northeast Kansans with swine flu reported

I really wish they would say what the underlying health conditions where. I have a heart condition and this whole thing worries me a bit

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Area residents seeking jobs with Wal-Mart

oh wow...recorded interviews with applicants! the apocalypse is here!!!

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Motorists, cyclists share responsibility

fu7il3:Yeah you're right! It's just funny to sit back and watch everyone debate, complain, threaten each other over this. Oh well, just gotta accept and move on, by riding my bike as safely as possible! :-)

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Motorists, cyclists share responsibility

wow, can't we ALL just obey the traffic laws and get a long??? Geez people!

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Motorists, cyclists share responsibility

Hey Commuter!You bring up a good point! I believe in WI, you have to have a license plate on your bike. I remember when I moved back to KS I was surprised I didn't have to. I could be wrong. But I actually agree with you. Why not extend this to cyclists?? It makes sense to me! Motorcycles do, so why not bikes? I'd be more than happy to register and get a plate! And also to get insurance! People need to learn to work with the systems here so everyone can be safe, drivers and cyclists both!

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Motorists, cyclists share responsibility

All cyclists need to obey traffic laws, that's a no brainer. I ride my bike whenever I can, and I signal, and get to the right as much as I can, stop at traffic stops. In Wisconsin, a lot of roads have a bike lane which is awesome! I've only seen one of these in Lawrence, and no where else in the whole state. And to the gas-guzzers that are complaining, not ALL cyclists don't obey the traffic laws! It bugs me too when I see someone on their bike and they don't obey the laws. But with gas prices the way they are, we're going to start seeing more and more people riding their bikes, so get used to it! Just get over and deal with it. Oh yeah, it's good exercise too...ain't no shame in that! Keep riding cyclists, but don't forget the rules of the road!!!!!

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