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Brownback says state is returning to feds $31.5 million health care reform grant

I hope when the time for re-election comes everyone who has commented remembers these decisions and gives of their time, money, and energy to ensure we have...someone, anyone else.

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Last liberal arts dean finalist stresses fundraising priority

To Anon1958: Really, you think that poorly of KU? As passionate as you are about administration, I would guess you work there (or did) and were passed over for a position. If you don’t/haven’t worked their, have you ever served on a selection committee? Do you appreciate the pressure associated with making a recommendation that will shape the culture of an institution for years to come? I doubt anyone on the committee approached it with the mindset, “we are going to take a KU person so lets go through the motions.” To imply differently would be an insult to the committee and the time they have spent.
At the end of the day no matter which candidate is selected, they will face numerous challenges and instead of bringing negativity and criticism to their selection, why don't we all support the new hire and do what we can to help them be successful.
The problem with academia isn't the administration. The problem is faculty interpret tenure to mean they can complain about everyone and everything, without offering solutions. There are some brilliant, exceptional minds on the KU campus and if people would simply stop complaining and become part of the solution, issues could be addressed and progress made.

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Should Kansas Regents universities be more selective when it comes to accepting students?

I wonder how many people who posted even went to college?

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What should City Hall do to deal with its budget shortfall?

You live in a college town, so there will always be homeless, if you don't like it move to Johnson county.

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Sebelius makes appointments to Kansas Board of Regents

If tutition accounts for 11% of the total budget and the states fund around 25% of higher education budgets, um...where is the other 64% come from?

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Sebelius makes appointments to Kansas Board of Regents

Have you seen the price difference between in-state and out-of-state?

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What do you think of City Hall's spending $9,000 on its bid to have Lawrence named an All-America City?

If they had won, everyone would be saying it was the best idea ever. Monday morning quaterbacking is easy when you hide behind a "username".

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Sebelius makes appointments to Kansas Board of Regents

Let's hope these regents do the right thing and fund the STATE universities. If you want the students to pay for things, then you need to make the universities private and let them do what they want.
You are wanting the school to fix the problem, but still want the schools to follow the regulations of the board of regents. If the schools fix the problem, then they should be able to give the board of regents the bird and become private schools.

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KU prof lands $7.5 million grant to study male contraceptives

Are you kidding, that is government money and it will be funneled into KCK, nothing for Lawrence.

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Bill would raise local taxes, tuition to pay for university maintenance

I agree that the solution should be state wide, but what about, "The bill would...prohibit schools, such as KU, from dedicating portions of tuition increases to providing student financial aid."

That was a big part of the how KU justified the earlier tuition increases, so would that money be taken away from financial aid?

As for the comment regarding the payscale for Allen Fieldhouse, athletics and the institution are not interchangeable. There are laws limiting how money from different sources can be spent.

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