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Police identify body found beneath Kansas River bridge; foul play not suspected

I can't seem to find the story. Do you have the link?

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Police identify body found beneath Kansas River bridge; foul play not suspected

I can't seem to find anything about the death investigation at 12th and Mississippi that was up a couple of days ago? Anyone know anything?

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Traffic engineers hope drivers will come around on roundabouts

Roundabouts are great when they are used correctly. A perfect example of this is the roundabout at 19th and Barker. It works perfectly in that intersection. They are rediculous at other intersections, such as the one out west on Clinton Parkway. The current city code requires that a roundabout be installed when a collector and arterial meet. This is a rediculous policy that needs to be changed, and roundabouts should be installed on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes a simple stop sign is much better than a roundabout. This would save an enormous amount of money and be much more efficient.

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Concert by WILCO planned for mid-May in downtown Lawrence

right in the middle of KU finals! no!!!!

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Hemenway: Tuition will increase no more than 6 percent

My tuition bill for Fall 2005 15 hours: $2412
Tuition for Fall 2007 15 hours: $2922

That's an increase of 21% in 2 years!

My engineering tuition has gone up 10% on top of that.
And campus fees have gone up 28% on top of that


Shouldn't education rates increase at inflation rates...not five times that? This is rediculous. These numbers don't even include room and board, food, books, supplies, etc.

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Police hand out 84 MIPs, several other citations on Saturday

Minor in Posession...my roommate who is just months from being 21 was given an MIP last weekend on our own property! His costs will be over $500, for simply having a beer with his friends. Absolutely rediculous.

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Police hand out 84 MIPs, several other citations on Saturday

This is absolutely rediculous. There is absolutely no reason the drinking age should be anything more than 18. The underage drinking laws in America are absolutely insane. As a college student who was born and raised in America, I believe the fact that people over the age of 18 cannot go to a bar and drink socially is a huge problem and is a major reason why American kids have the highest rate of binge drinking. It also has a huge effect on the lacking social skills of Americans, leaving them socially inept. The city fine of $1,000 for having anyone underage drinking on your property is absolutely insane. College kids party, it's a fact. Do you actually expect them to ID people in their house, even if they are of age? Insteado of trying to persecute those who are doing nothing wrong, wouldn't it be a lot better for the police to focus their resources on combatting drunk driving?

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KU officials monitoring details from Virginia Tech shooting

I cannot tell you how sad I am to here of this horrible news. However, as a university student, i can tell you that security on university campuses across the nation is a joke. For instance, most campuses lack a very important mode of communication to let all people on campus know that there is an emergency. A PA system or warning siren system should be isntalled on every university campus in the country, including KU. After Columbine, secruity mesaures were greatly improved in American high schools, but little wsa done for American universities. As a student at KU, I am not aware of an emergency plan, and that is a problem. I am sure that there is an emergency plan, but the fact that virtually no students are informed about it is a huge probelm. It renders any plan useless if an event were to occur like this at KU. I wouldn't be surprised, and I hope, that there is a huge movement to increase security on college campuses. I honestly cannot understand why there was a 2hour difference between the shooting at the dorm, and the shooting in the engineering building. This scares me as a university student, and I hope President Bush makes a commitment to improving university campuses today in his press conference.

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