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Did Tyshawn Taylor just get Pipped?

I have to agree with all the previous posts and +1. The most frustrating thing for me last night was TT. When interviewed by an ESPN anchor before the game he stated that his suspension was no big deal and that he would be back soon...not one bit of this has sunk in. Hopefully he does come off the bench for the rest of the season because EJ has earned it and TT doesn't deserve it.

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Sierra Club files legal challenge to coal-burning power plant in southwest Kansas

Since when is the air and water not connected to human life? The real problem is the people who continue to support the use of a resource that is not sustainable and then resort to blasting those who speak about change and the environment. Take a trip to the East if you want to see the damage acid rain from the Midwest causes. Why not start considering renewable resources that aren't as harsh on the environment...how is that bad and why do you label people hippies who think this way? What are you so afraid of?

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Sierra Club files legal challenge to coal-burning power plant in southwest Kansas

What industry is this going to kill in Western Kansas? As a person who spends their summer in Upstate New York, I can tell you first hand the damage to the environment from coal burning power plants in the Midwest. Acid rain is devastating the East.

At some point Americans need to grasp the same ingenuity that made this country great and start creating alternative energy. Why are so many people so reluctant to change? Hopefully the Sierra Club can turn this into a positive.

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How good is KU basketball? Good question

Pigballin, I saw a team that moved the ball around but made poor decisions doing it. Our guards were too casual last night and didn't seem to have much enthusiasm.

Not sure what was up last night, but am glad that there will be a couple more games on the road before KU is back at Allen. This team doesn't have a killer instinct and can't put a decent team away.

How good is KU? I don't know if KU is a top 3 basketball team, but I do believe they are a top 5. Syracuse and Villanova might be better. On the other hand, KU played thorough diversity and found a way to win and that is what good teams do.

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Abe and Jakes Landing space on sale for $1.3 million

I agree Wissmo. It looks like the box stores are going to win another battle and what used to make Lawrence hip and unique will no longer exist. Just plain sad. My money is staying downtown and with mom and pop shops.

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KU names Sheahon Zenger new athletic director

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A good start: Thomas Robinson powers Jayhawks past UTA

Freshman. His body language wasn't good once things weren't automatic for him, he will learn, and get better. A lot of last night probably had some to do with weather delays and not being able to practice as a team. I think that we will see a different KU team against Miami of Ohio.

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A good start: Thomas Robinson powers Jayhawks past UTA

Frank, I WISH!!! I thought that with Brady on the floor KU is usually a better passing and defensive team, that was my reasoning. Totally agree that this team is strange, but it seems to me that all of the problems except free throws can be resolved with good defense. KU in order to flow must think defense first and the rest of the game will open up.

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A good start: Thomas Robinson powers Jayhawks past UTA

I thought that for 75% of the game the Jayhawks played without a purpose or poise. It was a frustrating game to watch and besides a few players, the energy was not there. From what has been seen since Selby entered the lineup, I believe this should be the starting five:


The first guys off the bench because of energy and attention to defense need to be TRob and Travis. Play the guys that are going to pride themselves on defense and passing and the scoring will take care of itself. For at least one game, make Selby and TT have to earn back their positions.

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