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Trump: U.S. must 'greatly strengthen' nuclear capability


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Column: LHS administration should take mulligan, rehire coach Mike Lewis

High schools need an athletic director. Athletic directors are necessary for a host of reasons. They are responsible for scheduling of every team, maintaining the facilities (cutting grass, lining fields, making sure equipment/facilities are safe), scheduling and paying officials, scheduling and paying drivers, dealing with whinny parents who go over the coaches head, dealing with the conference, dealing with the state athletic board, hiring and firing coaches, dealing with the boosters. The list could go on.

I am not saying that DeWitt is a good AD, but his job is necessary. DeWitt is right, Lewis has an opportunity here to tell his side of the story. We should take a wait and see approach. At the same time Keegan is right, the firing seems suspect. Don't think for one moment community that anyone is going to lose a job over this. In education, when you screw up, you get promoted. Sad but true.

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His moment of Truth? Ben McLemore goes No. 7 in NBA Draft to Sacramento Kings

The King's got a steal. I can't believe he didn't go first and then I was floored when Charlotte made the pass on him. Ben is going to become a legit nba star and I can't wait to watch it all unfold. FOE.

Rock Chalk

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Day 3: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

joes_donuts, congratulations on being clean. I have a question for you. Wouldn't you say that it was the risky behavior that caused you to go up the drug chain? How many people just smoke pot and are good with just that? I think it is the people who engage in risky behavior, those are the ones who are willing to try the hard stuff.

jac, great point on the drug dealer angle. It is true. When I was in that world, my connect often tried to get me to try something and I wanted no part...too scarey.

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Police finding more evidence of meth, much of it from Mexican cartels, in Lawrence

Edson, I disagree. Just because you have something to pin your fears on, doesn't make it true. What did you blame poor driving on twenty years ago, was it cocaine? These addicts go through the trash and steal peoples identity through discarded checks. “They go through people’s trash, find a check book, and they just go out forging. These people are responsible for 30 cases in the past month,” he said. “It’s nonstop.” (LJW) Does that sound like the behavior of someone with gas money?

You actually thought they were running stop signs because of meth, did they have a missouri plate? It didn't cross your mind that it might be cell phones? WOW! I've read your blogs a ton of times, you are smarter that this.

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Health concerns raised at hearing on proposed coal-burning power plant

Thank God someone has a little sensibility. Not looking forward to the additional acid rain that it would bring to NC, we are already loosing parts of out national forests because of emissions from the Midwest. God has provided many resources, we don't need to use up the one that is the most harmful.

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Feds try to seize property tied to drug case

Does that mean the company that produces oxcodone is guilty of providing a narcotic, because that is what it is, the only difference is that it can be prescribed. Both are drugs, both get you high, both are addictive.

Were dealing with an underground element of dealers & the consequences of people who become addicted. I don't think that any of it is pretty, but ask yourself why it is illegal and alcohol and pharmaceuticals aren't...same thing in all actuality.

What were doing is punishing people for being capitalists, which is the American way. On top of that were also punishing people for being weak and unable to cope, do you want to throw everyone behind bars because they have difficulty coping? That is why people escape, it doesn't matter if it legal escape or not, same thing.

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Feds try to seize property tied to drug case

Like the pharmaceutical companies who fund the GOP, that is a good point!

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Feds try to seize property tied to drug case

Maybe drug producers should become lobbyist and allow others to invest in their product through the stock exchange, like pharmaceutical companies. Then they can hire sells men to move the product and expand markets and join corporate America and bring our jobs home from Columbia/Mexico/Afghanistan.

We fight about drugs and what they do to society, but nobody wants to blame the legalized dopers for any of this, even though the drugs being pushed illegally have been around longer. Why can't the discussion be something like this, "people use drugs, you can't stop people from using drugs, how do we make it safer?" I don't know the answer, but what were doing now isn't working...that I do know.

There is a market for drug dealers, it is called capitalism & this country was built on it, so provide a safer means of taxing & distribution or continue down this path...seems simple.

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Unions demand proof of allegation

The same Koch brothers that want businesses to have the right to give as much money to candidates as they please and send lobbyists to state and federal congresses, want to take this right away from unions...unbelievable! Wake up people. Democracy is about putting the power in the hands of the many, not the few. Why should the business elite have the only say in negotiations? What a sad day and the worst is that some of you who voted republican are going to get it handed to you. Somebody please give the state senate a shot of reality before they vote.

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