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Town Talk: Latest plans for N.W. recreation center now include ice rink, 15,000-seat track and field stadium; Schumm expresses disappointment over 9th and N.H. decision; Douglas County Bank turns 60

Going a bit over the top there with the NHL/Ice Capades statement. A single regulation size ice rink would probably be a boost for the Lawrence community. There are hockey leagues in Topeka that do not have consistent times to skate because of the convention center schedule. KC area has lost skating facilities in the past couple of years and all of those skaters were displaced. Not to mention KU has a club team. I bet KU could even work it out with the city for students to take credit courses in PE. School programs could be started, field trips, and Special Olympics could use the ice. There are also plenty of figure skaters in the area that would support the rink. Learn to skate programs fit in there too. Not to mention that the parents usually will go shop (spend their $) when the kids are practicing.
Only way to go with this is UP.

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