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KU security measures successful at first football game, official says

There were long lines at the northeast student entrance and the south east public entrance at kick off, I'm not sure where Mr. Marchiony got his information from when he states few if any missed the opening kickoff.

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Tuition costs: How KU's pricetag stacks up to K-State and other peer universities

Wow, this surprises me, I didn't realize KU is more expensive compared to some of these other schools. In the case of our Bold Aspirations peer universities, KU is at the bottom of that list in academic reputation yet is the fourth more expensive, KU students are getting fleeced, certainly are not getting what they are paying for!

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KU slips a bit in U.S. News and World Report's Best Colleges list

I remember when these rankings were first published KU was ranked 30 for public universities. Hemenway came on board declaring KU would be in the top 25 for all schools.....we went the other direction and we continue the slide post Hemenway. We used to look down at Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri and Iowa St, now we are looking up at them and getting closer to K-State, anyone associated with KU has to be embarrassed and something needs to change, soon we will no longer be mediocre but just bad.

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A new study that says it pays to go to K-State over KU; opening date set for another new south Iowa Street retailer

This information is not all that surprising, I know several KU alums who have their own children attending KSU just for the reason noted above, slightly cheaper and they award a lot more scholarship money. This is something that continues to irritate about KU, the administration acts like they are an elite institution on par with Big 10 schools or even ACC when in fact they are not even close, there also seems to be this belief that it's what can you do for KU, instead of KU actually trying to convince us what they can do for us.

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Duo has plan to convert Teller's into gastropub with heavy emphasis on craft beers; Papa Murphy's opens with special event for Boys and Girls Club today

Where did the term "gastropub" come from? Doesn't sound like it is that interesting or different to me, now if they were going to brew their own beer that would interest me but just another restaurant that will have a lot of beer on tap (Old Chicago, Barleys), not that excited.

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Town Talk: Floor plans taking shape in new rec center design; will sports complex become concert venue?; possible events Rock Chalk Park may try to attract

If I remember correctly there was suppose to be a small arena planned for the site, did that turn out to be the indoor soccer field? If so there goes the hockey rink

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Monday Rewind: Oklahoma State; Clock ticking on Turner Gill?

If we were in a more stable conference it would allow KU to give Gill more time, however with football driving conference realignment we basically have six years to get our program and athletic dept. stronger and more attractive, I don't feel we have the luxury of waiting like we did with Terry Allen.

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Town Talk: Lighted path from downtown to KU to win funding; neighborhood associations to garner nearly $40k in federal funds; Downtown Lawrence to discuss hours

The city needs to increase the amount of street lights through out the neighborhoods instead of just one sidewalk. I've never understood why Lawrence has so few street lights, it creates an unsafe environment for residents, drivers and pedestrians.

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Report: A&M declines Pac-10's offer; Pac-10 commish heading to Kansas City

I agree orangebloods has been quite accurate so far but I question Arkansas wanting to leave the SEC, they surely won't make more money in the Big12(10). If Arkansas leaves then maybe KU will take their spot. I'm also not convinced the Big 12(10) will or should be saved, this all should have been done months ago, I wouldn't trust anything UT or Beebe says at this point, I want to see everything in writing and signed by UT, otherwise sign with the Pac 10 if they offer.

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