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Amyx, Farmer, Riordan win election to Lawrence City Commission

Great post scar. "Politics is local", more so than ever. An uninformed, apathetic electorate is dangerous. But commission voter turnout was the best it has been since 05. What can be done to get more people engaged, involved? What's working in other communities? Farmer, Amyx, Riordan--this is your challenge. But I will agree that it is our solution.

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Amyx, Farmer, Riordan win election to Lawrence City Commission

One more thing--Merrill, have you seen what the referendum process (where voters get to vote on whatever they can get enough signatures to add to an election) has done to California? They are currently spending billions to build a rail line from a prison to basically the middle of nowhere, because voters approved a high-speed rail line btwn LA-SF, despite the fact that it cannot be done and will waste a ridiculous amt of money. We have a process that works here--elect commissioners to do the job for us. Just because you don't agree with the results doesn't mean it's not working. In fact, it might mean exactly the opposite.

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Amyx, Farmer, Riordan win election to Lawrence City Commission

One of three things happened with this story: 1. Chad had it mostly written, assuming Soden won and his angle was "voters weigh in on rec center by electing 2 anti rec center. 2. He failed to see that 2 of the three who ultimately won were in favor of it; 3. He let his bias against it show by writing it in such a way that he had to spin it as somehow a sign that voters who didn't show still spoke with a voice that wasn't in the majority. No matter what, it's poor reporting and fails to capture what really happened: Lawrence voters--the people who matter most because they invest in the community by lending their voice to the process, supported candidates who supported the rec center. It's over. Done. Move on. Congrats to Mike, Jeremy & Dr. R. Thanks to the others for having the courage to put yourselves out there. You still have a voice in city hall. There is no east side, west side, pro-business, anti-growth, etc. There is Lawrence, one Lawrence. Beautiful, even with all its quirks and issues. Let's all come together to make it a home of which we are proud.

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City Commission candidates quizzed on ways to cut City Hall budget

Pretty sure I have heard Farmer talk about homeless, opportunities and community engagement/involvement. Merrill, southeast Lawrence has no facility? It's too much to ask people to drive from O'Connell Road to East Lawrence Rec Center? From Prairie Park to East Lawrence Rec is 2.2 miles. Not south/east enough for ya? From Broken Arrow Park to Holcom: 2.5 miles. You obviously could not be more wrong. North Lawrence: 6th & Lyon to the Community Building: 2.1 miles. From George Williams and 6th to Community Building: 5.5 miles. To Holcom: 5.4 miles. Stop with the underserved geography argument.

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City Commission candidates quizzed on ways to cut City Hall budget

The rec center is happening. Get over it. Votes taken, bids coming, shovels soon turning. Move on. I have nothing to gain from the rec center getting built, other than healthy kids and a place that residents of Lawrence can benefit from thanks to more tax dollars being spent in our town by out of town guests. So leave your cronyism conspiracy theory for the East LAN meetings. And so what if business owners make money on their investments? God forbid. This is still a capitalist economy right? If businesses do well, people do well. And if people are working, they rely less on government. Leslie's woefully uninformed on construction costs if she thinks we can build and add on and call that good stewardship of our tax dollars. The cost of not building it include the health care costs of an unhealthy community, opportunities lost when people spend money in other visionary communities and general malaise in a town ruled by nattering nabobs of negativity who have no vision or courage but only a dream of what used to be but really never was. The costs of underbuilding include a center which doesn't provide any addition to the tax base from out of town guests, doesn't serve the residents of Lawrence adequately and doesn't alleviate the ridiculously overcrowded gyms. People, have some vision and INVEST in your community. If you keep wanting to do what you've always done, you'll end up with what you've always gotten. We are where we are thanks to people like Bozo. We'll get where we need to be with vision and courage.

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Snow more: Winter storm warning issued for Monday, Tuesday

Elliottaw, we live by Langston and our street was cleared yesterday afternoon. That would be 32 hours after the snow started that an off-the-path road got cleared. Advantage: city. Great job guys. KRich: thanks for the laugh. A rec center nobody will ever use. Hilarious. Just spent 13 hours at LHS gym watching 6th grade bball. But nobody will use the rec center. Advantage, again, city and its 4 commissioners with a vision for what Lawrence could be. So happy we will have a first-class economic development vehicle to partner with our other greatest tourist attraction, KU.

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Chris and his trusty sidekick James poured a basketball court and did a stamped concrete patio for us this spring. They were done on time, on budget and really communicated with us throughout the process. We are thrilled with the work they did and will recommend them to everyone who asks us about our beautiful patio & court. Price was fair and they clearly took pride in their work. Happy to write a review for these good guys.

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