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Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop

Thump..... Sorry about that, that was my jaw hitting the floor. KU looks to have some solid up and comers.

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Advocates for gay rights still face long road to marriage equality in Kansas

Haider-Markel Seinfeld always 'focuses his research' on the topic at hand. He was an uppity self-centered professor when I went to KU, glad to see somethings never change. :-/

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Federal judge refuses to block Kansas abortion rules

Meh, this law will be tossed at one level or another. At some point one of these laws is going to hit the Supreme Court and is going to reinforce Roe. A lot of neo-cons have too much faith in John Roberts. While he's certainly no liberal, he's shown a streak of common sense recently in several of his rulings. So while "the sky [may seem like it] is falling ", it'll be put back up not too long from now.

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Brownback says Romney focused too much on the economy in failed White House bid

I knew what Sam was going to say based off the headline. This is getting too easy.

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City Hall targets property on Memorial Stadium grounds for transit center

Those buses are going to destroy the roads around the stadium. If you want to know how bad it'll get go check out West Campus.

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'Love' garage no more


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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

Just use the bleeping MLB rule.... You can turn pro out of high school. But if you don't then you have to stay in college for two years.

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Former area Boy Scouts react to decision allowing gay scouts

There's no way oletimer isn't a troll.

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Basketball notebook: KU's Sadler mentioned for job at ISU

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but the last paragraph doesn't make sense.

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