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Police investigating U.S. Bank robbery on 23rd Street

50Yr, had a roommate who worked at a bank...they're trained to comply with those demands. I think it's a liability issue. Just comply and you're more likely to leave alive.

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Dean of KU graduate school to leave for University of British Columbia

Another day, another high level administrator leaving KU. Not good, not good.

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City to consider banning couches on porches

"Several college communities already have implemented similar bans, including Lincoln, Neb., Boulder, Colo., Ames, Iowa, and Columbia, Mo. (But, I assume they do allow the SEC tradition of sitting on the hood of your car. The one on blocks in the front yard, of course. Not the one you drive. That would be hickish.)"

One of the THE best paragraphs I've seen in a while.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: 150 years later, Quantrill's Raid is still personal

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, story Chad. Well written!!

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School district wrestling with network outages

All your schools belong to us. LOVE IT!!

Don't start talking about token ring vs spoke network setup. You'll make their heads explode.

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'A great success': Sporting KC winning over fans by listening to them

I like Sporting because it reminds me of collegiate sports; playing for something larger than ones self. It seems Sporting players know they're aging for KANSAS CITY. Not just to try and make themselves look good and get a better contract. Sporting gives back to the community and is a great overall organization.

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Sporting KC tops Chicago, 2-1

I Believe That We Will Win!!!!!!! GO SPORTING!!!!!!!

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More than a decade after a citywide ban, fireworks still making noise in Lawrence

Agreed. I'm not the best with math but only issuing 1 ticket for all of those calls is a pretty dang low number.

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