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Journal-World parent company considering demolition of large downtown Lawrence building

Looks like 70's architecture maybe. I remember the JW building on New Hampshire in the early 60's and it looked a whole lot different that what is there now.

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See proposed facelift for large Massachusetts Street building; Kansas, Lawrence job totals off to slow start

Didn't this building used to be Mayflower Moving years ago?

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What's your favorite building on the Kansas University campus?

Absolutely right! Dyche Hall. The architecture, the gargoyles, the natural history exhibits inside... 2nd choice is the Campanile.

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Kansas now has 'official cage elevator'

Wow, I remember riding in that elevator back in 1961 or 62. Very scary. I had no idea it was still there and still in use. Wonderful to see. Thanks.

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One of Lawrence's older restaurants set to close at end of month; report says Kansas taxpayers getting good value on taxes paid

I remember going to the El Matador Café in 1960-61-62 with my parents, and then again in 2013 for a family reunion. Always great. Let's see, 2016 minus 1960 carry the two, divide by three fingers, two toes and a side of refried beans and that equals at least a 56 year run for this great hidden Lawrence gem.

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Former Lawrence mayor and Parks and Recreation advisory board member Sue Hack and current mayor Mike

Were there ever complaints to the city about people smoking in the parks? Or is this just a reaction to people who imagine a problem that doesn't really exist? My guess is that there have been many more complaints about dogs pooping in the parks than people who smoke outdoors.

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What's your favorite line from a movie or play?

"Who ARE those guys???"

From 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.'

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City Commission vote pushes gun range into Lawrence shopping center

And not to change the subject or anything, but isn't that location where there was a Swedish Buffett restaurant way back in the 1960's? Loved that place.

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City Commission vote pushes gun range into Lawrence shopping center

Good question @Tony. The range downtown hasn't had any problems, so why would a range in The Malls be any different?

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What's your favorite Western?

And Clint Eastwood's "The Outlaw Josey Wales" is great too, although as a Lawrencian it made me think of Confederates and Jayhawks in a much different way than I'd been taught. Hmmm, maybe the makers of "Red Bird" saw that one too?

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