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Reclaiming the landscape

It seems ironic that the headline reads "Reclaiming the Landscape," since the Sunflower plant acreage was taken by the government from local farmers to support the war effort. Perhaps a more judicious action would have been for the government to have given the land back to the owners it was taken from 65 years ago. Just a thought.

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Lawrence, The Way It Was

We moved away from lawrence in 1962, but it sure was a great place to grow up. Griff's Burger Bar at Ousdahl and 23rd was a family favorite, probably because the burgers were 19 cents. Drake's Bakery was one of my favorite places downtown, it was near Weaver's Dept. Store with the neat pneumatic system. Never bought a pencil from Leo (too scared) but he sure could get around in that little cart. We played on the old steam engine often, and the big wooden dinosaur that was out at Centennial Park. Does anyone else remember the kid's cartoon area at Dillon's? It was just inside the front door, you climbed in through the tiny door, sat down and watched a loop of old b/w cartoons till your Mom was done shopping. How about the section at the KU football games filled with kids wearing their KUFF's buttons?

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