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On anniversary of Quantrill's Raid, received knowledge about historic event faces scrutiny

Isn't the house on Sixth Street the same one that was used in the 1962 horror movie "Carnival of Souls?"

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Brandon Rush an NBA champ

Way to go Brandon! We Warriors (and Jayhawks) fans love you for all the hard work you've put in. Rock Chalk! Please come back next year. Go Dubs!

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Lawrence-area couple builds '30s-style gas station

Love it! Nice cars, nice filling station memorabilia, nice picnic cooler and jug memories. What fun for you. Thanks for letting us see it. Ahhh... those were the days.

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Tough guys: staff picks for Kansas enforcers

No mention of Curtis McClinton? He was the only running back I ever saw who took the ball and then just looked for some poor linebacker to deck. He played offense like he was on defense. All he wanted to do was hit someone. Caught the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl history too I believe.

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Have you ever seen a movie being filmed?

I remember my parents talking about "Picnic" being filmed back in 1954-55 all around Kansas: Halstead, Newton, Hutchinson... The stars were pretty big: William Holden, Kim Novak, Roz Russell, Cliff Robertson, Susan Strasberg. And I think there was even a story about the actors staying at the Eldridge and walking out on the window ledges after a few late night parties. I wonder if anyone from Lawrence has any stories about that one?

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Have you ever seen a movie being filmed?

I moved away from Lawrence years ago and ended up in Northern California. Saw Robin Williams and Sally Field filming the restaurant scene from 'Mrs. Doubtfire'
in Danville, CA, and was an extra in a crowd scene in 'Angels in the Outfield' at the Oakland Coliseum. Amazingly boring things to watch -- movies being filmed. Much better to watch movies at the Granada or the Viking rather than see them being made in California!

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A great day for an (experimental) plane ride

Great looking plane Al. What's the make / model?
Great mission too. Introducing folks to aviation is a worthy cause. Good for you.

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Everything must go: Longtime employees help close down Dillons

I remember my Mom shopping at Dillon's back in 1961-62, The live lobster tank, the little cartoon theater for us kids to watch 'Felix the Cat' or something while our Moms shopped. Good stuff.

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Rising aviation fuel prices contribute to emptier skies over Lawrence

A Cessna 150 will cruise at 117 mph.

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Douglas County task force on open space, historic preservation to meet

It seems strange to me that the public cannot comment on this discussion until the final report is delivered. Is that the normal process in Douglas County?

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