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New Parks and Recreation director aims to make department more financially sustainable

Sounds like Derek Rogers was the right choice: local guy with strong management skills

Planning for the replacement of equipment is essential. Lawnmowers, pickup trucks, fences, swingsets, trash cans, walking paths etc all have differing lifespans, and can be planned for. And facilities can have user fees that are fair and equitable and can help pay for that known equipment expense. And there are always grant monies that are waiting to be applied for.

Best of luck Mr. Rogers!

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Library, Watkins Museum to celebrate locally made films of Centron

I remember watching the Centron films at Schwegler Grade School back in the 1960's. They seemed like things my parents would've wanted me to know just as if they'd been behind the camera instead of Bob Rose. That's a good thing. Thanks Centron.

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Lawrence City Commissioner Mike Amyx announces he will not run for re-election

Thanks for your service Mike. Most folks probably have no idea of the staff reports you've read. The time you've spent at meetings. The listening to comments. The walking of neighborhoods to get a feel for what your vote might mean. Thank you, and good luck to you and your future.

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Garden Variety: Tiny tomatoes a delight for gardeners

Yep, you can't go wrong with Supersweet 100's.

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Kansas City company files plans to open bakery, restaurant in former Jayhawk Bookstore building

I remember my parents pointing out that spot back in the early 1960's. They said they used to meet there for "Coke dates" back when they were KU students. If it was a popular place that long ago, it'll probably do great again. Location, location, location.

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Police searching for vehicle wanted in connection with criminal damage

Looks like a Ford Ranger Xtracab with a camper shell. Maybe.

Someone knows what's going on here: 4 times already since April? A neighbor, a relative, or maybe a co-worker or a classmate? Someone has a serious beef with the homeowner and someone knows who it is.

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Jayhawk Bookstore going out of business, citing slipping textbook sales

Are you telling me there's not already a Starbucks moving in?

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Local business adds minigolf course to offerings; funky art on tap for new Qdoba building

And there used to be a Putt-Putt miniature golf course right there by the old Kwik Shop, maybe in the mid-60's if I recall correctly. Big fun.

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What is your favorite constellation?

I agree with Skylar: the Big Dipper is easy to find, and the top two stars point right at the North Star. So if you find the Big Dipper you can always find True North, and you always know where you are! And of course the 'Big Dipper' was KU's own Wilt Chamberlain.

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