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Barbara Atkinson stepping down from leadership roles at KU medical school, medical center

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November 10, 2011 at 7:22 p.m. ( )

University initiatives will involve cutbacks in personnel, provost says

I've interacted with Vitter on multiple occasions. I also know Huron. Vitter is unqualified, inept, and a horrible leader.

1. He is the operational leader of KU. He should have been able to perform the task he hired Huron to do.
2. You do not hint at potential job cuts and have a best answer being "more details to come later." You anticipate and have answers. In fact, you wait until you know next steps so you can communicate clearly and the plan that's to unfold. Leadership means you manage your employees and lead them thru difficult times. You don't publicly state that you will cut jobs and then let chaos break loose.

Vitter has to go. So does BGL. Completely inept and incapable of leading KU. I wish I could be horrible at my job and hire consultants to do it and still be overpaid.

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KU grads create mobile app to help people with Asperger’s

Sounds like a useful tool. Has anyone showed it to the provost?

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New KU business dean enthusiastic about reaching out to university community

Students and faculty in that school would rather have the hind end of a horse as a dean than Billy Fuerst. So yeah, there is some excitement and cheerleading going on. And shes already accomplished more than he did. Heck, at least she's trying and getting a running start. He was doing good to show up to work every day and he never interacted with students. He called them products. Not a good way to interact or describe someone who is paying thousands of dollars to you.

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New KU business dean enthusiastic about reaching out to university community

Well I wouldn't say that as knock against her, but as one against the HR prof that ran th committee and had to hire a firm to do his HR "job." Altho genius Vitter did agree to pay her in the top 97th percentile of all bschool deans. That includes harvard and other ivy league. Heck, we 're not even ranked. I guess if all you 've got to offer is money, you better stack it high.

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New KU business dean enthusiastic about reaching out to university community

That's not true AND her job doesn't revolve around students listening to her. It involves fundraising, establishing a strategic direction, managing curriculum, building relationships, building a worthwhile team of faculty, and improving the bschool's rankings and overall status. And maybe SOME of those students do know more than their profs. Try again.

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New KU business dean enthusiastic about reaching out to university community

She starts next week and has already started all of this? Wow, already accomplished more than Wuerst. Talk to students? What a concept! Be relevant to them at the Wheel? How insightful! Networking across KU to rebuild relationships, fundraising for a new building, and "I feel like I’m ready to throw a party and I’m waiting for my guests to arrive.” She sounds wonderful and refreshing. You doubters over the last two years will soon see the potential within the Business School and that the right decision was made. Fuerst will soon crawl away from embarassment when he starts seeing how easy Neeli will run the school and how well it will do under her leadership.

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KSU reports record amount of giving to university; KU officials say numbers not available yet

I wrote checks to both KSU and MU. I figure its the least I can do to help rid KU of BGL and Bitter.

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Two KUPD officers sustain minor injuries in altercation near Summerfield Hall

Dean Fuerst? I know you've tried to hold on no matter what, but it's time to go. Teaching will be ok...I promise. It's not like there have been inventions in IST since you'v been in school. I mean computers, the cloud, twitter, facebook, P2P, ......oh wait....maybe google some of those. Oh what am I saying....google...maybe a dictionary is better.

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Kansas regents tell universities to get creative with funding

"Raids on faculty" are increasing? BGL, are you sure the good people aren't so upset that they're leaving? Are you sure it's not your lack of leadership and people's fears for the strategic direction at KU?

Get a grip, Bernie. Open your eyes. This is your problem to solve and your university to run. Stop blaming it on external factors. There are plenty of fingers to point internally before blaming others.

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