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Kentucky makes mockery of student-athlete hype

Outstanding article, Dolph. I do not understand how Calipari is allowed to coach at the college level with his history. The state of college athletics is disgusting - football and basketball. Money has corrupted and degraded the entire system.

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Fraternity reports members’ tires slashed

cthulhu_4_president - That's quite a statement. You may have mistaken copies of old tests and study files kept at some fraternities for "cheating rings". I can only speak to personal experience with ONE fraternity - we had files of old tests, study guides and notes accumulated from fraternity brothers to assist others in studying. However, as you are probably aware, professors change the tests and sometimes even give out different versions of tests each semester, so having copies of old tests can only assist in helping to study what MIGHT be on future tests. Yes, brothers help brothers, much like in sororities where sisters help sisters. Or in other groups where members help members. If you have evidence of a more damning nature, I would encourage you to share that with the Interfraternity Council at KU - the organization tasked with overview of the fraternities and sororities on campus. It has been many years since I was a student on the KU campus, so cannot speak to what happens right now. I lived in a fraternity for one year, and lived in a dorm on campus one year. Back then the level of drinking and partying was fairly equal in both situations. Given that there were several hundred residents in the dorm versus 50 to 60 fraternity brothers at the house, the likelihood of being caught and turned in were understandably higher at the dorm. However, in my personal experience, I do not remember one instance of anyone being turned in and subsequently having to find a new home due to anyone hearing a bottle clink.As to your assertion of payment for papers and other work, you might be confusing KU with MU - where one rather infamous former female student was busted for paying for papers and had her name removed from a building on campus?At any rate, most of the comments on this string ring with an air of unresolved, simmering hurt feelings of those who were not invited to pledge the fraternity of their choice.

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Fraternity reports members’ tires slashed

Wow there truly are numerous uneducated and truly ignorant posters on this site. How many of you actually went to college? How many of you actually know how fraternities and sororities function? What their mission statements state? How much money they raise for charities or how much time the members spend doing charity work? Apparently NONE of you that have posted so far. The level of ignorance is astonishing. "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation." - Herbert Spencer

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Experts: Kan. will miss brunt of financial woes

Let's see, a three-person panel of "experts" and two of them are professors? Poor Don Johnston - probably mortified when he showed up and saw who his fellow "experts" would be. And what's with El-Hodiri's attire? Very professional, sir. You look real "expert" sitting there....

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Widow of man killed on Cat Tracker bus files suit

Look up the word "ACCIDENT" in the dictionary: "an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage or loss..... any event that happens unexpectedly, without a deliberate plan or cause."

While it is tragic what happened to this woman's husband, the truth is he was intoxicated and doing something he should not have been doing. It is high time for personal responsibility to come back out of hiding. This man was not forced by the owners of the bus nor the driver to stand atop the vehicle.

If there were any judges with stones, the one who receives this lawsuit would immediately throw it out, and give the attorney a good tongue-lashing for wasting the court's time.

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Crossing guard returns waves in subdued way

Complete nonsense. If I wasn't originally from Lawrence I would think this story was made up. In Olathe, our crossing guards wave at EVERY car driving by. It draws attention to the fact that the driver is passing through a SCHOOL ZONE and should SLOW DOWN. I would bet this resident that complained would be very quick to sue the school district and all crossing guards if her child were hit by a car and would state that the crossing guard was at fault for not doing his/her job of drawing attention to the school zone and getting cars to slow down.
Sharon, wave like your life depends on it -- or at least the lives of the children you are helping to protect!!!

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