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Family follows KU forward Kevin Young to town

Free State must have had a Christmas Bonus added to their recruiting budget if they're now able to start recruiting in California. I guess North of 15th just isn't good enough these days...

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Not fair or fun

I wish you "other people" would get involved with the league which is a part of our community instead of bashing it. We have a wide variety of teams in the league that all bring something different to the table. Frankly, if we had more coaches and volunteers then we would be able to have more teams. Three years ago we struggled to find coaches so we approached a Fraternity (Lambda Chi Alpha (CHOPS)) who have given a countless number of hours to the children of Lawrence. Sure they might not be the best team or the best coached, but they are out there every week, every night helping the children of Lawrence become better people while still having fun. Get off your high horses you "other people" and volunteer. The whole community will be better off for it, but I'm sure you would rather sit at home on your computer and harass those that are actually doing something.

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