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Three teens enter pleas after series of Lawrence home burglaries this summer

Not that bad of kids? Really? They sound like pretty darn bad kids to me. Aggravated burglary and/or home invasions seem to rise above the level of "bad choices."

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KU’s law school drops again in national rankings, while 12 programs make top 10

The only people that take law school rankings seriously are potential law students. The rankings exist for no other purpose than to sell magazines. The problem is that law schools know how important these rankings are to potential students and thus do their best to manipulate the numbers they know affect their rank.

As for as increasing the class size, like some comments have suggested to raise funds, is that you are really only adding to the bottom of the class. When you add to the bottom of the class the average GPA and LSAT score drops. Further, adding more students to the class means you have more students competing for less jobs, further saturating an already tough legal market.

What the law school needs is a massive infusion of capital for building renovations and scholarship money. The only real way schools can shoot up the rankings is by massive donations that allow you to offer the best students significant scholarships and hire the best professors, or by building a shiny new law school building.

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Town Talk: 2011 Lawrence home sales fall nearly 15 percent; Papa Keno's pizza changes ownership; N. Lawrence customer service center plans to add 60-plus jobs by year's end; weekly land transfers

Maybe this means the inside of PKs will actually get cleaned. They had the same gross splatter on the front windows for years.

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Town Talk: Even nice old ladies ready to fight about trash carts; downtown spot to discontinue Sunday brunch; Occupy Wall Street appears to be coming to Mass. Street

I am pretty sure that putting that bill into law was a bi-partisan effort, though I know you like to lay all fault at the foot of Bush. My numbers could be off, but I'm pretty sure that among the senators voting yes for HR 1424, 38 were democrats and 37 were republicans. Among the senators voting no for the bill, 15 were republicans and 9 were democrats.

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Do Rich Deserve Their Money?

How about everyone just pays 27.5%?

I'll be sure to tell my buddy who had to accumulate $175,000 in education-related debt to go through four years of undergrad, four years of med school, and six years of residency/fellowship that he doesn't deserve his salary.

For every example of someone who doesn't "deserve" their six-figure salary I can think of a dozen who do.

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KU places Interfraternity Council on probation for two years after hazing investigation

How can anyone take anything the Interfraternity Council does at this point serious when they retain the same leadership? Does anyone actually expect them to make any attempt to limit hazing?

To me this is analogous to the chair of the SEC getting caught participating in insider trading, or at least one or more of the SEC commissioners getting caught participating in insider trading with the chair having full knowledge their activities, and then deciding to keep the SEC leadership in place to regulate insider trading in the future.

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