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City Commission to vote again on HERE parking plan after zoning debate

This is from an article today in the Journal World. http://www2.ljworld.com/weblogs/town_...
" It is worth remembering that the city’s list doesn’t include any building projects on the KU campus, since those projects are permitted by the state rather than the city."
If KU Endowment owns this parking lot that was time wasted when the city placed zoning for this KU Endowment property last night. "Permitted by the state."

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Lawrence City Commission denies incentives for downtown condo project

Be careful, you may have to work with some of these people after you are elected.

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City Commission to vote again on HERE parking plan after zoning debate

Doesn't KU Endowment now own this property?
City zoning does not and will not have ANY jurisdiction whatsoever over KU owned property.
KU will do what they want when they want with that property.

http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2004/dec... Same as it ever was.........."But Shulenburger said the university was prepared to fight any effort to make campus building projects subject to the city's zoning code."

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A look at what a downtown grocery store would look like and details of a new lawsuit aiming to stop it

Maybe it's not completely about investment and infrastructure? Maybe people remember the deceptive way they were treated in the past by these developers. Maybe Lawrence residents remember the results from past projects by same developers.

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Discussion of more signs for Kasold-SLT intersection on tap; thoughts of a Crossgate Drive interchange for the SLT

For some reason most highway entrance ramps no longer have yield signs (saving metal?). I feel fortunate when I finally get 1 blink from a turn signal when someone is nearly finished with their merge. Hope your Dad is doing OK.

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Two injured in four-car accident at intersection of 27th Street and K-10

Bob Billings leads directly to the Fieldhouse. KU gets what they want and we get what they tell us we need.

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City commissioner raises question about how city is defining affordable housing

Great analogy.
There may also be concern that this new "affluent zone" will raise affordable rent already in the area.

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City commissioner raises question about how city is defining affordable housing

Is there a measured benefit to the City subsidizing higher rent, new construction when something half the price is a few blocks away (in a different less affluent area or zone???)? How much diversity will you find in your neighbor with a $150.00 break on a $1,000.00 1 bedroom apartment? Diversity will be pretty close by to the project, it will more than likely show up more than one late night at the brewery from somewhere close by out of your "zone".

I like the project but give up the "affordable" posturing please. If the project was really concerned with helping Lawrence they would pay the fees and taxes that are in place and not ask for a "discount" from the Lawrence citizens behind "affordable" 1 bedroom apartments.

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Editorial: Court use

Why would the statements of staff members carry any more value than the broken promises that flow freely from the City Commission?

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