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Your Turn: Neighbors eye impact of proposed transit hub

From my recent experience KU is playing the same old game and they will do what they want regardless of what anyone else wants. When I graduated from KU I thought they were done with my education but 30 years later they taught me about creating a workable environment with others. Moving forward I plan on treating others as my neighborhood has been treated by KU, I will learn from the best. I plan on communicating and working with people the way KU has worked with my neighborhood on recent "improvements". People who cared about me my whole life may think I'm a bully and turn their back but I plan on getting what I want. Learn from the best. We don't have room for more buses, cars, dorms, 2,000 students, parking garages, or anything else at 19th and Naismith. THERE IS AN EMPTY FIELD WEST OF THE LIED CENTER!!!!!!

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

I invite you to please take the time to look at the "new" sidewalk on 19th Terr between Ousdahl and Naismith. Complete waste of time and materials and it was placed last fall. True example of "just get it done" instead of done right. The elevation changes are worthy of a climbing expedition. No wheelchair could ever navigate this joke. Where is the respect for the ADA?

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Editorial: Transit plan

PAY to park your car and then PAY to ride a bus? I'm parking in a street spot for free as close as I can get to any other bus stop and walking to that bus stop. Why not just admit the place is for basketball parking, honesty and transparency would be refreshing from a PUBLIC university and the City of Lawrence. How can large numbers of buses that don't fit on our streets NOT hinder traffic or affect the nearby neighborhood? Time saver: print the bus schedule, KU basketball schedule, and Lawrence High events on the same piece of paper so riders know when it is best to avoid the area all together.

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Senate proposes bigger cuts to KU, K-State to spare smaller universities

The actual learning and education part of KU doesn't gain basketball recruits so we don't need to spend money on any of that education type monkey business. What is important is giving the basketball dorm something beautiful to look at as they gaze to the west, no matter what the cost. Priorities people!

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Task force releases recommendations for improving diversity, inclusion at KU

Maybe destroying Stouffer Place and then not including any reasonable alternative to those KU students in the new Central District was a step in the wrong direction? Might have been something worth discussing but the master plan is set in stone.............literally.

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City Commission approves grant application for transit hub, now estimated to cost $30 million

Why would someone drive to a parking garage and PAY to park their car so they can PAY to ride a bus? They will park free on the street and walk to the bus stop. That's the trend near me anyway. Far more important than what? Lawrence residents and their homes? How often do you ride the bus?

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Lawrence City Commission agenda set for April 26

Rubber KU stamp.

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City Commission approves grant application for transit hub, now estimated to cost $30 million

This should all be part of the process. There was no transparency or information made available until things were far along enough that KU couldn't be stopped. Footings were poured for buildings while KU was asking at Tuesday's meeting to change the building codes. Did those height requirements the city allowed to be higher include the 15 feet of height they also gained from changing the grade?

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City Commission approves grant application for transit hub, now estimated to cost $30 million

Living next to KU is great and they can do what they want as long as it leaves our neighborhood alone. KU and the city are physically changing our neighborhood along with KU. The city and KU could have included us in the process. This is a lot of change all at once after living here for 20 years.We were TOLD what is happening with no degree of input. KU is a bully.

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City Commission approves grant application for transit hub, now estimated to cost $30 million

How is traffic flow with a roundabout going to work at 18th and Naismith when the students feel entitled to the crosswalk as they get to the intersection? A vehicle roundabout right in the middle of one of the biggest foot traffic areas in the city. The choice is safety or more basketball parking.

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