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City manager: Positions on chopping block are 'nontraditional'

I know WHAT KU wants it to become but was it necessary for the city to spend the money while punching a huge traffic hole in our neighborhood where I walk my kid to elementary school? Solution to a non existent problem. We were just fine in our neighborhood without the intersection SOUTH of 19th St.

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City manager: Positions on chopping block are 'nontraditional'

Should have saved SEVERAL hundred thousand dollars by skipping the intersection "improvements" that are totally unnecessary at 19th and Ousdahl. Please tell me again why we NEED a signal and new neighborhood entrance at 19th and Ousdahl?

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KU's new plan for desk-side trash cans hinges on personal responsibility — and the fruit flies probably know it

This is a generation that expects the car to turn on the lights and wipers when needed, how can they be expected to stand up and empty a trash can on their own volition?

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Lawrence City Commission advances two requests for tax incentives

Who is/are the person(s) living in a one bedroom affordable condo? Younger Lawrencian that isn't quite set in the job market with a bright future (will they be ousted if they get a promotion and pay raise or become married with an additional income)? A disabled person needing financial assistance, best option I see? A young couple looking to someday buy an actual home? Retired couple that can't afford to retire? Just wondering what a 1 bedroom affordable housing situation might look like for someone in Lawrence. Sounds like a 1 bedroom subsidized apartment.

I think we're going to be chipping in to Bob's condo, curly fries aren't the only thing piled high to the sky in Lawrence.

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Lawrence fireworks stories from police and bystanders last Fourth of July

I keep hearing the word responsible but just the same keep thinking what a di*khe*d. And I like fireworks!

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Teachers union, district reach tentative agreement on pay raise for educators

I don't think the teachers are complaining, just looking for just compensation for the job responsibilities and their time. The parents of some students are harder to deal with than anything else you can imagine. Some people don't understand the underlying responsibilities of caring for someone's children all day. Teachers are not playing with some rich guy's money while skimming profits off of other people's labor, they are responsible for the kid and that child's future.

I do hope sipping cocktails on a Friday evening while flying into MCI doesn't interfere with making that parent teacher conference scheduled well into the evening past school hours for your convenience. Enjoy your money because it sounds like you are stuck at your meaningless, empty job.

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July brings new law allowing Kansas public employees to carry concealed weapons

Teachers are public employees, where are their rights to protection?

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Original owner shares ‘last rites’ for Jayhawk Bookstore, says building now up for sale or lease

Maybe KU will pay for a traffic signal so we can tear out the entire intersection and put in crosswalks, isn't that the protocol? Crescent can go back to 30mph like the rest of the streets around campus and for safety reasons we should add parking back to Crescent and surrounding streets (I was told by the city parked cars make your street safer because it slows down the traffic). The intersection will need to produce better access to the neighborhoods (for some reason?) so we will need to take half of all the nearby front yards. A 2,000 person dorm in the SAE and Chi O parking lots would top things off. Don't forget the bus hub and parking garage where the bookstore was located. Perfect spot to traffic buses up and down the street, the neighborhood won't mind, just widen the street.

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Original owner shares ‘last rites’ for Jayhawk Bookstore, says building now up for sale or lease

I see a bus hub with an automated parking garage...............

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Jayhawk Bookstore going out of business, citing slipping textbook sales

Great place for a bus hub!

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