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Once popular restaurant chain closes west Lawrence location; more reasons to keep an eye on Lawrence's Kmart distribution center

We should help finance a new mall out south so all of our vacated businesses will finally have a location where they can return and prosper. It can't be the Lawrence market, has to be their current location producing these empty buildings around town, they just need a shiny mall and all will be right. Some mall completely different than that crazy Tanger Outlet thing next to the old highway, or Riverfront downtown. Huge, new, and expensive by the new highway can't miss, it would be perfect! Just dreaming here but maybe a monorail from the new mall to the whitewater park?

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City staff to move forward on parking changes, but commissioners will have final say

It followed the path of the other Lawrence Malls, the mall downtown was called the Riverfront Mall.

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City on pace to spend $4 million over budget this year

"Examples of projected spending increases that weren’t originally included in the 2017 budget include $1.9 million for phase one of the 19th Street project"

Has anyone bothered to ask KU what we are spending our money on next so we can include their projects in our annual City budget?

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Lawrence City Commission to consider water and utility rate increases

My affordable home may not be affordable much longer.

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KU counting on donations to enable $300 million football stadium renovation

Put a roof on Memorial for basketball games and move the football program to Haskell.

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City of Lawrence seeking funding to build $1.5 million tunnel under Iowa Street

This project could be a great idea if done in cooperation with both the University and the neighborhood/City. As it is designed now a tunnel that goes from state property to state property under a state highway shouldn't cost the City $300,000.00. If the City is monetarily involved access to the tunnel from the southeast for the neighborhood should be included. There are also plenty of Schwegler elementary students that cross Iowa to go to school. As designed now this project may be a little north for those kids but the safe opportunity would be there.

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KU Central District update: Past halfway point of $350M project, some facilities complete

Now that we have that enlightenment........It was all fun and games until KU threatened to take some neighbor's front yards on the south side of 19th St if the City did not go along with the KU building code violations on the north side of 19th St. Some neighbors at 19th and Ousdahl did move their family after their front yard was taken on the south side of 19th St. Eyes are open and watching now, not so blindly trusting anymore. The City needs KU, but things are not quite as reciprocal the other way around.

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KU Central District update: Past halfway point of $350M project, some facilities complete

The problem is KU is a bully and they keep beating up the City and taking our lunch money. Doesn't matter what part of Lawrence you reside.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider design with limited art for East Ninth Street

No to the proposed $300,000.00 tunnel paid for by the City at 19th and Iowa that leads from one KU property to an adjacent KU property. Is the City of Lawrence responsible for future maintenance of the KUnnel? There is a nearby overpass spanning Iowa at Irving Hill Rd., make that a more accessible, economical solution.

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KU Central District update: Past halfway point of $350M project, some facilities complete

Must be quite a bit of money to be made in the dorm business. How much money will the City lose in taxes and other housing revenues with the recent KU campus housing boom? Pretty sure there is no revenue generated for the City from these KU housing units.

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