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Pair of multimillion dollar affordable housing projects proposed for Warehouse Arts District; see architectural renderings for area

With all the living units KU is building and all the other recent apartment projects on the horizon there will likely be enough of a glut in the market that supply and demand may create affordable housing without help from the City.

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Tax collection to begin for Airbnb; Lawrence looks to regulate short-term rentals

Are these short term rentals going to include enforcement of the City code that states no more than three unrelated people in a residential rental?

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Plans emerge for nearly $15 million hotel project next to Rock Chalk Park

Sometimes, not very often, I actually agree with Mr McCabe but the continued disrespect and juvenile personal attacks on others are growing very old. You want respect and people to listen to you then you must listen and respect others opinion even if you disagree. We all live here and have an investment in the community. In other words, grow up.

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Plans emerge for nearly $15 million hotel project next to Rock Chalk Park

Your home and quality of life at your home do not matter. Money is the goal. More, More, More!

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The setting sun catches on the University of Kansas campus recently in this aerial view looking nort

Meeting on February 1st to discuss the 19th and Naismith and also the 23rd and Ousdahl project (I don't know why there is a meeting, they only serve the process of an already done deal that won't be changed or influenced).
We have a brand new intersection at 19th and Ousdahl with a traffic light. We are getting a new intersection at 19th and Iowa after KU construction vehicles destroyed 19th St. New waterline was built down Ousdahl to KU paid for by the City. 19th St is going to be completely re-built. Either the City loves this area of town or KU has their hand in the City's wallet? I'm sure there are no better uses or projects for that City money. Who runs this town? What is the total bill for these and all the other City projects in this immediate area?

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Public meeting on proposed 19th Street improvements from Iowa to Naismith Drive -- 03/02/16 at Fire Station #5, Jayhawk Room, 1911 Stewart Avenue

Wow! New waterline down Ousdahl. New intersection at 19th and Ousdahl. Re-build 19th St and Naismith after being destroyed by KU construction vehicles. Re-build 19th St. and Iowa. New intersection at 23rd and Ousdahl. The city must really like the Schwegler neighborhood or KU has it's hand in the city's wallet? I'm sure these projects are very important and our city money could not be used any better.

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State's STAR bonds legislation needs thorough 'vetting,' state senator says

Well said!

100 undeveloped acres currently for sale with 2 sides of the plot bordering Corps land on the South side of Clinton Lake.

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Letter to the editor: 'Park' ill-advised

There is a 100 acre plot for sale on the south side of the lake right on the Corps boundary. Why chew up our park that already has almost every activity available for a minimum fee? If this is such a money machine then buy the 100 acres and build it privately.

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South Lawrence Trafficway threatens to cut into Kansas Turnpike revenue

That is a great example of bitterness expressed simply.

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Editorial: Water park enthusiasm

Nothing is worth destroying our park. Find another location and fund it yourself.

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