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Webb leaving Eudora football to coach in Independence, Mo.

Bring back Aaron Barnett! Coach Barnett built this program and left it for Webb. The job Coach Barnett did at Eudora is second to none and he will always be viewed as the best coach Eudora has ever had....

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Police chief presents downtown surveillance camera policy at forum, will revise for City Commission

What difference does it make if they install these on Mass. St.? There are cameras in stores, banks, ATM's, parking lots, and on the sides of buildings. It doesn't matter if they are placed on private property, many outdoor cameras are still able to view you when you're on public property. If people are worried about cameras on Mass. St., they better not go outside because they're already being watched.

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Sound Off: Kansas University men’s basketball freshman Ben McLemore has gotten off to a hot scoring

Danny Manning has the most points by a freshman. Xavier was drafted #12 overall after only playing one season at KU. Xavier now plays for the New Orleans Hornets. Mclemore will be gone to the NBA after playing one season just like Henry and Selby. $$$$$$$$

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

Who cares if Obama is on the Kansas ballot? It makes absolutely no difference. Obama couldn't win Kansas if they took Romney's name off the ballot. You have to be at least 66 years old in order to say you were eligible to vote in 1964 the last time a Democrat won Kansas. Not only do Democrats stand no chance in Kansas, it's never even close to a race...

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Town Talk: Signs point to August opening for Mass. St. Dillons; Zarco becomes first in country to sell new E15 ethanol gasoline; city delegation headed to Greece

Zarco just lost all my business. More ethanol means worst gas mileage and most engine manufacturers state not to use more than 10%, regardless of what the EPA states as being safe.

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KU chancellor tells students: Don't expect canceled classes if Jayhawks win national title

KU lost to Arizona in 1997, not 1998. As bad as they played, they still were able to get off 3 three-point attempts on the last possession for a chance to send the game to overtime. Unfortunately, they all missed and the most dominating team in KU history lost by 3 points. Their only loss of the entire regular season was a 2 point double overtime game at MU. Amazing to think that team was only beaten twice by a combined total of 5 points...

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Proposed ban on abortion introduced in Kansas House

FYI, independent voters can vote in the Democratic Primary in Kansas, they are just not allowed to vote in the Republican Primary.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

No, I don't believe Kmart will ever be back. With 1 Target and 2 Wal-Mart locations in Lawrence, there is no need for Kmart to return. No doubt this will be inconvenient for those shopping for a full-line of Craftsman, Kenmore, and DieHard products. However, with Topeka only 20 miles to the west and Overland Park 35 miles to the east, there are options to still pick up items at both Kmart and Sears or have them delivered to your home in Lawrence. For those not wanting to leave town, you can order directly from sears.com or kmart.com.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

For those wondering about the Kmart Distribution Center, it has never serviced full-line Sears stores. It has serviced about a half dozen Sears Grand stores, but currently only services one. Out of the 38 Kmart stores listed that are closing, zero are fully serviced by the Lawrence DC. However, the Lawrence DC is also a National Specialty Center and does ship certain items to each of the Kmart DC's across the country and from there each distribution center ships the products to the stores they service. Sears Holdings is expected to announce another 20-40 store closings soon.

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

Funny how people keep stating Charlie Weis wasn't successful at Notre Dame and had a losing record. Weis actually had a winning record at Notre Dame 35-27, and led the Irish to two BCS Bowl games in 5 years. In those 5 years he had 3 top 10 recruiting classes with his best in 2008 which was rated number 2 in the country according to rivals.com. As for him being able to recruit to KU, there are a couple positives. For one, it is much easier to qualify recruits academically at Kansas than it is at Notre Dame. Notre Dame is very limited at who they can recruit and qualify academically which makes his recruiting classes even more impressive during his time there. As for how well you can recruit to KU, well that question was answered last year with KU having the 6th best recruiting class in the Big 12 with a coach who couldn't beat North Dakota State the previous season. People need to realize that Kansas State has the worst recruiting classes in the Big 12 the last two years and Iowa State has been second worst. Please quit referring to Kansas State as being better at recruiting! Kansas State is better at winning football games, because they have better coaching. Iowa State is the only team in America who has beaten Oklahoma State and are going to a bowl game this year because they have better coaching than Kansas! Recruiting can make a difference, but coaching is what wins games. Texas has the best recruiting classes in the Big 12 every year. However, they have lost 4 straight times to Kansas State because Kansas State has better coaching. Charlie Weis can coach and I'm confident will surround himself with a staff that can do the same, unlike what we have experienced that last two seasons. There is no doubt this program is headed in a better direction and people around the country will be watching Kansas Football next year. I am confident that every KU game will be on TV next year because of this hire. ROCK CHALK

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