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New Mexican restaurant with ties to popular downtown eatery opens in west Lawrence

We went there tonight, and they were definitely NOT ready for a really busy night. We watched as two tables that were seated after us got their drink orders taken first. I would have gotten up and left if one more table got served first, but right after that a server came to our table. I don't know why they assigned tables this way, but our server obviously had tables throughout the entire restaurant that she was responsible for, including out on the patio, and that negatively affected the service we received. If all of her tables had been in the same area of the restaurant, it would have been so much easier for her, and her customers. As it was, we had to hunt her down to get our check, as we had a movie to get to. We liked the food, but if the service is not better the next time we go, we won't go back.

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Veteran Cyclones have helped create intense KU-ISU rivalry

Frank has a poor memory, KU won at Ames his freshman season.

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Updates on a pair of high-profile demolitions in town; longtime restaurant on Iowa Street closes

Sorry, but 2412 Iowa will always be the Shoney's building to me, as that was the first business at that location. It has also been Mexi-Kans, and the last resting spot for Molly McGee's, after they moved across Iowa.

I still miss Sirloin Stockade, I would love to see a buffet restaurant there again!

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New two-lane Wakarusa roundabout may be a little confusing at first, but it's safer, city official says

You are correct, anyone entering the roundabout should yield to traffic in BOTH lanes coming from their left. If anyone northbound hits you as you're trying to exit onto Inverness, it's their fault.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore earns All-America honors

It's Andrew Wiggins, not Anthony.

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Former Hilltopper Townsend to scout WKU for Jayhawks

We rarely ever get the guys that do the hat thing, so looks like we lost him.

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Self downplays run-in with 'animated' Iowa State fan

Nice comparisons, but it was actually Jason Richards who got off the last shot in the Davidson game in 2008. Curry was double-teamed and had to pass the ball.

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Kruger, Sooners to challenge Kansas for Big 12 lead

Technically speaking, OU is the only team "playing for first place". KU will still be in first place at the end of the day, regardless of the outcome of today's game.

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Bill Self recalls last Richmond game

You know we got knocked out of the tournament by UVA in 1995, not Richmond, right?

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Heard on the Hill: Hello from your new reporter

From a fellow KU AND Olathe South alumnus, I wish you luck!

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